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  Demetrius Andrade vs. Liam Williams
Plus Undercard Press Conference Quotes

Demetrius Andrade Providence, Rhode Island 29-0, 18 KOs defending his WBO World Middleweight Title against Liam Williams

I dont know until I get in there with Williams. They all say theyre going to do something to me, knock me out, beat me up, snatch my belt, theyve all got a plan until they get hit and then its a different story.

Its all good, its part of the hype, its part of their job to do what they need to do to get in their mind but at the end of the day I end up getting mind control over them anyway and we do what we do and get the W.

Im very excited, its been since January last year since I last put my hands on somebody. We got the knockout against Luke Keeler who was supposed to come and take what rightfully mine. Same thing going on here, Im back in action in Miami, this is my second home.

Its going to be a great showing, Im ready, Im going to turn up. If Williams is going to bring the fight that we all want to see, then Im all for it. Theres nothing wrong with it, Im here, I signed and Im here to show the people what they want to see.

Nobody is going to know until the bell rings at the end of the day. I dont sit here and say that Williams is or isnt going to bring the fight. Once we get in there and if he does then well see, if he doesnt then he doesnt. We all know Im going to bring the fight.

At the end of the day I train hard and smarter every single day, Ive been doing this a very long time. Ive fought all of them already, theres nothing new Ive seen from Williams. Okay hes tough and bringing it forward, alright well at the end of the day Im going to have the answers for whatever he brings forward.

Im going to be glad to sit back and watch the beautiful boxing match that I put on after Ive beat him. Ill watch and say hey youve done a great job banging a guy that came to fight.

Thats what Ive been doing, schooling people, Im an educator.

Paul Andrade father and trainer of Demetrius Andrade

Every fight is a tough fight; nobody goes in there to lose. Hes going to try and put a lot of pressure on us, but weve been there and done that, I only feel like hes a one-dimensional fighter.

All he can do is come forward, well do everything we have to do, hes not going to be to put the pressure on. I dont think he has the footwork to keep up with Demetrius.

I dont think anybody has seen Demetrius best fight yet, no one has brought it out of him. Boo Boo has it in him to preform even at a higher level, but somebodys got to bring it out of him. If hes the one, congratulations, bring it out of him because well give it right back to you.

We know were going to win; weve been winning, and we dont know how to lose. Were going to have a good fight come Saturday and were going to keep our belt.

Liam Williams Clydach Vale, Wales 23-20-1, 18 KOs mandatory challenger for WBO World Middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade

It is a massive opportunity for me, and I really cant wait to get my chance on Saturday night to prove Im the best at 160lbs. Im very excited and cant wait to get my hands on him this Saturday.

Not to get it twisted, I do respect him, hes a great fighter and obviously three-time world champion in two different weight divisions, whats not to respect? Id be a bit of a fool to not think hes any good wouldnt I, but I see things, weaknesses that I can exploit, Im fully confident Im going to do that Saturday night and not just going to win but win in devastating fashion.

I dont plan on going in there and winning on points. If it goes twelve then happy days I still plan on winning, Im going in their crash, bang, wallop and looking to take him out simple as that.

If I win this, Ill be massive star in Wales and in Britain. Im just very excited, its a big opportunity and for me to win this its going to be life changing for me.

Dominic Ingle trainer of Liam Williams

Its a great fight, Demetrius is a good fighter, were not underestimating him, hes very skilful and tricky. Hes a quality fighter.

Look hes [Andrade] 33 years old, Liams 28, hes bringing youth and aggression and on Saturday night were expecting a good fight. Demetrius is calm and collected, a very cool customer and relaxed under the lights, very experienced, but this is Liams biggest opportunity and hes not going to waste it.

Demetrius is used to the pressure, thats what southpaws like, the pressure coming and walking onto the shots. Its got to be calculated pressure, Liam can box, and hes shown that he likes to have a tear up and thats sometimes his worst attribute.

Weve got a plan on Saturday night; he can fight when he needs to fight, and he can box when he needs to box. Weve studied Demetrius, hes a good fighter and calculated in what he does. Like I said, were not underestimating him.

Francis Warren Queensberry Promotions, promoter of Liam Williams

Im very confident about it. For me Liam Williams is world class, this is a huge opportunity for him to prove that. Hes had a world title fight before against Liam Smith in 2017, had the rematch and didnt go his way.

Since then, he went away, re-evaluated what weight he was going to campaign at, and middleweight was the decision. Since then, hes gone on a hot streak, 7 knockout wins and hes gone from strength to strength with a brilliant performance against Atlantis Fox. I know him and Demetrius share that opponent and on paper Liam did a better job.

I fancy Liam to be the new WBO champion on Saturday night and its going to be a fun plane ride back to Heathrow.

If you want to talk about raw aggression, raw talent, Liams got it all. This guys not been brought up to talk the talk, hes going to walk the walk, fight the fight and I really hope Demetrius has brought his A-game because with all due respect this guy is on a different level. Im thrilled hes got the opportunity to show what he can do.

Joe Markowski EVP, DAZN

This is the start of a fantastic run of events for us, spring rolling into the summer, weve obviously got Canelo coming up next month in a similar weight class. Its a great opportunity for these two guys to make their claim on a fantastic schedule and a platform that is designed for boxing fans around the world.

As a Brit in the States its great to have the time zone accommodated for the time zone back at home and I think thats going to help our fans enjoy it and our subscribers get value for money which is what were all about.

Carlos Gongora Esmeraldas, Ecuador 19-0, 14 KOs defending his IBO World Super-Middleweight Title against Christopher Pearson

Im ready to compete again, I feel a lot better and Im ready for the next fight and to give it my all.

The fight was rushed; it was a complicated year with Coronavirus and everything else athletes couldnt compete, and I was on standby. It was a title fight, and I was ready to do that, it all went well. Im always trying to stay ready in the gym, Im always trying to prepare because of the discipline I have.

Im very grateful to represent my country with pride. For a long time, there was no representation, my uncle was the first and now its me. Im grateful I can represent my country.

Christopher Pearson Dayton, Ohio 17-2, 12 KOs challenging Carlos Gongora for the IBO World Super-Middleweight title

Im ready to step up to the plate and deliver a sensational performance. Ive got a lot of respect for Carlos, he came in this past December and put on a spectator performance. A lot of credit to him but hes dealing with a different beast with me, and I look forward to displaying that Saturday night.

At this point all theres left to do is fight. This is the easy part; all the hard stuff is done so I look forward to getting in the ring and displaying my talent Saturday night.

168 is a glamour division because youve got guys who are very technically sound, throw a lot of punches, got heavyweight knockout power. Anything can happen in this division; I think that fans are going to enjoy these two athletes you have on display. I think were going to be able to showcase our boxing and its still the ultimate combat sport.

Mahammadrasul Majidov Baku, Azerbaijan 3-0, 3 KOs fighting Andrey Fedosov over ten rounds at Heavyweight

This is good fight for me, its a big fight. Im going go in there and show all my power. Im happy that were starting to fight again. I will try to put on a great fight.

I had a tremendous career in the amateurs, but it doesnt matter now. Im here, stepping up every fight and I want the bigger names and fights every time.

Andrey Fedosov Shuya, Russia 31-3, 25 KOs fighting Mahammadrasul Majidov over ten rounds at Heavyweight

I was ready to fight all the time when I was off, ready at the camp training all day.

Everybody in the heavyweight division is a dangerous guy.

Of course, its a tough fight, of course.

Otha Jones III Toledo, Ohio 5-0-1, 2 KOs fighting Jorge Castaneda over eight rounds at Lightweight

The opportunity is great; Mexico didnt go how I planned that was my fault. I wasnt listening to my pops but I went back to square one. I got cool with my pops, moved my camp, Im ready.

Thats why I cant let Jorge do that. Mexico set me back, Im looking for revenge and hes in my way. I got to beat his ass like he stole something now.

Its crunch time for me, Im back on and looking great, feeling great. Im going to show that Saturday night.

Jorge Castaneda Laredo, Texas 13-1, 11 KOs fighting Otha Jones III over eight rounds at Lightweight

This is a big opportunity for me and Im here to make a statement.

This is a really great opportunity for me to fight Jones, with a lot of amateur experience. Its just motivation for me, to come and beat him and get a spot.

Arthur Biyarslanov Toronto, Canada 7-0, 6 KOs fighting Israel Mercado over eight rounds at Lightweight

I want to fight ever fight with better opponents. I want to say thank you to Israel for taking this fight. We had a great camp, even though the last fight got cancelled, it gave me more time to train, and I feel more than ready.

Thank you to Israel for taking this fight. Hes undefeated, 9-0, Im undefeated, were young and hungry. We had a tremendous camp, 12 weeks, it was amazing. If you want to get known you have to fight better opponents and Im looking forward to it.

I had a great amateur background, 2015 Pan American champion, 2016 Olympian, Ive been to many international tournaments too, so I have a lot of experience. When it comes to professional boxing, I feel like I fit into it more. The better fights and opponents I fight will show how good I actually am. Im very happy to be here and Im looking forward to Saturday.

Israel Mercado Pomona, California 9-0, 7 KOs fighting Arthur Biyarslanov over eight rounds at Lightweight

Its going to be a great fight; Im looking forward to it as well. Im excited for it, I stay in the gym all year round. I got the call about a month out and just continued doing what I was doing, sparring contenders and ex-champions, Im ready for it.

Victory on Saturday will be huge, especially on a platform like this. Im ready, I know he has a lot of experience and hes signed; Ive taken the harder way coming up but Im ready for it.

Alexis Espino Las Vegas, Nevada 7-0, 5 KOs fighting Ty McLeod over six rounds at Super Middleweight

After training all year in 2020, for me to finally get back in the ring in 2021 it felt good, and I feel like Im getting back in my rhythm after that fight.

My team and I have been training really hard. If Robert thinks Im ready for this then I know for a fact Im ready. I get top notch sparring and Ive been in the gym and havent stopped training since my last fight. Im excited for this, I love a challenge.

I get to get all kinds of sparring with other prospects, world champions. I sparred with Bivol this camp, I only sparred him twice but Im looking to go back after this fight.

Ty McLeod Bradenton, Florida 6-0, 6 KOs fighting Alexis Espino over six rounds at Super-Middleweight

Im ready to go in there on Saturday and prove my worth, fight hard and well find out what happens.

That what I plan on doing, Ive trained hard for it so I plan on going in there and making a big statement on Saturday night.

Aaron Aponte Hialeah, Florida 2-0, 1 KO fighting Javier Martinez over four rounds at Super-Lightweight

Everythings working out, you keep coming out to Miami and putting on the cards Im very grateful.

It was amazing hearing everybody cheer my name; I got the and showed out for Miami. It was a great experience.

Now that Ive experienced it and I was on such a big stage, I dont think Ill ever be intimidated at all. I was a little nervous from being on such a big stage but now Ive experienced it Ill be able to handle it better and finish the job.

I see myself at the front, I want to shine and make a big statement this fight.


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