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  Round 12: Canelo Conquers The World,
The Mexican Bo Jackson

By Mauricio Sulaimán / Son of José Sulaimán / President of the WBC

Last Saturday there was an unbelievable event, the AT&T Dallas Cowboys stadium full to capacity, to undertake the long-awaited return of sports fans after a year of anguish and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, which had the sports world completely shut down for several months, then events happening without fans, then limited fans had access to events. The MLB World Series, the NFL Super Bowl, FIFA Champions League, and most major events had limited fans in attendance. But this past Saturday, May 8, will be remembered as the first ever major event which brought the 73,126 fans in the stadium and millions watching on DAZN and television around the world to celebrate life through boxing and a night which will be forever remembered.

The very loud crowd witnessed a superb demonstration of their hero, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez who is, without a doubt, the best fighter in the world today, the pound-per-pound king.

A unique, electrifying atmosphere, the traditional wave, created by fans; the spectacular entrance, with the act of Pepe Aguilar and his daughter, and the explosion of joy with the spectacular knockout, after an eighth round which resulted in a brutal demonstration of pure power and dominance, and Billie Joe Saunders must be praised for his bravery as he stood there trying to win the fight with courage. Canelo crushed his English opponent and is one step away from achieving his goal of unifying the super middleweight division titles.

One of the questions that commonly circulates among media and experts is where Saúl Álvarez stands within the lists of the best in history. For this, it is necessary to study some of considerations that allow us to have a more solid analysis of the subject and not only be based on individual appreciation or favoritism.

There are several criteria to evaluate with facts and numbers:

* Record: Obviously gives a visual overview of a career; El Canelo has a record of 56 wins, one loss, two draws, with 38 KOs; even though there are at least five fights that are not considered in his official record for some unknown reasons.

* Championships won: Saúl conquered a variety of affiliate titles to the WBC from an early age. He won the WBC Youth World Title, the NABF and the Silver Super Welterweight title, as well as the following world championships:

WBC Super welter with 6 title defenses
WBA Super welter
WBC Middleweight, against Miguel Cotto
WBC Middleweight against Gennady Golovkin
WBA Middleweight
IBF Middleweight
WBC Super Middleweight, against Callum Smith
WBA Super Middleweight
WBO Super Middleweight
WBO Light Heavyweight

* Number of world championship fights: he has to this day is 20.

* Level of opposition: The quality of the opponents he has faced is a prominent factor, and a significant number of world champions appear on the list.

Saul has faced 19 world champions. Among them are: Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, Amir Khan, Austin Trout, Erislandy Lara, Daniel Jacobs, Sergey Kovalev, Julio César Chávez Jr., Rocky Fielding, Billy Joe Saunders, and his only defeat to date was eight years ago, when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr.

* Years of fighting at high levels of importance and competition, he has already a decade established as an elite boxer.

* Popularity: His fan base is massive, and he has the worldwide recognition of being the best pound-for-pound of the moment.

Saúl Canelo Álvarez continues to build his legacy, and he still has several years to accumulate more triumphs, so that the day he ends his career in the ring, his place in the history of Mexican and world boxing can be determined.


El Canelo is a great athlete who excels in various sporting spheres. Apart from his greatness as a boxer, he is a talented and accomplished horseman.

He is obsessed with golf, reaching high levels, and even considering a professional career in the sport. He plays soccer and baseball very well; in short, it can be considered that he is the MEXICAN BO JACKSON, Canelo knows Canelo.


The Dallas Cowboys Stadium was inaugurated capturing worldwide attention due to its spectacularism, its majestic screen and the significance of being the home of one of the most important teams in the world of sports.

When Antonio Margarito fought Manny Pacquiao, I was lucky enough to accompany my dad to the press conference right there at the stadium.

While sitting on the podium, some of the famous cheerleaders, “The Cowgirls," suddenly made their appearance on stage. Obviously, I looked at them and with great surprise to see that one of them smiled at me. To my regret, my dear father, Don José clarified to me: “Oh my son, don't get excited, they have by contract the obligation to smile at all times."


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