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Marc Ramsay: "Lemieux Will Be The Winner,
But It Will Be A Tough Fight"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Marc Ramsay, David Lemieux’s trainer, believes that his fighter will be in the winning corner next Saturday at Bell Centre, but he is sure that it won’t be an easy evening for his boxer. In the main event of this pro boxing show organized by the promoter Camille Estephan, from The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group (in partnership with Golden Boy Promotions organization), Lemieux (40-4-0) will face the Ukrainian Max Bursak (35-5-2).

Former IBF middleweight (160 pounds) champion of the world, Lemieux will have his first fight in the super middleweight (168 pounds) division.

“I saw several videos to evaluate properly Bursak,” said Ramsay. “I am positive that my fighter gonna win this fight, but it won’t be an easy fight. Bursak is a complete boxer. He is excellent defensively, he is very tough, he is a solid puncher and he is good technically on every aspects of the boxing.”

When we asked him if he believes that Lemieux will become the first fighter to knock Bursak out, Ramsay got a very severe look. “Winning by KO or TKO is not important for David this time,” said Ramsay. “The important thing is to win his first fight in the super middleweight division. David wants absolutely to dispute another world championship bout in 2020, then, he needs to be the winner Saturday evening.”

When we asked him if Bursak is the best opponent that Lemieux got so far, Ramsay said: “No doubt in my mind, Bursak is one of the best rival that Lemieux got in the last four or five years. But David is always at his best when a challenge is very important.”

Ramsay thinks that Lemieux will perform in the super middleweight division like he did in the middleweight division. “David is clearly happy to fight in the super middleweight division,” said Ramsay. “At 168 pounds, David still a very dangerous puncher, he has the speed he got in the middleweight division, and he still a good fighter technically and strategically.”

Ramsay knows that his fighter hopes to dispute soon another world championship bout. “My goal is to help David to reach the super middleweight championship of the world,” said Ramsay. “David really hopes to have a 168 pounds world title fight next year, and I really believe he will reach his objective. David is a very determinate fighter with a lot of ambitions.”

Camille Estephan said: “Marc Ramsay is right, Lemieux has a lot of ambitions, and I will do everything possible to involve him in a super middleweight championship of the world next year. David looks very comfortable in the 168 pounds category, then, reach the top is more than possible for him.”


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