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Alvarez Knocks Out Seals In The Seventh Round

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank


VERONA, NY — The Las Vegas bookies established the Montrealer Colombian Eleider Alvarez (25-1) favorite by 5-1 Saturday evening in the ring of the Turning Stone Casino in Verona,. New York, and they were right. Alvarez became WBC light heavyweight (175 pounds) Continental Americas champion, in scoring a KO against Michael; Seals (24-3) at the end of the seventh round.

“I knew I would win this bout, no matter if it was by KO, TKO or decision of the judges,” said Alvarez after the bout. “I was more aggressive than Seals in most of the rounds and look the result. In the seventh round, I was intense, aggressive and I connect the perfect punch at the perfect moment. I really want to dispute another world championship bout this year, and no doubt that this win will help to realize my objective. I knew I could hurt Seals soon or later in the bout, and I was right. I am very satisfied of my performance, considering it was my first fight in 11 months.”

Marc Ramsay, Alvarez trainer said: “My prediction was that Eleider would win this fight by KO or decision, and I was right. Eleider connected a great shot at the end of the seventh round, and you saw what’s happened. Eleider deserves to dispute another world championship bout, and we will certainly work on that project.”

Bernard Barré., the GYM Group scout, predicted a win by KO for Alvarez in the last three rounds, and he was right.

The two fighters were careful in the first round, but Alvarez connected more punches than his opponent.

Alvarez was more aggressive in the second round. Again, he connected more shots than Seals.

Alvarez dominated lightly the third round. He attacked more often than his rival.

Seals was more intense in the fourth round than he was in first three rounds, and he got his best moments of the fight.

The fifth round was close, each fighter having his good moments offensively.

In the sixth round, Alvarez did better than Seals offensively.

Alvarez attacked intensively in the seventh round, and he finally knock Seals out with a great right hand on the jaw. Seals, a fighter from Atlanta, Georgia, has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

Verdejo And Nova Impressed The Crowd

Just before the main event, the Porto Rican lightweight (135 pounds) Felix Verdejo improved his pro record to 26-1-0, with a victory by unanimous decision in 10 rounds over the Texan Manuel Rey Rojas (18-4-0).

In most of the rounds, Verdejo was the aggressor and Rojas the counter-attacker, but several rounds were extremely intense.

The judges scored the bout 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 in favor of Verdejo.

A lightweight from Albany, New York, Abraham Nova kept his perfect record (18-0-0) in beating the Mexican Pedro Navarette (30-25-3) by TKO.

In the second round, Nova floored his opponent with a great hook to the body.

In the third round, Nova provoked another knockdown, this time with a left hook on the chin.

In the fourth round, Nova provoked a third knockdown, with a body shot, and the referee intervened to declare Navarette TKO.

The heavyweight Devin Vargas (22-6-0), from Sylvania, Ohio, beat the Porto Rican Victor Brisbal (23-5-0) by disqualification.

In the second round, Brisbal floored his opponent with a solid right hand on the chin.

Vargas came back in the fight in the third and fourth rounds, he attacked energetically and he put Brisbal in trouble.

In the seventh round, Brisbal gave an illegal shot (under the belt), and the referee disqualified him.

The Dominican super bantamweight (122 pounds) Jonathan Guzman increased his pro record to 24-1-0 with a win by KO in the third round over the Mexican Rodolfo Hernandez (30-9-1).

Guzman provoked two knockdowns im the first round with body shots, but in the second round, at this turn, he went on the canvas on a solid right hand on the jaw.

However, in the third round, Guzman provoked a third knockdown, again with a hook on the body, and Hernandez stayed on the floor for the count of 10.

For Guzman it was a 23rd win by KO or TKO.

The Porto Rican featherweight (126 pounds) Christopher Diaz improved his pro record to 25-2-0 with a victory by unanimous decision of the judges in eight rounds over the Brazilian Adellson Dos Santos (19-8-0).

Diaz was the aggressor in each round, and he hurt his rival in the third and fourth rounds with left hooks to the head. Dos Santos showed a big courage in this bout, because it was clear that his opponent was dominating the action in each round.

The three judges scored the bout 87-82 for Diaz.

In the opening bout of the evening, the heavyweight Jared Anderson, from Toledo, Ohio, stayed undefeated in three pro fights (3-0-0), beating Andre Satterfield, from Packersburg, Wyoming, by TKO in the first round.

Anderson provoked two knockdowns in the opening round, the first on a solid hook to the body, the second one on a right hand on the chin.

After the second knockdown, the referee intervened to declare Satterfield (5-4-0) TKO.

This boxing show was organized by Top Rank Inc.


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