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Eleider Alvarez: "I Am 36 Years Old, But I Am Determined To Become World Champion"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Former Silver light heavyweight (175 pounds) champion of the world, the Montrealer Colombian Eleider Alvarez is determined to become world champion in the months to come. August 22nd at the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Alvarez (25-1-0) will face the New Yorker Joe Smith Jr. (25-3-0) in a WBO elimination's bout. The winner of this bout will face the winner of an eventual elimination bout between the Russians Umar Salamov (25-1-0) and Maxim Viasov (45-3-0).

Salomov and Viasov are ranked first and second contender by the WBO, and Alvarez and Smith are ranked third and fourth contenders.

“I am 36 years old, but I am determined to become world champion in the months to come,” said Alvarez. “I know I am enough strong mentally and physically to reach my goal.”

The fight Alvarez-Smith was originally scheduled for June, but Alvarez injured his right shoulder in a training session, then, the fight has been postponed to August 22nd.

“My shoulder is now in perfect shape, then, I am ready for this challenge”, said Alvarez.

Alvarez lost his only pro bout against the Russian Sergey Kovalev (34-4-1) in February 2019 in California.

He lost by unanimous decision.

“I lost my only pro bout against Kovalev in 2019, it’s true, but don’t forget that I beat him by KO (7th round) the year before in Atlantic City,” said Alvarez. “I know I have the speed, the technique and the confidence to become world champion in the months to come. Smith? He is a very intense and aggressive fighter, but I know I have the technique and the speed to dominate him August 22nd. I got a great preparation for this elimination bout, and trust me, I won’t disappointed my fans. I will fight with intensity and a perfect concentration from the beginning to the end of this WBO elimination bout.”

The promoter of the GYM Group in Montréal, Yvon Michel said: “I know that Eleider is ready for this challenge. He wants so much to become world champion in the months to come. Joe Smith Jr. won his most important fight at his last bout in Atlantic City, against Jesse Hart, from Philadelphia, but no doubt that Eleider is faster than him and he is a more complete fighter. I really believe that Eleider gonna win this elimination bout, and after, he will face the winner of the other WBO elimination between Umar Salamov and Maxim Viasov.”


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