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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Phinn Believes It’s The Most Important
Fight Of His Pro Boxing Career

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The IBF Inter-Continental super middleweight champion, the Montrealer Shakeel Phinn, will try to obtain a second belt Saturday evening at the Montréal Casino Cabaret.

Phinn will try to get the 168 pounds NABF North American championship in facing the Argentinian Elio Germain Rtafael (15-2-0). This boxing show is organized by the GYM Group, headed by the promoter Yvon Michel.

“No doubt in my mind, it will be the most important bout of my pro boxing career,” said Phinn Friday afternoon at the weigh in held on Crescent Street, the street of the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix festivities. “This fight is involving two important belts, the IBF Inter-Continental championship and the NABF North American championship, In winning this fight, I am sure to get my place in the Top 15 of the international ratings. It's a bout which play a major role in my future in pro boxing. I am extremely exciting to be involved in a fight of this nature. You know as me that I have big ambitions on the international boxing scene.”

Phinn saw his opponent in action on videos. “This fight is certainly the biggest challenge of my pro boxing career, but I am ready to face it,” said Phinn. “I got a great training camp, I worked like hell in the gym day after day, and I feel very energetic. I trained several weeks with Patrice Volny and Steve Rolls, and it’s was perfect. Rafael is tough and mean, and he is a southpaw. But I really believe I will adjust myself to his style to control the action.”

Phinn has big ambitions. “I really hope to be take part to a world championship bout in the years to come,” said the Montrealer. “Obviously, I need to win this fight to see ny name in the international ratings. I need to be ranked to get an opportunity to dispute a world championship bout.”

The referee of the bout Phinn-Rafael will be the Montrealer Steve Saint-Germain and the judges will be all Montrealers: Pasquale Procopio, Jack Woodburn and Marie-Josée Guérin.

The NABF supervisor will be the Montrealer Gaby Mancini, a former Olympic boxer, and the IBF supervisor will be Eddie Cotton, from Paterson, New Jersey

At the weigh in supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combats), Phinn posted an official weight of 167.2 pounds, versus 167.4 for Rafael.

The Montrealer female super lightweight (140 pounds) Jessica Camara (5-1-0), the Montrealer lightweight (135 pounds) Whitney Baille (7-0-0), the Montrealer light heavyweight (175 pounds) Terry Osias (8-0-0), the Montrealer super lightweight Dwayne Durel (6-2-0), the African super middleweight (168 pounds) Dieudonné Wilfred Seyi Ntsengue (4-0-0), who lives in Montréal, and finally, the female Marie-Pier Houle, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, will make her pro debut.

Camara will fight the Mexican Dalila Velazquez (5-1-0), Baille will face the Mexican Julian Mendo (6-2-1), Osias will challenge the Argentinian Maximiliano Agustin Corso (6-3-1), Durel will be opposed to the Montrealer Roodsy Vincent, NTsengue will fight the Polish Bartozs Barczynski (2-1-0) and Houle will face the Mexican Maria Guadalupe Duran (1-2-0).

At the weigh in, Camara posted an official weight 137.8 pounds, Velazquez 138.4, Baille 133.6, Mendo 135, Osias 177.4, Corso 173, Durel 142.3, Vincent 142.6, Ntsengue 172.8, Barczynski 172.4, Houle 144.4 and finally, Duran 145.4 pounds.


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