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  Another KO Victory For Vergil Ortiz Jr.

By William Trillo
Photos: Tom Hogan - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy


Golden Boy Promotions jumped into the Covid-19 fight night fray with a card from Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio CA. As we are becoming accustomed to, there were no fans in attendance. But there were a number of fighters looking to get back into the squared circle action. One of those fighters was hot talent Welterweight Vergil Ortiz Jr. (16-0, 15 KOs) who was taking on Samuel Vargas (31-6-2, 14 KOs) in the Main Event.

Simply put, Ortiz is a monster. Not missing a beat during the long lay off, Ortiz was sharp and accurate as he let some heavy leather fly against an extremely tough and seasoned veteran in Vargas. Ortiz was unleashing some real bombs on Vargas that would have most fighters stopped in their tracks. But the savvy and slippery Vargas survived the barrage of blows that were coming in. The incoming assault was seemingly overwhelming but somehow Vargas survived the early shellacking.

But in round seven Ortiz went on an all-out attack that had Vargas bouncing from pillar to post. Still he would not go down. It was then that the ref finally saved Vargas from himself and called the bout off at the 2:58 mark. It was the right thing to do.

Ortiz has once again proved to this writer that the hottest young talent in the Golden Boy stable is without question Vergil Ortiz. This kid will still be there with belts when other members of his stables only source of income will be from YouTube hits and underwear ads.

At the post fight press conference Ortiz shared, I didnt really notice fighting with no fans. Im so focused on the fight. With or without fans is how we spar, so didnt make a difference. I hit him to the body a lot. I dont know how he didnt go down. He was hurt the entire time - I asked him. I knew it was time to take him out. If it went to eight rounds he would have been hurt worse. When I take rounds off like that I try to get used to timing and miss some shots. I would like to fight Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman. Theyre good opponents I can beat. I want to take risks. Im not here to take easy fights. Im in the hardest division in boxing, so when I win a title it will mean a lot more. Against a guy like that a solid B+. He brought it out of me, hardest opponent to date. My hands took a beating punching him the whole time, so when theyre healed Ill be back.

Middleweight Shane Mosley Jr. (16-3, 9 KOs) stepped into the ring Jeremy Ramos (12-8, 4 KOs) in this semi-main bout. Mosley used his length and superior athleticism to defeat the rugged Ramos. Mosley displayed some good bodywork in the latter rounds against Ramos but was tagged a bit too much along the way. In a unanimous decision victory Mosley took the fight with scores of 79-73 & 80-72 twice.

On his victory Mosley said, This was a great experience. This was my first fight as a Golden Boy fighter. Im glad I got the win and got to knock some dust off of me. It was different due to the circumstances. Ultimately, its still a fight. He came to win. I think it was a good performance from me, but I still have to add some more things to my game, like adding more punches to the body.

Super Bantamweight Hector Valdez (13-0, 8 KOs) faced a defense first Josue Morales (11-12-4, 1 KO) in this one-sided bout. Morales was a slippery character, but Valdez was able to land scoring punches. A good body attack by Valdez troubled Morales all night. Lopsided scoring of 79-73 & 80-72 x 2 gave Valdez the unanimous decision nod.

I felt I had an OK performance, said Hector Valdez. I give myself a 7 out of 10. I was calm, which is good. But now I need to work on being calm and being active with my punches. Now Im going to go back to the gym, and I hope to come back soon on another Golden Boy card.

Welterweights Evan Anthony Sanchez (8-0, 6 KOs) & Issouf Kinda (18-5, 7 KOs) opened the show with a hard fought eight rounder. Sanchez may have gotten in more work than he expected from a surprisingly resilient Kinda. Kinda went down in round four but got up to weather the storm. Along the way he landed more than a few good right hands that kept Sanchez honest. Final scores came in at 59-54, 58-55 & 60-53 giving Sanchez the unanimous decision victory.

I felt a little rusty in there, said Evan Sanchez. But Im honored to be opening up for Golden Boy. I know a lot of people were watching. I hope to get a two-week break and come back very soon.

In one of the most embarrassing matchups in the history of boxing Light Flyweight Seniesa Estrada (19-0, 8 KOs) KOd Miranda Adkins (5-1, 5 KOs) in seconds. As the DAZN announcers stated, This was a very lopsided job of matchmaking. HORRIBLE! Why was the World Boxing Council Silver Female Light Flyweight Title on the line here? How was it approved? Officially Estrada KOd Adkins at the seven second mark. Shameful!

It was the outcome I expected, said Seniesa Estrada. I give her respect for stepping into the ring with me while having a 5-0 record. If it werent for her, I probably wouldnt have had an opponent tonight, so I thank her. Hopefully next time I can fight someone who is a world champion.


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