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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Wins By TKO For Kean & Bazinyan

By Daniel Cloutier

RIMOUSKI, Québec - The heavyweight Simon Kean, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, won a WBC International Silver championship Friday evening in the ring of the Sun Life Arena in Rimouski, beating the American Daniel Martz by TKO in the third round.

After a close first round, Kean attacked intensively in the second round and he provoked a knockdown. He maintained his intense charges in this round and he provoked another knockdown, Martz (19-9-1) was bleeding after this second round.

In the third round, Kean (19-1-0) sent again Martz on the floor with power hooks to the head, and the referee intervened to stop de bout.

Kean scored his TKO after only 36 seconds of action in this third round.

“I promised to my fans to destroy Martz and I did it,” said Kean after the bout. “I am very proud of my performance. I knew I got the power to hurt him and it’s exactly what happened. I guess I will improve my situation in the international ratings with this performance.”

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Erik Bazinyan (25-0-0), ranked fourth contender by the WBO in the super middleweight division (168 pounds) improved his chances to have a world championship next year, beating Timo Laine (27-13-0), from Finland, by TKO in the sixth round.

“I said it, it was crucial for me to stay undefeated to increase my chances to take part to a world championship bout in 2021”, said Bazinyan after the bout. “Like you saw it, I did the necessary to stay undefeated. I was controlling the action in each round. I want so much to get a shot for a world title, and I think it will become reality next year. My progression never stopped since the beginning of my pro boxing career. I really think I have now the maturity to fight the best super middleweights in the world.”

With his jabs and power shots, Bazinyan dominated clearly the first two rounds, In the third, fourth and fifth rounds, Bazinyan gave a real boxing lesson to his opponent with his great technique.

In the sixth round, Bazinyan attacked furiously, he put his rival in trouble, and the referee intervened to declare Laine TKO.

The TKO was registered after only 46 seconds in this sixth round.

A complete domination by the Montrealer.

The welterweight (147 pounds) Sébastien Roy, from Thetford Mines, Québec, kept his perfect record (9-0-0) with a win by majority decision of the judges in eight rounds over the Montrealer Flavio Michel (9-6-0).

A judge scored the fight 76-76, but the two other judges got scores of 77-75 and 78-74 for Roy.

The fight was close in most of the rounds.

The super featherweight (130 pounds) Thomas Chabot, from Thetford Mines, Québec, obtained his second win ins pro boxing (2-0-0), with a victory by TKO in the first round over the Mexican Luz Marcos Garcia.

Garcia (2-3-2) provoked a knockdown after 30 seconds of action in the first round, but one minute later, Chabot took his revenge. He sent his rival on the floor and he won by TKO.

The referee stopped the bout because Garcia was suffering too much.

In the opening bout of the evening, the light heavyweight (175 pounds) Nurzat Sabirov, a fighter from Kazakstan living in Montréal since three years, improved his pro record to 11-0-0, beating the Mexican Ricardo Adrian Luna Flores (22-8-1). by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Sabirov attacked furiously in the first round, but the second round was intense and close. Better technically, Sabirov dominated the next six rounds.

The judges scored the bout 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73 for Sabirov.

Before the bout, Sabirov scored nine KO or TKO in 10 bouts, but Flores was extremely tough.

The super middleweight (168 pounds) Mathieu Duguay, from Québec City, made unsuccessful pro debut.

The Mexican Armando Morales Gutierrez (1-1-0) beat him by TKO in the fourth round.

The fight was extremely violent, and Duguay was clearly exhausted in the fourth and last round.

Gutierrez provoked a knockdown in this fourth round, and the referee intervened to declare Duguay TKO.

The light heavyweight (175 pounds) Hubert Poulin, from Québec City, improved his pro record to 2-0-0, with a victory by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Eduardo de Valencia Aguilar (2-5-0).

The three judges scored the bout 40-36 for Poulin.

In the only female bout of the evening, Leila Beaudoin, a super featherweight (130 pounds), obtained her second win in pro boxing, beating the Mexican Maria Esther Del Angel Diaz (1-1-0) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

Beaudoin was the aggressor in each round, and the three judges scored the bout 40-36 for her.

Just before the fight Bazinyan-Laine, the Montrealer Russian Artem Oganesyan (11-0-0), a super middleweight was supposed to fight the French Arabic Foiuad El-Massoudi (17-12-0), but the bout has been cancelled Friday morning.

Massoudi was suffering of a virus, he was weak, and the Québec Athletic Commission doctor scratched him from this boxing show.


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