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Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Dicaire & Shields Are Ready For This Challenge

By: Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Silvia Jones, ILE Photography 

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer female Marie-Eve Dicaire is ready for the biggest challenge of her pro boxing career. Friday evening at the Flint Dort Financial Center in Michigan, Dicaire (17-0-0), the IBF super welterweight (154 pounds) champion of the world, will face the American Claressa Shields (10-0-0), the WBO and WBC champion of the world. It will be a unification world championship fight.
“I am ready to face the biggest challenge of my pro boxing career,” said Dicaire. “I got a great preparation, mentally, physically and technically, and I will fight intensively from the beginning to the end in the fight. And I have a great strategy for this event. It’s the most important moment in my pro boxing career so I got to deliver the best performance of my career and I am planning to do it. I know that Shields is an exceptionally good opponent, but I know what to achieve to be in the winning corner. I am so impatient for live this event. It will be a crucial moment in my boxing career.”
Dicaire’s promoter, Yvon Miichel, from the GYM Group in Montréal, will be in the Marie-Eve’s corner Friday evening, with the Dicaire’s trainer Stéphane Arnois. “Yvon was a great trainer in the 1980, and I am very happy to know that he will be in my corner with Stéphane Arnois Friday evening,” said Dicaire. “I am positive that both will give me good advice between the rounds. It will be crucial to get a good strategy in this very important challenge.”
Yvon Michel said: “I will be very happy to be in the Marie-Eve’s corner Friday evening, It’s a very important event, It’s an IBF, WBO and WBC unification world titles bout. Marie-Eve knows that it’s the greatest moment of her pro boxing career,. I know she will give everything possible to win this crucial bout.”
Shields will fight in home. She lives in Flint. “Dicaire has more experience than me in pro boxing, but I am persuaded that I have the weapons necessary to win this fight,” said Shields. “I really believe I will stay WBO and WBC champion of the world, and I will add the IBF title on my collection. I will fight in my city and I don’t want to disappoint my boxing fans. I am very impatient to be in the ring. No doubt in my mind, it’s a great moment in my pro boxing career.”
At the weigh in, Dicaire and Shields respected the limit of the weights of the super welterweight division. Dicaire posted a weight of 152.6 pounds, and Shields 153.6 pounds.
Mark Taffet, Shields manager, said: “Claressa got a great training camp and she is ready for this crucial challenge. She is perfectly prepared mentally and physically. She knows like me that it’s a crucial moment in her pro boxing career. I am positive that she will give everything to be the winner.”
Just before the main event, a female heavyweight will oppose Danielle Perkins (2-0-0), from Houston, Texas, to Monika Harrison (2-1-0), from Waycross, Georgia. At the weigh in, Perkins posted a weight of 196.8 pounds, versus 202.8 for Harrison.
Two others female bouts, both in the bantamweight (122 pounds) division, will be presented before the fight Perkins-Harrison. Jamie Mitchell (5-0-2), from Pacific Grove, California, will face Noemi Bosques (12-15-3), from Saint-Petersburg, Florida, and Marlen Esparza (8-1-0), from Houston, Texas, will fight Shelly Barnett (4-3-2), from Toronto, Canada.
At the weigh in, Mitchell posted a weight of 120 pounds, versus 119.6 for Bosques, and Esparza posted a weight of 117.4 pounds, versus 119 for Barnett.
In the middleweight (160 pounds division,) the Russian Timur Kerefov (10-0-0) will challenge Manny Woods (16-10-1), from Saint-Petersburg, Florida. It will be first men’s fight in this boxing show.
The fight Perkins-Harrison is scheduled for 8 rounds, Tekerov-Woods for 10 rounds, and the other preliminaries fights are fixed for six rounds.
A female middleweight bout between Logan Holler (9-0-1), from Columbia, South Carolina, and Schemelle Baldwin (3-1-2), from Newark, Delaware, was scheduled for this event, but these two fighters did not show up for the weigh in.
We will know soon if this fight is cancelled or still on that show.
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