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  Ramirez Earns Majority Decision Over Postol

By William Trillo
Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank


After two Covid-19 postponements Super Lightweights Jose Carlos Ramirez (26-0, 17 KOís) and Viktor Postol (31-3, 12 KOís) finally squared off in a highly anticipated bout with two world titles on the line. This was a fight that had major swings in momentums as the fighters took turns controlling rounds throughout the night. In Postol, Ramirez had a very crafty former champ in front of him. To keep his belts and move on to a title unification Ramirez had his work cut out for him. This was no walk in the park.

Coming out strong early Ramirez wanted to give Postol a clear message that he was the champ. In the early rounds that was working. But Postol was composed and slowly turned the table and suddenly he was landing, controlling the show and winning rounds. The look on the face of Ramirez told the story, he realized his title could be slipping away.

But Ramirez is a champion for a reason, and that is he has heart to go along with his talent. Not giving into the pressure of the moment he began to perform as he did in the early rounds. He was hurting Postol with shots to the body mand getting good work done on the inside again. It seemed Ramirez was having his way. But that was only for the moment.

Over the closing and championship rounds the fighters took turns landing punches and scoring. Just when it appeared one of them was taking charge the other would volley with punches that changed the momentum again. When the final bell rang both fighters held up their hands in victory. This one was going to the scorecards and there was no telling who would come out victorious.

When the final scores were read the ring announcer revealed, ďScores are 114-114 even and 115-113 and 116-112 for the winner and still champion of the world Jose Ramirez. With that Ramirez took a close Majority Decision and holds onto his WBC and WBO Super Lightweight Titles.

Speaking about his night Ramirez shared, ďI went in there a little too cold, you know? I impressed myself. Iím much stronger than most guys think. I just gotta not lose confidence in myself and stick to what I do best and box, let my hands go and not hesitate too much. I think there was a little bit of hesitation throughout the fight. Itís been a long time since Iíve been in the ring. There have been a lot of things that have happened in my personal life. Itís been such a long training camp. I think {I went} through the routine instead of, ĎLetís fight. I felt like I was just in a sparring session. I think I couldíve made the fight a lot easier in my favor, but we live and we learn. This was an amazing experience. Iím just happy I got the win.Ē

Top Rankís Bob Arum gave his views on the fight noting, ďIt was a good fight, but both men were impacted by going through three training camps and the whole situation with COVID 19. That being said, I thought Jose clearly won the fight.Ē

It was an exercise in futility as Super Lightweight Arnold Barboza Jr (24-0, 10 KOís) pitched a shutout over an under-sized and over-matched Tony Luis (29-4, 10 KOís). Looking more like a Middleweight Barboza, pounded out a unanimous decision victory over a fighter who didnít have any answers at all. Looking for a title fight in the future you would have thought Barboza would have stepped on the gas at some poit and go for a knockout. Instead, he seemed content to be methodical with his attack, which equated to a pretty boring fight. Barboza took the unanimous decision with scores of 99-90 x 3.

On his victory Barboza stated, ďTo be honest, I havenít fought since last November. I havenít went 10 rounds in a while. He was a tough guy. I needed the rounds. I showed a little bit of what Iíve been working on in the corner, going southpaw and all that. I give my performance a ĎB.í I wasnít really satisfied because I didnít get the stoppage. It happens. Now I got the rust out. I feel like Iím ready for the next step. I want {Alex} Saucedo. I think me and him would be a great fight. I know he wants it. I want it, so we could probably get it on soon. If heís ready, Iíll be ready.Ē

With both fighters hitting the deck early this Lightweight slugfest between Raymond Muratalla (10-0, 8 KOís) and Cesar Alan Valenzuela (15-7-1, 5 KOís) was a fan friendly affair. Valenzuela went down in the first round but got some payback in round two as he sent Muratalla to the deck.

After that Muratalla looked like he put on his game face and began to land some strong right hands on a tough whiskered Valenzuela. As the rounds proceeded and the punches kept landing with greater frequency the ref started to take a hard look at the state of Valenzuela. Murtalla was relentless and in round seven the ref had seen enough and stopped the fight at the 2:24 mark.

If anyone is proving himself as the must-see sensation in boxing it is none other than Welterweight Elvis Rodriguez (9-0-1, 9 KOís). His dismantling of Cody Wilson (9-3, 6 KOís) was impressive if not scary. The uppercut that launched the mouthpiece in the second, the straight right hand that ended the night for Wilson were just the highlights of a good old fashioned beatdown administered by Elvis. Officially this one came to a grinding halt at the 1:03 mark of round 3. Prepare yourselves for a slew of stupid Elvis (Presley) headlines coming soon.

After the fight Elvis said, ďWe knew it was going to be a tough fight because Iím a 140-pound fighter, but this fight took place at 144 pounds. I knew I had to be patient, but I knew that I could set up that knockout. I didnít let him get into my head with that gamesmanship. As we say in the Dominican Republic, all things being equal, Iím going to get the win. And thatís exactly what I did. I knew I was smarter. I knew I was quicker. I knew I was more powerful. It was only a matter of time.When someone like Freddie Roach, a Hall of Famer, a legendary trainer, says that about someone like me, wow, thatís amazing. Itís also bringing some pressure because I have to perform. I know that under him, Iím going to continue to develop my skill, my talent, and Iím not going to let anyone down.Ē

This fight started with a bang as Bantamweight Gabriel Muratalla (5-0, 3 KOís) hit the deck early in round one. But his foe Justice Bland (2-1) landed an errant blow while he was down, a point was deducted and that evened up the round. Clearing the cobwebs th tough Muratalla came back with a vengeance and started to apply some serious hurt on Bland over the course of the next three rounds. Muratalla showed his grit as he did enough to secure the final rounds. Scores read 38-36 x 3 all in favor of a Bubble favorite, Muratalla.

Middleweights Javier Martinez (2-0) & Rance Ward (4-2-1, 2 KOís) opened the show from the Bubble in this scrappy six round fight. Martinez used a good body attack to keep a very tough Ward from getting comfortable. In the latter rounds Martinez scored some nice shots upstairs that stunned Ward. Credit to a game Ward for surviving. Martinez showed a lot of improvement from his first fight and looks to be a credible force. Final scores read 60-53 across the board in a unanimous nod for Martinez.


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