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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Bazinyan Hopes To Have A World
Championship Bout Next Year

By Daniel Cloutier

RIMOUSKI, Québec — The Montrealer Erik Bazinyan, who is ranked fourth contender by the WBO in the super middleweight (168 pounds), hopes to hace a world championship bout next year. But he knows that he has to stay undefeated.

Friday evening in the ring of the ring of Sun Life Arena in Rimouski, Québec, Bazinyan (24-0-0) will fight Timo Laine (27-12-0), from Finland, in a 10 rounds bout.

“I know I got to stay undefeated, then, I will fight intensively like usual next Friday,” said Bazinyan, “Yes, I really hope to have a world championship bout next year, then, I got to maintain my progression in the international ratings. Laine? He is tough, persistent, but I am faster than him. No matter is the fight is short or long, I will achieve the necessary to win it, I got a perfect preparation, mentally, physically, technically and strategically, then, I am ready to face this challenge. Believe me, I am impatient to be in the ring for this fight.”

The WBO super middleweight champion of the world, is the British Billy Joe Saunders (29-0-0).

Several journalists and trainers are considering Saunders as the king of the 168 pounds division.

“No matter who I will fight for a world title, I will be certainly be ready for this challenge next year,” said Bazinyan. “I will be ready to fight the best super middleweights in the world.”

Bazinyan’s trainer, Marc Ramsay, is very confident to see his fighter in the winning’s corner. “Laine is a very tough fighter, but I really believe that Erik is better than him technically,” said Ramsay. “It should be a good fight for the crowd. Erik is deserving to be rank in the world, he is very talented like you know, and I really believe he will fight for a world title in 2021. Not this year. Until that moment, Erik will certainly maintain his progression on the international boxing scene and he will get more experience. I am positive that Erik will have a fascinating career on the international boxing scene. He has the talent, the determination and the ambition to go to the top.”

Laine is also very motivated at few days of the moment of the truth. “I too had a very good preparation for this challenge, and I came in Canada with the intention to become the first fighter to beat Bazinyan,” said Laine. “I know that Bazinyan is a talented fighter, but I know I am tough, determinate and persistant in each fight. Me too I have a lot of ambitions on the international boxing scene.”

The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, the Montrealer Camille Estephan, is very proud of his fighter. “Erik Bazinyan has the technic, the speed, the determination and the ambition to become eventually world champion,” said Estephan,. “We will work very hard to push him to the top. We know that he is ready to face the best super middleweight in the world and it will happen eventually.”


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