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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Lemieux, Down Twice, Wins War Against Bursak

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Former IBF middleweight (160 pounds) champion of the world,. the Montrealer David Lemieux won his first fight in the super middleweight (168 pounds) division Saturday evening in the ring of the Bell Centre in Montréal. The bout was a real war from the beginning to the end. Lemieux (41-4-0) survived to two knockdowns, and he beat the Ukrainian Max Bursak (35-6-2) by majority decision of the judges. Two judges scored the bout 94--93 for Lemieux, the other one scored the fight 94-93 for Bursak.

In the first round, Bursak attacked constantly and he sent Lemieux on the canvas with a solid left hook on the chin.

In the second, third and fourth rounds,Lemieux was extremely aggressive, like Bursak was in the first round, and he connected several power shots.

In the sixth round, Bursak provoked his second knockdown of the fight, but Lemieux got back on his legs and he came back with furious attacks.

In the seventh round, Lemieux took his revenge, he sent Bursak on the floor with a great right hand on the jaw,
Bursak attacked intensively in the eight round, and he controlled the action.

The ninth round was close, each fighter attacked furiously.

In the 10th and last round, Lemieux attacked with rage from the begging to the end of the round, but Bursak found the way to resist to these charges.

“I was more aggressive than Bursak in most of the rounds, then, I was deserving the win,” said Lemieux after the bout. “I know that I went on the floor twice in this fight, but I provoked myself a knockdown, and I attacked more than him in most of the rounds.”

Bursak, obviously, did not agree. “I really think I dominated more rounds than Lemieux, and in two rounds, I dominated 10-8 with the knockdowns I provoked,” said Bursak. “It was a very intense bout, and I am sure that the crowd loved the show. But no doubt t, I am deserving a rematch.”

Kean And Makhmudov Winners

The Montrealer Russian heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov, a giant of 6’6’’, 260 pounds, kept his perfect record in beating Samuel Peter, from Las Vegas, by TKO in the first round.

Makhmudov made a successful defense of his NABF North American championship.

Makhmudov provoked a knockdown in the first round, with two powers shots on the chin. Peter (38-9-0) got back on his legs, but Makhmudov attacked furiously, Peter was in serious trouble, and the referee stopped the bout and proclaim Makhmoduv winner by TKO.

Makhmudov has now a record of 10-0-0, 10 wins by KO or TKO.

“I really hope to see my name in the international boxing ratings,” said Makhmudov after the bout. “I will work hard to stay undefeated. Peter is a fighter experimented, but clearly, my power shots put him in serious trouble. I am very proud on this result.”

Simon Kean, a heavyweight from Trois-Rivières, Québec, captured the WBC International Silver title, with a win by TKO over Siarhei Liakovitch (27-8-0), from Scottsdale., Arizona.

Kean (18-1-0) was the aggressor in each round and he connected more punches than his rival from the beginning to the end of the fight.

In the 10th and last round, Liakovitch looked tired. Kean opined the machine, he hurt his opponent several times, and the referee intervened to declare Liakovitch TKO.

The Montrealer Russian Sadriddin Akhmedov, a super welterweight (154 pounds), stayed undefeated in pro boxing (11-0-0) with a win by KO over the Argentinian Jose Antonio Villalobos (12-6-0).

Akhmedov attacked furiously in each round, and he hurt his opponent several times.

In the seventh round, Akhmedov knock Villalobos out with a great right hand on the jaw.

The Montrealer super lightweight (140 pounds) Mathieu Germain increased his pro record to 18-1-1, in beating the Mexican Gilberto Meza by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Germain attacked intensively in the first three rounds, and Meza was efficient in counter attacks.

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds were intense, each fighter got solid attacks.

Germain was extremely aggressive in the last round and he controlled totally the action.

The judges scored the bout 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73 for the Montrealer.

The super middleweight (168 pounds) Lexon Mathieu, from Québec City. improved his pro record to 8-0-0, with a victory by TKO over the Mexican Rolando Paredes (16-9-2).

Mathieu won the NABF Junior North American championship.

Mathieu gave a boxing lesson to his opponent in the first round.

In the second round, Mathieu connected a lot of power shots and he hurt his rival a couple of times.

In the third round,. Parades was efficient in the first half of the round, but Mathieu attacked furiously in the second half of the round.

Mathieu gave a very hard time to his rival in the fourth round with his intense attacks.The fifth round was close. Mathieu dominated the sixth and seventh rounds with his power punches.

In the eight and last round, Mathieu provoked two knockdowns, and the referee stopped the bout.

The Montrealer super featherweight (130 pounds) Avery Martin-Duval obtained his fourth win in pro boxing (4-0-0), with a win by TKO over the Mexican Raul Corona (2-3-0).

In the second round, Martin-Duval provoked two knockdowns in 30 seconds, et few seconds after the second knockdown, the referee intervened to declare Corona TKO.

The time of the TKO was 1.24 minute of this second round.

In the opening bout of the evening, the featherweight (126 pounds) female southpaw Matine Vallières started her pro boxing career successfully. beating the Czech Tereza Dvorakova (0-3-0) by majority decision of the judges in four rounds

A judge got a score of 38-38, and the two others judges scored the bout 39-37 for the Montrealer.

In the second female fight of the evening, the Montrealer Kim Clavel (11-0-0) won the NABF North American flyweight (108 pounds) championship, beating the Mexican Esmeraldo Gaona Sagahon (6-4-0) by unanimous decision in 10 rounds. The judges scored all the fight 100-90 for the Montrealer.


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