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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Kean Determined To Get Back On The Winning Track

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, the Montrealer business man Camille Estephan, will present 13 boxing fights Saturday at the Montréal Casino: six in the afternoon, seven in the evening.

In organizing this doubleheader boxing shows, Stephan will present his first show at noon, the second one at 7.00 P.M.

“It will be a very special moment on the Canadian boxing scene,” said Estephan. “It’s not common that a promoter is presenting two boxing shows on the same day. I would call our event… a Canadian boxing Super Bowl!”

In the main event of the evening boxing show, the heavyweight Simon Kean (15-1-0), from Trois-Rivières, Québec, will face the Argentinian Rogelio Omar Rossi (20-7-1) in a 10 rounds bout.

“I am very impatient to be back in the ring,” said Kean at the weigh in held Friday afternoon at the Montréal Casino. “As you know, I suffered of my first loss in pro boxing at my last presence in the ring, and I am extremely impatient to return on the winning track. I took a good rest after this first lost, but when I returned in the gym two months ago, I trained seriously. I was very enthusiastic to train day after day. I am perfectly prepared for this challenge, mentally, physically and technically. Trust me, I won’t disappoint my fans this time. But I know I got to deliver a solid performance, because Rossi is tall, he is a southpaw, then, I need to perform well technically and strategically.”

Rossi replied: “I know that Kean is a tough fighter, but I promised to my fans to beat him and I will achieve it Saturday evening. I got a perfect preparation for this challenge, and me too I am extremely impatient to be in the ring.”

Kean suffered of his first lost last October at the Videotron Centre in Québec City, a KO in four rounds against Dillon Carman (14-3-0), from Toronto.

Just before the fight Kean-Rossi, the Montrealer African welterweight Ghislain Maduma (20-3-0) will fight the Mexican Miguel Vasquez (40-7-0) in a 10 rounds bout.

“Vasquez has a lot of experience, he is a former world champion, but I am positive I have the weapons to surprise him,” said Maduma. “Watch me when the fight will start.”

Vasquez was IBF welterweight champion of the world in 2014.

“I know I have the talent and the experience to win this bout, and I gonna do it,” replied Vasquez. “You will understand what I mean when the fight will begin.”

At the weigh in, supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat), Kean posted an official weight of 235 pounds, versus 220.6 for Rossi.

Maduma posted an official weight of 146.4 pounds, versus 146.2 for Vasquez.

The undefeated Montrealers Russians Batyr Jukembayev (14-0-0), Nurzat Sabirov (8-0-0), Andranik Grigoryan (9-0-0) and Artur Ziyatdinov (8-0-0), and Clovis Drolet (8-0-0), from Québec City, will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of this evening boxing show.

Jukembayev, a super lightweight, will fight the Mexican Gilberto Meza (10-5-1), Sabirov, a light heavyweight, will meet the Argentinian Cesar Hernan Reynoso (15-11-4), Grigoryan, a featherweight, will challenge the Mexican Jonathan Aguilar (19-7-0), Ziyatdinov, a cruiserweight, will face the Polish Michal Ludwiczak (16-9-0), and Drolet, a middleweight, will fight the Argentinian Rodrigo Ramon Maizares (7-3-0).

At the weight in, Jukembayev posted an official weight of 141.4 pounds, Meza 141.6, Sabirov 172.6, Reynoso 170.4, Drolet 158, Maizares 156.6, Grigoryan 127.4, Aguilar 127.8, Ziiyatdinov 184.8 and Ludwiczak 187.8 pounds.

The Russian heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov (6-0-0), one of the greatest prospect of the heavyweight division, will be involved in the main event of the afternoon boxing show.

Makhmudov will face the Californian Avery Gibson (9-7-4) in an eight rounder.

Just before the fight Makhmudov-Gibson, the Russian Artem Oganesyan (8-0-0) will face the undefeated Mexican Damian Sosa (11-0-0) for the WBO Junior super welterweight championship.

The female light flyweight Kim Clavel (6-0-0), from Montréal, the light heavyweight Lesson Mathieum (1-0-0), from Québec City, the featherweight François Pratte (8-0-1), from Trois-Rivières, and the welterweight Sébastien Roy (5-0-0), from Thetford Mines, Québec, will take part to the afternoon undercard.

Clavel will fight Soledad Macedo (17-14-1), from Uruguay, Mathieu will meet the Argentinian Ariel Alejandro Zampedri (9-5-0), Pratte will challenge the Mexican Jorge Garcia Jimenez (13-2-1) and Roy will be opposed to the Greek Gkouram Mirzaev (4-1-0).

At the weigh in, Makhmudov posted an official weight of 264.8 pounds, Gibson 258.8, Oganesyan 153.8, Sosa 153, Clavel 108, Macedo 107, Mathieu 167.2, Zampedri 163, Pratte 124.6, Jimenez 125.4, Roy 144 and Mirzaev 144.6 pounds.


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