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Adonis Stevenson Can Speak Now

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - After one complete month in a coma and on a respirator breathing at the Enfant-Jesus Hospital in Québec City, the former IBF light heavyweight champion of the world, the Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson, has been able to speak for the first time in 33 days Friday evening in his hospital’s bed.

His wife, Simone God, confirmed that Adonis told her few hours ago: “Sweet heart, I really hope to leave the hospital to come back in home.”

But at this point, we don’t know if Stevenson can walk or move in a wheelchair. Stevenson is 41 years old. The doctors at the Enfant-Jesus Hospital said that Stevenson will have brain's permanent issues.

December 1st in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City, Stevenson (29-2-1) lost for the first time in a world championship bout (he was 10-0-0 in world title matches before this fight). The Russian Oleksandr Gvozdyk (15-0-0) dethroned him in beating him by KO in the 11th round. Stevenson was leading the fight 7-2 after nine rounds, but clearly, his legs were shaking in the 10th round, and the Russian took the control of the action at that moment.

About 30 minutes after the bout, Stevenson collapsed in the shower. He was transported by ambulance at the Enfant-Jesus Hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, the doctors thought he was suffering of a concussion. But they discovered after he was suffering of a brain hemorrhage.

He was in a critical condition three hours after the fight, but few days ago, he got out of his coma.

We all know that his boxing career is over, but the big question is: will he live in normal conditions or be a permanent handicap person?

The doctors believes he will be a handicap person.


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