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Jukembayev Stops Lara In The Second Round

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL — Batyr Jukembayev, a super lightweight (140 pounds) from Kazakstan living in Montréal since the beginning of his pro boxing career, stayed undefeated Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino Cabaret, with a win by TKO over the Mexican Ricardo Lara (22-8-0). Ranked eighth contender by the IBF in the super lightweight division, Jukembayev (18-0-0), who is WBA and IBF Continental Americas champion, said that it was crucial for him to stay undefeated to maintain his progression in the international boxing ratings.

Jukembayev gave a tough boxing lesson to Lara. He tortured him in the first round and he provoked two knockdowns in the second round. After the second knockdown, the referee intervened to declare Lara TKO. The Mexican was really hurt.

“Yes, I mentioned that it was extremely important for me to stay undefeated, and I achieved it,” said Juklembayev after the bout. “Like you saw it, I chased my rival from the beginning to the end of the fight in punching him. I know that I was hurting him with my power shots. I really believe I will improve my position in the international boxing ratings before the end of the year.”

Just before the main event, the super welterweight (154 pounds) Clovis Droiet, from Québec City, suffered of his first lost in pro boxing (11-1-0).

He lost by split decision against the Egyptian MPonda Kalunda (8-2-0), living in Toronto. Two judges scored the bout 76-74 for Kalunga, the other judge got a card of 76-74 for Drolet.

Drolet connected the best power punches of the first two rounds. However, in the third round, Kalunga provoked the first knockdown of the fight with a powerful right hand on the jaw. In the fourth round, Kalunga floored again his opponent with a solid left hook on the chin, but Drolet came back and replied with few good power shots. In the fifth round, Drolet attacked intensively and he connected several power shots. The sixth and seventh rounds were intense and close, each fighter having his productive moments. In the eight and last round, Drolet was the aggressor and he connected more power shots than his opponent.

The cruiserweight (190 pounds) Artur Ziiyatdinov, a Montrealer Russian, kept his perfect pro record (12-0-0) in beating the Argentinian Cesar Hernan Reynoso (16-14-4) by TKO.

Ziyatdinov was clearly better than his opponent technically.

In the third round, Ziyatdinov attacked furiously and he provoked two knockdowns in a span of a minute.

In the fifth round, Ziyatdinov sent his rival on the floor for the third time, and the referee intervened to declare Reynoso TKO.

The middleweight (160 pounds) Vincent Thibault, from Québec City, stayed undefeated in 10 pro bouts (10-0-0) with a win by TKO over the Mexican Genaro Ortiz (10-8-2).

Thibault sent twice his opponent on the canvas in the first round, with left hooks to the head.

In the second round, Thibault provoked a third knockdown, and at that moment, the referee intervened to declare Ortiz TKO after only 50 seconds of action in this round.

Jordan Balmir, a super welterweight (154 pounds) from Drummondville, Québec, improved his pro record to 11-1-0, with a win by unanimous decision in six rounds over the Mexican Omar Andrade (6-7-3).

Balmir was the aggressor in each round, but Andrade was good in counterattacks.

The judges scored the fight 60-54, 60-54 and 59-55, all in favor of Balmir.

The super featherweight (130 pounds) Thomas Chabot, from Thetford Mines, Québec, make his pro debut on a spectacular note. He beat the Polish Robert Niedzwiedzki (0-2-1) by KO in the first round.

Chabot, who was very aggressive, provoked three knockdowns in the first round, forcing the referee to stop the fight and declare a win by KO.

In the only female bout of this boxing show, the Montrealer featherweight (126 pounds) Martine Vallières-Bisson obtained her second victory (2-0-0) in pro boxing, in beating the Mexican Adillene Martinez-Herrera (1-1-0) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

Vallières-Bisson provoked a knockdown in the second round and she dominated clearly three of the four rounds of the fight. The three judges scored the bout 40-35.

In the opening bout of the evening, the heavyweight Adam Dyczka, from Granby, Québec, scored his second win (2-0-0) in pro boxing, in beating the Mexican Jose Manuel Parades (3-5-3) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

The first two rounds were intense, each fighter got his good moments offensively.

However, in the third and fourth rounds, Dyczka attacked furiously and he dominated easily the two final rounds.

The judges scored the bout 40-36, 40-36 and 39-37 for Dyczka.


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