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  Ugly Win For Herring

By William Trillo
Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank


It was bedlam inside the ring in The Las Vegas Bubble, before, during and after the main event. This was supposed to be a showcase for Super Featherweight Jamel Herring (22-2, 10 KOs) but its unlikely anyone was impressed with his performance, including the fighter himself. His opponent Jonathan Oquendo (31-7, 19 KOs) made this fight as about as ugly and difficult as he could. Like a bull in a china closet Oquendo was busting up Herring, not with punches but with his head. This was far from a pretty fight on any level.

Herring most likely was winning the majority of the rounds as he was catching the charging Oqeundo with uppers and hooks as he was rushing in. But there was no quit in Oquendo and truthfully it appeared Herring did not know how to finish him off.

That opened the door for numerous head butts, one deemed intentional by the ref. Herring became a bloody mess and after round eight he told the doctor he could no longer see. The fight was stopped and after a bit of confusion Herring was declared the winner by disqualification after eight rounds due to repeated intentional headbutts. Herring kept his World Boxing Organization World Super Feather title in this very frustrating and disappointing fight.

On this very controversial night Herring stated, We knew coming in that he was going to be aggressive with the head first. It just kept repeating on the inside, and Tony finally caught on to it. I didnt want it to end like that. My team felt it was too much, so we had to stop it. Whatever. It just got ugly. I wasnt too satisfied with my performance, to be honest with you. In the beginning, everything was going real smooth, me boxing. I put him down with an uppercut. We knew he was going to come head-first. We had to time it. In the end, I wasnt happy with how I was looking. Im disappointed with the outcome. Ive never been in that situation. I still want the Carl Frampton fight next by all means. November, December, whatever. I still want that fight next.

In the semi-main event Super Middleweights Steven Nelson (17-0, 14 KOs) & DeAndre Ware (13-3-2, 8 KOs) put on a particularly good fan friendly slugfest. Nelson was looking to prove the he is ready to take it to the next level while Ware was confident he could be the spoiler.

It was looking pretty even up until the time Nelson suffered his first head butt. At that point Nelson turned it up a notch and was scoring well. Then a second and worse head butt really got the blood flowing on Nelson. Seeing red, Nelson picked up his charge on Ware and within moments Nelson had Ware on wobbly legs. Moments later the ref had no choice but to save Ware from further punishment as he halted the bout at the 2:24 mark of round six.

On his hard-fought battle Nelson shared, When that second cut came, I was like, I know how fighters are when they see an injury. So I said, You know what, I have to get to work. My plan was to go out there and feel him out, dont rush it too much. Thats why the first couple of rounds, I wasnt doing too much, and then I picked it up. The headbutt was the perfect time for me to pick it up. I got the win. I got the stoppage, and thats all that matters at the end of the day. A win is a win. I feel like Im ready for a title eliminator and then lets go for the title. That was my whole plan, to set myself up where they cant deny me a world title.

If youre looking for the next cant miss sensation you need look no further than Lightweight Fly Jesse Rodriguez (12-0, 8 KOs). What he did to Janiel Rivera (18-7-3, 11 KOs) in less than one round was mesmerizing. Speed, power, footwork, Rodriguez is the complete package. After overwhelming Rivera and dropping him three times the bout was stopped at the 2:03 mark of round one.

After the fight the wunderkind said, I felt amazing. I told Robert {Garcia} in the locker room, This is the best Ive ever felt. I think I showed that today. To have a brother as a champion {Joshua Franco} is really motivating to me. In camp, I was thinking that my brother became a champ, and I can do the same. There were times in camp I didnt feel like working out or running, but I thought about my brother and he motivated me. Just the thought of him being a world champ brought out the best of me in camp. I just want to be the best. Every fight, I want to be a better me. Im always willing to go the extra mile. I work hard for opportunities like this.

Before the fight he said he wanted to get a few rounds in and that is exactly what Heavyweight Jared Anderson (6-0, 6 KOs) got tonight. The ring tough Rodney Hernandez (13-10-2, 4 KOs) came in to make the most of his night by giving the young Anderson his best.

Anderson took his time with the veteran by picking his moments and landing debilitating punches. A visibly tired Hernandez came out looking worse for wear in round four and after taking a series of hard punches from Anderson he collapsed. That was all she wrote as the ref stopped the bout at the 2:22 mark of that fourth round.

On his victory Anderson said, Were ready for everybody. Were building up. Bob {Arum} is moving me perfectly. It was about getting those rounds in and showing I can really box. Im not just a puncher. I know how to box, and I know how to stay on my back foot. Im listening to the commentators more, getting a lot of learning experiences. Its helping a lot {with me} taking my time and slowing down.

Super Featherweight Ruben Cervera (13-2, 11 KOs) has some serious power. Just ask Rennard Oliver (7-3-3) who was blasted out with a huge right hand in round two. Prior to that Cervera went to the body well as he softened his foe up for the inevitable KO that came at the 1:42 mark of the second.

Despite going down hard in the second round Super Featherweight Edward Vazquez (8-0, 1 KO) picked up the pieces and found a way to defeat Adan Ochoa (11-2, 4 KOs). This fight was a real back and forth affair with many rounds being almost to close to call. But there was no question that Ochoa won round two as he clubbed Vazquez with a right hand that sent him to the deck. Unfortunately, that was not enough for Ochoa who came up on the short end of a close unanimous decision. Final scores read 57 -56 and 58-55 twice, all in favor of Vazquez.

Welterweight Benjamin Whitaker (14-4, 3 KOs) was just simply a lot busier than D'Andre Smith (8-1, 5 KOs) in this six-round bout. For whatever reason Smith looked tentative and not willing to let his hands go. On the flipside Whitaker controlled almost all the action and took a deserved unanimous decision with scores of 59-55 & 60-54 x 2.

Featherweights Rashiem Jefferson (2-0) and Jose Martinez (2-2, 1 KOs) kicked off the show with a four-round scrap inside The Bubble. It was pretty clear from the onset that Jefferson was the more technically sound fighter. Martinez did manage to land a few effective blows, but it wasnt enough to stave off the talented and pedigreed Jefferson. Judges tallies gave Jefferson the unanimous nod 39-37 and 40-36 x 2.


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