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  Zepeda KO’s Baranchyk In Thriller

By William Trillo
Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank


The main event in “The Bubble” was easily one of the wildest fights we have seen in quite some time and possibly was one of the best of the year. In five short rounds both men were down four times each… Oh, who am I kidding? That was The Fight of The Year, it’s not open for debate. Super Lightweights Jose Zepeda (33-2, 26 KO’s) and Ivan Baranchyk (20-2, 13 KO’s) gave fight fans a battle they will not soon forget. This was high drama at its finest.

The fight that was scheduled to take place early this summer but was postponed due to injury was well worth the wait. In the first round Baranchyk came out like a beast and dropped Zepeda not once but twice. This was only a preview of coming attractions.

Round two gave us a glimpse of the drama we would see all night as this time Zepeda put Baranchyk down right away. As if on cue Baranchk would get up and return the favor as Zepeda hit the deck again.

Round three saw more of the same, flying fists o'plenty before Baranchyk kissed the canvas yet another time.

Zepeda really hurt Baranchyk in the previous round and in this fourth round he was looking to close the show. It appeared maybe it was going to happen as Barachyk hit the deck again. This was wild stuff. But stay tuned there was more.

Not to be outdone round five would be a showstopper. It was dramatic theatre here and the grand finale was about to take place. Going toe to toe in the middle of the ring for the first two minutes of the round the fighters took turns pounding on each other with reckless abandon. At the thirty second mark Baranchyk uncorked a combo and Zepeda went down into the turnbuckles. Zepeda rose to his feet and as soon as the two started swinging again Zepeda landed a vicious left hand that closed the show. Baranchyk crumbled. It was as stunning an end to a fight as one could expect. It was awesome, it was wild and it was scary all at the same time.

Jose Zepeda just put himself right back in the picture with this spectacular winning performance that helped him grab the vacant World Boxing Council Silver Super Light Title. More importantly he becomes the number one challenger for the belt.

For Baranchyk, after seeing him in a state of unconsciousness for at least ten minutes it was good to see him get to his feet and be able to walk out of the ring. Hopefully tests at the hospital will give him a clean bill of health. After that it will be up to him where his career is headed, but know this; as Tim Bradley stated, “He left a piece of himself in the ring and he won’t be getting it back.”

As I said, That was high drama in “The Bubble”. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Reacting to the fight Zepeda said, “I feel great because I won the fight. It was a hard fight, and I’m thinking, ‘Man, boxing is hard. It’s no easy game.’ Boxing, it’s tough, and you have to give it 100 percent because it’s a hard sport. Both of us are climbing up, and somebody had to stay. I was able to win the fight, and I told him, ‘Thanks for the fight. It was a great fight. I know I’m tough. I didn’t know how tough I was. Tonight, I showed myself, too. I’ve never been in a fight like this. It was a great learning experience. I’m going for the titles. That’s why we’re here in boxing.”

He got hurt early in round one but that was just a wakeup call for Lightweight Gabriel Flores Jr. (19-0, 6 KO’s). Ryan Kielczweski (30-5, 11 KO’s) looked like he was going to be a problem but once Flores got his bearings it was smooth sailing. Kielczweski gave Flores ten good rounds of work but this fight was never in question. Final scores all in favor of Flores read 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92.

On the first round left hook that appeared to buzz Flores, “I was not buzzed at all. Not buzzed at all. I was a little bit off balance on my heel, which is rare. I’m always on my toes. I gotta stay in the pocket more. I need to stay on myself to stay in the pocket. I’m in the pocket landing shots, and then I feel like, ‘I’m bored here.’”

In one of the more action-packed Heavyweight fights you will see, Guido Vianello (7-0-1, 7 KO’s) and Kingsley Ibeh (5-1-1, 4 KO’s) went all Rock-em Sock-em Robots in a six round slugfest. On paper you would think the Olympian Vianello would have no problem with the late starting Ibeh whose career is only 14 months old. But that’s why they make them fight.

Ibeh had Vianello bloodied and stumbling around in round two, it didn’t look good for Vianello. Somehow he weathered the storm and was able to keep the fight close. In fact is was more than close. In the end the judges scored it 59-55 Ibeh and 57-57 twice making the bout a majority decision draw.

Featherweight Duke Ragan (2-0, 1 KO) got the unanimous decision victory of last-minute sub John Moraga (1-2, 1 KO). Ragan controlled the fight over Moraga who never was able to let his hands go. This one was a shutout, 40-36 on all cards.

Featherweight Haven Brady Jr. collected a KO in his pro debut against a game Gorwar Karyah (2-2, 2 KO’s). As debuts go this was no pushover for Brady as Karyah gave the young man some good work. In round four Brady began landing shots at an overwhelming rate and that forced the fight to be brought to a halt. Officially the time of the stoppage was the 2:27 mark of round four.

It was an all Puerto Rican “Quien es mas Macho” battle in this Super Featherweight attraction. Frevian Gonzalez Robles (4-0, 1 KO) took on Carlos Marrero (2-4-1) in a very fan friendly four round bout. Robles was the aggressor and brought the fight to Marrero all night but Marrero was no slouch. This was a good proving ground for Robles who had his work cut out for him. In the end Robles came out on top with scores reading 38-38 and 40-36 twice giving him the majority decision nod.

By the time Heavyweight James Barnes (1-1, 1 KO) knew what hit him, the fight was over. Mitchell Sipe made his pro debut memorable as a street fight broke out in "The Bubble". Only seconds in, Barnes went down after a wild swinging exchange. No sooner said than done the slugfest ensued but this time Sipe was bouncing blows off the head of Barnes at a rapid clip. Seeing enough, the ref stepped in and halted the carnage at the 47 second mark of round one giving Sipe the KO victory.

Welterweights Matthew Reed (1-1, 1 KO) and Wilfred Mariano (3-0, 2 KO) opened the show in a bout that didn’t last three minutes. Mariano took it to the MMA hybrid Reed quickly. A left hook did the initial damage and a follow up flurry was enough to stop this one at the 1:27 mark of the first.


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