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Marc Ramsay: "Smith Is Aggressive, But Alvarez Is Definitively A More Complete Fighter"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Eleider Alvarez’s trainer, the Montrealer Marc Ramsay, has no doubt in his mind: his fighter will leave the ring in the winning’s shoes Saturday evening in the ring of the MGM Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. A fighter who is 36 years old coming from Colombia, Alvarez (25-1-0), a Montrealer since the beginning of his pro boxing career, will fight the New Yorker Joe Smith Jr. (25-3-0-) in a WBO light heavyweight (175 pounds) elimination bout. According the Las Vegas boxing odds, Alvarez is established favorite by 3-1.

The winner of this fight will face the winner of the other elimination bout opposing eventually the Russians Umar Salomov (25-1-0) and Maxim Viasov (45-3-0). The WBO light heavyweight championship of the world is actually vacant.

“Eleider had a great training camp and I am positive he will leave the ring on the winning side,” said Ramsay Friday morning. “Smith is a very aggressive fighter, he is intense, but Eleider is definitively a more complete fighter, offensively like defensively. Eleider has the speed, the technique and the intensity to win this WBO elimination bout. Eleider wants absolutely to fight for a world title in the months to come, then, he knows it’s crucial to win this elimination bout. It’s a major event, and no doubt in my mind, Eleider will fight with a perfect concentration and a great strategy. I am positive he won’t disappoint his fans.”

Alvarez said: “Marc is right, I got a great preparation for this challenge. I really want to have a world championship bout in the months to come, then, I need absolutely to win this elimination bout. I know I have the speed, the technique and the intensity to win this bout. Smith has the reputation to be a very aggressive fighter, but like Marc Ramsay said it, I am a more complete fighter than Smith. I know I was supposed to face Smith in June, but you know as me that I injured my right shoulder in a training session, then, Yvon Michel has been obliged to postpone our bout. But now, my shoulder is a perfect health. I will have all my weapons for this event.”

Smith replied: “I know that Alvarez is a good fighter, but I am positive I have the weapons necessaries to win this fight. I will be intense from the beginning to the end, and I really believe I will be in the winning side. If Alvarez wants absolutely to get a shot for a WBO world title, trust me, I have the same ambition.”

The promoter of the GYM Group in Montréal, Yvon Michel, said: “No doubt that it’s a crucial event for Eleider. The winner of this elimination bout will dispute a WBO world championship against the eventual elimination bout between the Russians Umar Salomov and Maxim Viasov. Eleider had a serious preparation, because he knows like me that his last fight in Atlantic City, Smith scored the most important win of his pro boxing career (against Jesse Hart from Philadelphia). Then, Eleider is taking this fight very seriously. I am positive he has the talent, the speed, the technique and the motivation to win this elimination bout.”

Bernard Barré, the scout of the GYM Group, said: “Smith is a real warrior. He is extremely aggressive in the ring. But Eleider is certainly a more complete fighter than him. I am sure that Eleider, with his speed, technique and intensity, he is gonna win this fight by unanimous decision of the judges. I say unanimous decision, because the two fighters have solid chin A KO or a TKO in the circumstances would be a very surprising result. Eleider is determined to have a world championship this year or next year, then, he needs to win this WBO elimination bout and he knows it. If Eleider wins this fight, like we are expecting it, we are gonna work very hard to organize him a WBO light heavyweight championship of the world in the months to come. Eleider is not only a good fighter, he has greats ambitions.”


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