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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Kean Took His Revenge;
He Stopped Carman In The Third Round

By Daniel Cloutier

SHAWINIGAN - The heavyweight Simon Kean promised to his fans to take his revenge on the boxer Dillon Carman… and he kept his promise Saturday evening in the ring of the Shawinigan Arena.

Kean attacked with rage in the third round, he provoked a knockdown with a great left hook on the chin. And few seconds after, he attacked again with rage, Carman looked in serious trouble, and the referee intervened to stop the bout and declare Kean big winner.

“Yes, I promised to my fans to take my revenge, and I did it like you saw it,” said Kean. “It was obvious that my power shots were affecting Carman this time. I deserved this victory, no doubt about it I was extremely confident to win this rematch you saw I attacked energetically in each round, and look the result. I am sure that my fans are proud of me…. and I am too.”

The first round was intense. Carman connected several power shots in the first minute, and Kean replied with solid hooks in the last minute of the round.

The second round was spectacular; each fighter tried to score a KO with powerful right hands and left hooks.

Kean executes Carman in the third round.

In October 2018, Carman (14-5-0), a fighter from Toronto, became the first one to defeat to Kean. He won the bout by KO in the fourth round.

In this rematch, it was his turn to win by KO. Carman gave the impression that he was tired after two intense rounds of action.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Romanian Andranik Grigoryan, a NABA featherweight North American champion, kept his perfect record (11-0-0) in beating the Mexican Jorge Garcia Jimenez (14-3-1) by KO in the second round.

Aggressive, Grigoryan attacked furiously and he finally provoked a knockdown with a great right hand on the jaw in this second round. Jimenez has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

The Montrealer Russian Artur Ziyatdinov, a cruiserweight (190 pounds), scorned his 10th win in pro boxing (10-0-0) with a victory by unanimous decision in eight rounds over the Argentinean Marcos Nicolas Karalitzky (6-3-2).

Ziyatdinov passed the fight to chase his rival who was moving constantly from right to left in the ring.

The three judges scored the entire bout: 80-72 for the Montrealer.

The middleweight southpaw Vincent Thibault, from Québec City, obtained his eight win in pro boxing (8-0-0), with a victory by TKO over the Mexican Alan Carillo (10-4-0).

Thibault provoked the first knockdown of the fight in the fifth round with a solid shot on the chin. And Thibault attacked intensively in the sixth round, he put his rival in serious trouble in the ropes, and the referee intervened to stop the bout and declare Carillo TKO.

Carillo, a very courageous boxer, fought five rounds with a severe cut over the left eye.

The middleweight Raphael Courchesne, from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, stayed undefeated in seven pro bouts (7-0-0), in beating the Mexican Leonel Olvera (4-3-2) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

Courchesne was the aggressor in each round and he connected more punches than his opponent in each round.

The heavyweight Adam Braidwood, from Vancouver, British Columbia, increased his pro record do 14-2-0, with a win by TKO over Andrew Satterfield (5-3-0), from Ohio State.

Braidwood sent his rival on the floor few seconds before the end of the first round, with a solid shot on the jaw.

Braidwood maintained his intense attacks in the second round, and the referee, who saw Satterfield in serious trouble, intervened to stop de bout.

The featherweight (126 pounds) Keamy Cloutier, a fighter from Trois-Rivièeres, Québec, improved his pro record to 3-0-0 in beating the Mexican Noe Acosta Cruz (2-2-0) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

The two fighters attacked furiously in each round, but Cloutier dominated three of the four rounds.

The three judges scored the bout 40-36 for the Canadian.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer super featherweight (130 pounds) made successful pro debut with a victory by KOT in the first round over the Mexican Martin Sanchez (2-4-1).

Martin-Duval provoked a knockdown in the second minute of the first round with a solid right hand on the chin, and the referee intervened to stop de bout.

Sanchez was clearly hurt.

In the only female bout of the show, the Montrealer flyweight Kim Clavel improved her perfect record to 8-0-0 with a win by unanimous decision in eight rounds over the Mexican Nora Cardoza (14-7-2).


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