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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Michael Zewski Stops Davila In The 10th
Round To Become IBF & NABO Champion

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY, Canada — In the semi-final of this boxing show organized by the GYM Group Saturday evening at the Vidéotron Centre in Québec City, the welterweight Michael Zewski became IBF and NABO North American champion, beating the Mexican Alejandro Davila bye TKO.

Zewski (34-1-0), a fighter from Trois-Rivières, Québec, became the first boxer to beat Davila (19-1-2).

Davila was fast and aggressive, but Zewski connected the best power shots of the first four rounds.

In the fifth round, Zewski was extremely intense and his power shots to the body and the head put his opponent in trouble.

Davila was productive during the first minute of the sixth round, but Zewski controlled totally the action in the last two minutes of the round.

In the seventh, Davila was efficient in the first half of the round, but Zewski was at his best in the second half of the round.

Zewski hurt seriously his rival in the eighth round, with a long series of power shots.

Zewski provoked the first knockdown of the fight in the ninth round, with a solid right hand on the jaw.

In the 10th and last round, Zewski sent again his opponent on the floor, and because Davila was seriously hurt, the referee stopped the bout and declare the Mexican TKO.

“I knew that Davila was aggressive, but I knew I got the perfect strategy to beat him,” said Zewski after the bout. “More the fight was progressing, more my power shots were hurting Davila like you saw it. I am extremely proud to be the first fighter to beat this guy. Like I said it, I want to reach back the Top five of the international boxing ratings and increase my chances to dispute soon a world championship fight.”

Zewski was ranked eighth contender by the WBO before the fight.

The Montrealer Ayaz Hussain (14-1-0) became NABA welterweight North American champion with a victory by TKO over Sébastien Bouchard (18-2-0), from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec.

The first three rounds were close, each fighter having his good moments offensively.

However, In the fourth round, Bouchard mentioned to the referee that his left arm was seriously injured, and the referee stopped the fight and declare Hussain winner by TKO.

Yan Pellerin, a cruiserweight (190 pounds) from Granby, Québec, scored his ninth win in pro boxing (9-1-0) beating the Argentinian Maximiliano Agustin Corso (6-5-1) by TKO
In the second round, each boxer fought intensively in trying to score a KO, but no result.

Pellerin maintained his attacks run the third round and his opponent was bleeding from the mouth.

In the sixth and last round, Pellerin sent his opponent on the floor, and the referee intervened to declare Corso TKO.

Corso was clearly hurt after the knockdown.

The Montrealer super middleweight Wilfred Seyi Ntsengue maintained his perfect record (8-0-0), beating Devin Tomko, from Ottawa, by TKO in the eighth round.

Ntsengue became the first fighter to inflict a defeat to Tomko (7-1-0).

Most of the rounds were close, but in the seventh round, Ntsengue gave a very rough time to his opponent.

In the eighth and last round, Ntsengue attacked furiously again, he provoked a knockdown, and the referee intervened to stop the bout and declare the Montrealer winner by TKO.

The Montrealer welterweight (147 pounds) Clann Thonson stayed undefeated in six pro bouts (6-0-0) with a victory by TKO over Dave Leblond (4-7-0), from Thetford Mines, Quebec.

In the third round, Thomson provoked a knockdown with a right hand on the chin, and about 30 seconds after, the Leblond’s trainer threw the towel.

Leblond gave a good opposition to Thomson in the first two rounds, but Thomson controlled totally the action from the beginning of the third round.

In the opening bout of the evening, the light heavyweight (175 pounds) Simon-Pierre Adde, from Los Angeles, improved his pro record to 7-1-0) with a win by unanimous decision in six rounds over the Mexican Jair Sena (8-5-2).

Better technically than his opponent, Adde connected power shots in each round against a rival who was fighting more defensively than offensively.

Adde dominated all the rounds of this fight. The three judges scored the bout 60-54 for the Californian.
In the first female bout of the evening, the Montrealer welterweight Marie-Pierre Houle (2-0-1) and Linda Doistalkova (2-0-1), from the Czech Republic, fought intensively during four rounds, et the bout finished by a draw.

In the second female fight of the evening, Raquel Miller (10-0-0), a super welterweight from San Francisco, beat the Mexican Alma Ibara (7-1-0) by unanimous decision in 10 rounds.


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