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  David Benavidez vs. Ronald Ellis
Final Media Availability Quotes

Undefeated former two-time world champion David Benavidez and veteran Ronald Ellis spoke with the media for the final time ahead of their 12-round WBC Super Middleweight Title Eliminator Saturday, March 13 live on SHOWTIME at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., in a Premier Boxing Champions event.

This weekendís SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGģ telecast also features a co-main event bout between two under-25 lightweight rising stars, Isaac Cruz and Matias Romero, when they meet in a 12-round WBA Lightweight Title Eliminator. A 10-round super welterweight affair between Terrell Gausha and Jamontay Clark will open the SHOWTIME telecast. The event is promoted by TGB Promotions and Sampson Boxing.

Here is what the fighters had to say during fight week and during Thursdayís media availability:


ďThe thing about Ronald Ellis is that he moves around pretty good. Heís more of a boxer. I donít see too much power, I donít see too much speed. Iím prepared for a boxer, Iím prepared for a brawler. Iím not going to be extremely confident, but he should be very prepared for this fight because itís a title eliminator. So Iím just going in there very cautious, and work how I work: jabs, uppercuts, body. Put pressure on him. Itís worked against everyone else, so Iím sure itís going to work against Ronald Ellis as well.

ďIíve been preparing for this fight as if it was a world title fight. Whatever Ellis brings to the table come March 13 Iím going to be prepared for it. If he wants to bring pressure, if he wants to be a boxer and move around the ring, Iíll be ready for it. The way Iím feeling right now, I feel like itís going to be an early stoppage. I feel great. I feel strong. Iím going in there to get an early stoppage.

ďIím not overlooking Ronald Ellis. I was looking for a big name and I didnít really get that. But I give him the respect as a boxer and I prepared for him like heís a world champion. I feel like Iím going to get a quick KO against Ellis.

ďIíve been very motivated and training extremely hard. I feel like this is the best training camp Iíve ever had. This is unchartered territory for me being on weight four days before. I had 13 weeks of camp so thatís more than enough time to get ready for whoever. If itís Ellis, Canelo, (Jermall) Charlo, or whoever Iím in there against.

ďThe Charlo fight is the one that I want to make happen in September. Charlo has a lot to say about me and at the end of the day we are probably the best fighters in PBC and at SHOWTIME. So why not make it happen? On both my end and Charloís end. He doesnít really have anyone else at 160 so it seems like a fight that should be fairly easy to make. I think Charlo makes the most sense because we both need a signature win to get to Canelo.

ďCanelo is the big fish, and everyone wants the big fish. Whoever fights Canelo has to be at the pinnacle of their game. Without a doubt, Canelo is one of the best fighters today and Iím not taking anything away from him. But I feel like right now where Iím at in my life, Iím ready to accept a challenge like that. I just had a baby boy, and thereís no bigger motivation than that right now. I got youth on my side and I feel like I hit harder than Canelo and I have the speed too. All I need is to prove myself to the world and to the fans, and even to myself, that Iím the best. And I feel like Iím ready for that.

ďI would love to get a fight with Caleb Plant. I think theyíve just been trying to give Plant the easy route so that they can prep him for a Canelo fight. Theyíre waiting to cash him out. Heís been getting back-to-back really easy fights. Even after he loses to Canelo, because I donít think he can beat him, I would still love to get in the ring with him. Me and him still have a lot of unsettled business. I donít like him at all. He thinks heís the second coming of Mayweather and nobody is better than him but he hasnít proved himself at all. Heís had no hard competition. Everybody heís fought has been way over the hill and have all been beaten. If he really wants to prove himself as the champion, the only way he can prove himself is by fighting me.Ē


ďThis isnít my first time in the bubble, so now I know what Iím expecting. It got way easier. I got no complaints. I did what I had to do.

ďI got power. A lot of people seem to overlook it. But now itís just time to show it. Iíll show my power on Saturday night.

ďJust coming here on weight has been key, and doing what I had to do. Usually you could get into the hotel and shake a few pounds off, but here you canít go anywhere. So I knew what I was getting myself into.

ďI donít feel like giving out the game plan, but I hope he pressures me. But Iíve got two hands too and Iím going to stay in there and Iím going to fight. Iím just going to mix it all up and do what Iíve been doing my entire career. Just all in one night.

ďMy boxing IQ is there and weíre just going to work. Weíre just going to do everything we have do to get the win. To be the champion you have to beat the champion. And in my eyes, heís still a champion.Ē


ďTraining camp was very hard, I sparred for two months, my sparring partners trained me very well and we are extremely ready to take this win home.

ďNo, I do not feel pressure following a big knockout. I am always prepared to finish fights. That is why I train as hard as I do and prepare myself like I do.

ďWe prepare for fights to go the distance, and for me to knockout my opponent. If the knockout is there, I will take it, but we prepare ourselves for anything to happen and I am always ready.

ďI always like to come forward because it allows me to change to something else. You never know when your boxing skills will have to take over. I like to keep my opponents guessing.

ďEvery fighter has a different strategy, so I canít use what I did last fight and bring it to this one. I expect an excellent fight Saturday, and I will be ready.Ē


ďI want to thank my backers and my coach for training me for this fight and getting me ready. Iíve been preparing for this since I started boxing and Iím looking forward to Saturday night.

ďI fit right into camp with German Caicedo. I felt comfortable, like I was one of the guys. The gym is known for that, the vibe that it has, all the fighters with the same goal. Iím grateful for that acceptance.

ďIím very excited. Weíll see if Isaac Cruz is what theyíre saying he is. Iíve trained very hard for this fight. Itís a dream to fight on this stage, a dream to fight in the United States and Iím taking it very seriously. Cruz is a great fighter but weíll see if heís one of the best in the division come Saturday night.

ďObviously, I have a lot of faith in my ability. Cruz is a knockout artist, thatís what he comes to do and thatís all he comes to do. Iím a boxer but I can punch also so come Saturday night the two styles are going to showcase each other and I will be the victor.

ďWe are prepared if Cruz tries to change up his game plan. We donít see that happening, but we have a plan for anything he tries to do. But we believe heís going to be the same fighter heís always been. Being on the bigger stage now, we donít see him changing his stripes.

ďI want to make sure that I belong on this stage, that this wasnít a fluke or a handpicked scenario. I left my hometown with my father who has been with me since I was a kid and weíve had a great camp. I feel very confident about Saturday night. Iím going to show the world and get the victory. I will leave it all in the ring. If itís life or death, Iím prepared 100%.Ē


ďTraining camp has been good, I put all the work in, and my weight is great.

ďI never pay attention to the odds because I have been an underdog my whole life. This is a good fight, and I look forward to putting on a dominant performance Saturday.

ďWith the Erickson Lubin fight I feel like I learned a lot that I was able to correct in training camp. One of the main things I need to do is let my hands go more with a southpaw and be effective. I look forward to landing some good shots an getting it done earlier.

ďIt definitely makes this second time in the bubble so much easier now that I have experience doing it. My coach always says we either win or learn. So I am taking that and my experience as a fighter into the ring with me.

ďWe have a lot of pride coming from Ohio, and we all want to be the top dog. So I am looking forward to showing I am the one.

ďI like challenges, and I never say no to a fight. When I hear them say I have a problem with southpaws and I do not let my hands go, it gives me motivation to prove people wrong and impress the fans.Ē


ďEverything has been going pretty smooth. Iím just ready to get it on and get it over with. My first time in the bubble; itís different but everything has been going smooth so far. My weight is pretty down so Iím just ready to go, ready for Saturday.

ďGausha is a slow starter. Iím going to press the issue and give the boy the business. Iím going to come out and be the best me I can be. Iím going for the gusto but Iím not going in there looking for the knockout. If it comes, it comes but Iím definitely coming out on top.

ďGausha will be a nice name on my resume. Hopefully this puts me into title contention. Iím looking forward to big fights and big paydays. Weíll do it on SHOWTIME hopefully.Ē


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