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Oscar Rivas Defeats Jennings In The Most Important Victory Of His Pro Boxing Career

By Daniel Cloutier

VERONA, New York - The Montrealer Colombian heavyweight Oscar Rivas won the most significant bout of his pro boxing career Friday evening in the ring of the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York. Rivas won this WBO elimination bout and NABO North American championship in beating Bryant Jennings (24-3-0), from Philadelphia, by TKO in the 12th and last round. Rivas won after 54 seconds of action in the last round.

Rivas was laughing in thinking that the Las Vegas bookies established Jennings favourite by 5-2….”I have been the aggressor in most of the rounds, and in the 12th round, I attacked him with rage… and you saw the result,” said Rivas in his corner right after the fight. “In the 12th round, it was so clear that my power punches were hurting him. Jennings got his good moments in the fight, but no doubt I was more intense than him in almost every rounds. Jennings was moving constantly in the ring, and he was using more jabs than power punches. I took care of Jennings, then, I am ready to talk about a world championship bout now. Apparently, I will be rank second contender by the WBO, then, I can expect to dispute a world championship bout this year or next year. No doubt, it’s the most important win of my pro boxing career, the more significant one.”

Rivas now has a record of 26-0-0, with 18 wins by KO.

Marc Ramsay, the Rivas trainer, said: “Each time that Oscar were aggressive, he was dominating the action. In some rounds, he was a bit too patient, but like you saw it, he opened the machine at the right time, and he got out of the ring in the winnings shoes.”

Jennings was clearly depressed after the bout: “It’s a very bad result for me, what can I tell you?”, said Jennings. “I gave my best, but Rivas finished the fight more aggressively than me.”

In the first round, Rivas and Jennings were both careful, they fought more defensively than offensively.

More aggressive in the second round, Rivas connected more power punches than his rival, who worked almost exclusively with his jab.

The third round was close, each fighter having his good moments offensively.

Intense in the fourth round, Rivas connected more than 10 good power shots.

Rivas was again the aggressor in the fifth round. He connected several power punches. Jennings used more his jabs than his power punches.

The sixth round was extremely close. Each connected power punches, each placed jabs.

Rivas dominated the seventh round with his intensity. Jennings was moving constantly right and left in the ring.

In the eight round, Jennings became aggressive at his turn, and he touched Rivas with several power shots.

The two fighters were pretty aggressive in the nine round, and Rivas connected more power shots than his opponent.

Rivas were more intense, more aggressive than his rival in the 10th and 11th rounds. He used more power shots than Jennings in both round.

In the 12th and final round, Rivas attacked energetically and he sent Jennings on the floor. Jennings got back on his legs, but Rivas attacked furiously again, et the referee intervened to declare Jennings TKO.

Stevenson IBF Intercontinental Champion

Just before the main event, Shakur Stevenson, from Newark, New Jersey, stayed undefeated (10-0-0) and won the IBF featherweight InterContinental championship, in beating Jessie Cris Rosales (22-2-1), from Philippines, by TKO.

Stevenson provoked a knockdown in the fourth round, and few seconds after, the referee declared Rosales TKO. The fighter from Philippines was seriously in trouble when the referee declared him TKO.

“I fought intensively in each round, and look the result,” said Stevenson in getting out of the ring. “I knew that my power shots were affecting my opponent. Now, I want to fight boxers ranked in the world. I am positive I am ready for fights of very high caliber.”

Jason Sosa, a super featherweight from Camden, New Jersey, scored his 22nd win in pro boxing (22-3-4) with a victory by unanimous decision in 10 rounds over Moises Delgadillo (17-19-2), from Mexico.

The fight was very extremely intense and violent.

Delgadillo provoked a knockdown in the second round, but Sosa dominated clearly the action in the third, fourth and fifth rounds.

And Sosa took his revenge in the seventh round, at his turn, he provoked a knockdown. And in the eight round, Sosa gave a very hard time to his opponent.

The three judges scored the bout 97-91, 97-91 and 96-92 for Sosa.

The Brazilian Robson Conceicao, a super featherweight, kept his perfect record (11-0-0) in beating the Mexican Hector Ambriz (12-9-2) by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Conceicao, who was the aggressor in every rounds, dominated the fight from the beginning to the end. The judges got three identical scores of 80-72.

The super welterweight Vikas Krishan, a fighter from India who was making his pro debut, started his pro boxing career on a good note. He beat Steven Andrade, from Catersville, Georgia, by TKO.

Very aggressive, Krishan sent his opponent on the floor in the second round with a solid hook to the body. Andrade got back on his legs, but Krishan maintained his intense attacks and few seconds after, the referee intervened to declare Andrade TKO.

The super lightweight Fazliddin Gaibnazarov, from Uzbekistan, stayed undefeated in pro boxing (11-0-0) in beating Ricardo Garcia (14-5-1), from Reading, Pennsylvania, by TKO.

Gaibnazarov provoked a knockdown in the third round, and he maintained his powerful attacks in the following minutes.

After the fourth round, Garcia mentioned to his corner men that it was enough for him. He lost automatically by TKO.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Dominican super super welterweight Carlos Adames improved his pro record to 16-0-0 with a win by KO over the Mexican Juan Ruiz (21-4-0).

Ruiz fight well in the first two rounds, but Adames knock him out in the third round with a super left hook on the chin.

Clearly, Adames was stronger physically than Ruiz.


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