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  Shields Becomes Unified Champion Of The World

By Daniel Cloutier


MONTRÉAL - The American female Claressa Shields promised to not disappoint her fans in Flint, Michigan, and she kept her promise. Shields became the unified super welterweight (154 pounds) champion of the word, Friday evening at the Dort Financial Center in Flint, beating the Montrealer Marie-Eve Dicaire by unanimous decision in 10 rounds.

Shields who was WBO and WBC champion of the world before the fight, is now IBF, WBC and WBO champion of the world. Shields, who still undefeated (11-0-0), became the first fighter to beat Dicaire (17-1-0).

The three judges scored the bout for Shields, with identical scores: 100-91.

Shields connected a couple of solid punches in the first round, but the round was pretty close.

In the second round, Shields was fast and dominated the action.

The third round was close, each fighter had her good moments.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, the action was intense, each fighter attacked furiously.

In the sixth and seventh rounds, Shields gave a hard time to her opponent.

The eight and nine rounds were intense, but Shields connected the best power shots.

In the 10th and last round, Dicaire was aggressive, but Shields dominated the action in most of the closing round.

“I mentioned Thursday that I got the weapons necessary to win this fight, and I was right,” said Shields after the bout. “I was more intense and more aggressive than my rival. I am now unified champion of the world. It’s great. I am proud to be IBF, WBC and WBO champion of the world. I am sure that my fans here in Flint, are proud of my performance.”

Before the main event, the female heavyweight Danielle Perkins, from Houston, Texas, improved her record (12-1-0), beating Monika Harrison (2-2-0), from Waycross, Georgia, by unanimous decision in eight rounds. It was a WBC Silver championship.

Perkins provoked a knockdown in the fourth round and she put her rival in trouble in the following round. Perkins maintained her intense attacks in the sixth and sevenths rounds. The three judges got the same score: 80-73 for Perkins, who really want to become the queen of the female heavyweight division.

In the opening bout of the evening, the female bantamweight (121 pounds) Marlen Esparza (9-1-0), from Houston, Texas, beat the Canadian Shelly Barnett (4-4-2), from Toronto, by unanimous decision in six rounds. Clearly better than her opponent technically, Esparza dominated the action from the beginning to the end of the bout. The three judges scored the bout 60-64, 60-53 and 60-53.

In another female bantamweight bout, Jamie Mitchell, from Pacific Grove, California, remained undefeated (6-0-2), beating Noemi Bosques (12-16-3), from Saint-Petersburg, Florida, by TKO in the fifth round. Mitchell attacked energetically in each round, and in the fifth round, Bosques looked clearly in trouble. Then, the referee intervened to stop the bout.

In the only male fight of the evening, the Russian middleweight (160 pounds) Timur Kerenov (11-0-0)( won by TKO against Many Woods (16-11-1), from Saint-Petersburg, Florida.


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