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  Supremacy Showdown Becomes
Embarrassing Throw Down

By William Trillo


It was supposed to be a rematch of their hotly contested first battle but before Ronald Johnson (17-1, 4 KO’s) and Sergio Ramirez (18-7, 10 KO’s) could remove the tape from their hands a full scale riot broke out inside the Pico Rivera Sports Arena after the fight. The riot began after an irate Johnson, who was getting cups of beer thrown his way, jumped out of the ring and rushed the beer throwing offenders, looking to take matters into his own hands. At that point it was every man for himself as bedlam ensued. Chairs went flying and punches were thrown for what seemed to be minutes before the violence began to slowly tone down. Local Sheriffs showed up on scene soon thereafter and the crowd was escorted out without further incident.

Truth be told, the battle for the “coveted” GBO Heavyweight title was a pretty good scrap that kept the fans on their feet for almost the entire ten round affair. In the early goings of the fight it was Johnson who seemed to be in control. His superior hand speed kept Ramirez at bay and off balance for a good portion of the opening rounds.

But the rugged Ramirez came on at the midpoint of the fight and began to start landing some significant blows that were beginning to do visible damage on the face of Johnson. Bleeding from the nose and gasping for air Johnson seemed to be running out of gas quickly and by the latter rounds momentum had swung to the side of Ramirez.

While taking some real punishment from Ramirez and looking to be on the verge of going down Johnson lost his mouthpiece which forced the ref to halt the action while he retrieved the mouthpiece. Ramirez fans became irate at that move as they felt it gave Johnson an undeserved moment to catch his breath to stop the onslaught and survive the round. Depending on whom you ask that could have been the moment that started the ticking time bomb that would inevitably go off.

The final round saw both fighters give whatever they had left. The crowd was going berserk as each side cheered for their favorite. The bell rang ending the war and the outcome was in the judges hands. Both sides were sure their man had done enough to win.

The ring announcer took the microphone and read the scores as follows, 97-93 Johnson, 96-94 Ramirez and 97-93 Johnson. Those scores gave a relieved Johnson the Split Decision nod. Ramirez fans began booing vehemently which upset Johnson who looked at the fans and grabbed his crotch. It was at that point that beers stated to fly Johnsons way. Without hesitation Johnson jumped out of the ring, busted through the barriers and started the full scale melee. There didn’t appear to be any serious injuries to the fans and outside of a few sucker punches being thrown it appeared everyone got home safely.

No doubt the promoters, fighters and managers will be hearing from the boxing commission soon and discipline will be soon to follow. Pound4Pound will keep you updated on those developments.

In other action Bantamweight Adelaida Ruiz (9-0, 4 KO’s) cruised to an easy victory over a game but overmatched Mikayla Nebel (2-8). Ruiz was in complete control over the four round fight with scores 60-54 on all three cards reflecting how dominant she was.

Super welterweight Brandyn Lynch (10-1, 8 KO’s) was put to the test by Bernard Thomas (5-7, 3 KO’s) in this hard hitting bout. Thomas was tough but was not able to outgun the formidable Lynch who stopped Thomas at the 1:12 mark of round four.

Super featherweights Alejandro Martinez (1-1-1, 1 KO) and Alvin Brown (0-9) took to the ring in this battle of winless fighters. As they say, “someone’s 0 had to go” and in this case it was Martinez who picked up his first victory via the KO route. Brown succumbed to his own ineptitude at the 1:16 mark of round two.

Super featherweight Andre Marquez (3-1, 2 KO) over powered the hapless Mario Angeles (3-13-2) in an extremely lopsided battle. The bout was brought to a merciful halt at the 2:55 mark of round two.

Super lightweight Nicholas Irizarry (1-0, 1 KO) is a fighter worth keeping an eye on. Making his pro- debut against Johnie White (1-2, 1 KO) the young Irizarry was impressive in all aspects of his game. The southpaw worked behind a quick effective jab followed by thundering power in both hands to dispatch his foe impressively at the 1:16 mark of round two.

Lightweight Angel Israel Rodriguez (4-0, 2 KO) came out like gangbusters against seasoned veteran Thomas Herrera (11-22-1, 8 KO’s) and did not stop until Herrera was saved by the ref before he could suffer anymore unnecessary punishment. Officially the bout was stopped at the 1:07 mark of round one. With Jesus Soto-Karass as trainer look for Rodriguez to climb up the ladder quickly. He is the real deal.

Lightweight Chelsey Anderson (2-0, 1 KO) opened the show with a one sided demolition of pro debuting Tess Kielhamer (0-1). Anderson beat her foe into submission at the 1:10 mark of round 1.


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