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  Sadriddin Akhmedov & Yves Ulysse Jr.
Highlight July 16 Gala In Quebec

Following the easing of sanitary measures in Quebec, the Eye of the Tiger Management team is pleased to announce its first event open to the public in over a year. The organization is also proud to be able to present this exciting boxing card, which will feature Sadriddin Akhmedov (12-0-0, 10 KOs) and Yves Ulysse jr. (19-2-0, 10 KOs) on July 16, at the Gervais Auto Center in Shawinigan. Given the excellent relationship maintained for several years with the municipal administration, local commerces and boxing fans of Shawinigan, EOTTM did not hesitate to choose this attractive Mauritian city as the host for this historic boxing gala. It will be in front of a limited crowd of 1,500 people that the two headliners of the Montreal team will dance between the ropes during this exciting boxing evening. This event, presented by La Queen beer, Mise-O-Jeu, La Ville de Shawinigan and Videotron, will feature a total of six fights that will be broadcast live on Punching Grace and Indigo. Boxing enthusiasts will also have the chance to see the performances of four other rising stars including Clovis Drolet (12-1-0, 8 KOs), Raphael Courchesne (8-1-0, 3 KOs.), Thomas Chabot (3-0-0, 3 K.-O.), and Alexandre Gaumont (1-0-0).

“Very proud to have the first boxing gala with spectators! It’s good for boxing, great for the region and great for morale. Thank you to EOTTM for allowing the organization and the region to participate in this historic moment.", said Shawinigan Cataractes president Roger Lavergne.

As the main event of the evening, Sadriddin Akhmedov will take on true prospect killer, Mponda Kalunga (8-2-0, 3 KOs). The latter is well known in Quebec as the boxer who inflicted the only career defeat to powerful slugger Clovis Drolet. In addition, Kalunga also caused many surprises by defeating Jordan Mccue, Ioannis Birmpilis and Nuiata Ebb, who were all unbeaten at the time of their duel with the one known as "The Egyptian Prince". The clash between Akhmedov and Kalunga is extremely promising as "SOQ" wants to avenge his training partner while retaining the NABF super welterweight belt. Although the young protégé of Marc Ramsay is seen as one of the greatest talents Quebec has ever known, he will have to overcome the enormous challenge presented by the Ontario slugger. Indeed, Kalunga is extremely dangerous as he is fast, intelligent and powerful in the arena. He is, without a doubt, the toughest opponent Akhmedov will have encountered as of now.

“We are really happy to keep Sadriddin active against a quality opponent who came to play the villain in Quebec. We're determined to show that Sadriddin is on another level," said coach Marc Ramsay.

The second main event will also be a NABF championship for 10 rounds of action between Yves Ulysse jr. and David Théroux (16-4-0, 11 K.-O.). Having won his fight against Mathieu Germain convincingly last November, Ulysse jr. had to withdraw from the public sphere in order to overcome some health problems with the help of his medical team. Now fully recovered, Ulysse is all set to return to the arena in an attempt to continue his rise in the world rankings. However, he will face the powerful Sorelois, David Théroux, who suffered a loss in his last fight against Steve Claggett. During his preparation for this duel, Théroux suffered from a shoulder injury and therefore did not get an optimal training camp. The two boxers know each other very well as they have trained together on numerous occasions. David Théroux is convinced that he has what it takes to surprise Yves Ulysse jr. while Ulysses believes he can outsmart Theroux using his impressive technical skills in the arena.

“It is essential for us to offer good challenges to our headliners like Sadriddin Akhmedov and Yves Ulysse jr. These two tigers have everything it takes to become world champions and we are proud to be able to put them on the same card in July in Shawinigan. In addition to these fights, we are adding several rising stars from our team including Alexandre Gaumont, Thomas Chabot, Raphael Courchesne and Clovis Drolet. We want to offer the fans a very big show for our official return to Quebec, in front of a public,” said Eye of the Tiger Management president Camille Estephan.

The undercard will consist of the fight scheduled for 8 rounds which will pit Clovis Drolet against Gatineau native, Danyk Croteau (5-3-0, 3 KOs). Being a former soldier, Croteau is recognized as a powerful boxer with a long reach and an aggressive boxing style that can annoy Drolet, who has just secured a convincing victory over Jordan Mccue. The powerful pugilist of Buckingham, Alexandre Gaumont, wants to obtain his first victory by K.-O. in his second pro fight when he faces Olivier Tshitumba (1-1-0, 1 KO.) in a 4-round fight. In addition, boxing fans will be treated to a fight marked by a great rivalry between EOTTM boxer Thomas Chabot and Michel Paré (Professional debut). These two boxers from Thetford Mines have completed countless rounds of training together as they have been in the same gymnasium during their Olympic boxing careers. In addition, before making the jump to the professionals, Michel Paré was the last boxer to have crossed swords with Chabot in a fight that had been very hotly contested. For his part, Raphael Courchesne will want to find his way back to victory when he will undergo a great test against the one who had offered a memorable war to Sébastien Roy, Larone Whyte (6-4-0, 5 KOs). The two pugilists have excellent technique and will engage in a merciless battle from the first sound of their duel scheduled for 8 assaults. To start off the show, Singh Bhatti (8-0-0, 3 KOs) will face Gregory Miller (0-3-0) in a thrilling fight between two boxers currently residing in Ontario.


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