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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Dicaire Believes Speed & Technique Give Her The Edge;
Lauren Thinks Power & Experience Will Give Her Victory

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Marie-Eve Dicaire will proceed to the first defense of her IBF female super welterweight (154 pounds) championship of the world Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino, in fighting the former WBC champion, the Swedish Mikaela Lauren (31-5-0).

Dicaire (14-0-0) was supposed to make the first defense of her title last month at the Montréal Casino, but the fight has been cancelled at the weigh in. The Québec Athletic Commission doctors discovered that her rival, Lina Tejada, from Dominican Republic, was blind from the left eye.

The promoter of the GYM Group, Yvon Michel, promised to Dicaire to find her another opponent in the following days, and he did it in signing Lauren.

Dicaire believes that her speed and technique will make the difference in the result of this fight, and Lauren thinks that her power and experience will make the difference in the result of the bout.
Who will be right?

“I am perfectly prepared for this challenge, and I am positive I gonna keep my world title,” said Dicaire at the weigh in held Friday afternoon at the Montréal Casino. “I know that Lauren is strong physically and she is a powerful puncher, but I am not worry at all. I know that my speed, my good technique offensively and defensively, will make me in control of the action. I am persuaded that I will dominate most of the rounds, and I gonna win by unanimous decision of the judges.”

Obviously, Lauren is not agree at all with Dicaire. “If Dicaire thinks she is perfectly prepared for this challenge, I can tell you I am too,” said Lauren. “I got a fantastic training camp. Dicaire is good fighter, no doubt about it, but my power and my great experience will make win this fight. Don’t forget that I won four WBC world titles fights in my career. I promised to my fans in Sweden that I will come back in home with this IBF world title, and I will achieve it.”

Dicaire’s trainer, Stéphane Arnois, is more than confident to see his fighter keep her world title. “Marie-Eve trained very seriously during the last two months, and I am positive she will deliver a great performance in few hours, said Arnois. Marie-Eve is certainly better than her rival technically and she is faster. She knows she got to protect her chin from the beginning to the end of the bout, and I am sure she will do it. Lauren has the reputation to be a destructive puncher, but I am not so sure about that. I watched her record, and it’s was clear for me that she scored her KO or TKO against bad opponents.”

Lauren won 13 times by KO or TKO. Dicaire won all her fights by decision of the judges.
The scout of the GYM Group, Bernard Barré, is also persuaded that Dicaire will keep her world title. “Lauren is strong physically, she is a solid puncher, but Marie-Eve is certainly better than her technically. And she is faster than Lauren. My prediction? Dicaire gonna win by unanimous decision of the judges. She will dominate most of the rounds (10).”

At the weigh in supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat), Dicaire posted an official weight of 152.6 pounds, versus 150.4 for the Swedish.

Just before the main event, the welterweight (147 pounds) David Thérioux (15-3-0), from Sorel, Québec, will fight the Mexican Juan Daniel Bedolla Orozco (19-8-2), the Montrealer light heavyweight (175 pounds) Terry Osias (7-0-0) will face the Argentinian Juan Cruz Correa (4-1-1), the cruiserweight (190 pounds) Yan Pellerin (5-1-0), from Granby. Québec, will challenge the Mexican Eduardo Valencia Aguilar (2-1-0), the Montrealer super lightweight (140 pounds) Mazlum Akdenis (8-0-0) will be opposed to the Mexican Jose Guillermo Garcia (9-5-1), and finally, the Montrealer middleweight (160 pounds) Dhzon Belfon (1-0-0) will fight the Mexican Gerardo Aldama (1-2-0).

At the weigh in, Théroux posted an official weight of 145 pounds, Orozco 144, Osias 177, Correa 175.2, Pellerin 190.6, Aguilar 184.8, Akedeniz 139.4, Garcia 140, Belfon 160.2 and finally, Aldama 162.2 pounds.

"No doubt in my mind, we will present a very interesting boxing show”, said Yvon Michel.


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