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  Jermell Charlo vs. Brian CastaŮo
Virtual Press Conference

Unified WBC, WBA and IBF World Champion Jermell Charlo and WBO World Champion Brian CastaŮo took part in a virtual press conference Wednesday to preview their battle for the undisputed 154-pound championship which headlines action live on SHOWTIME Saturday, July 17 from AT&T Center in San Antonio in a Premier Boxing Champions event.

SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and will see the hard-hitting unified champion Charlo and the exciting Argentine CastaŮo go toe-to-toe as all of the super welterweight championship belts are on the line for the first time in the four-belt era.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday:


ďWe have 10 days to go and Iím excited. This is the most important time of my life. I love this. Iíve been doing this since I was a kid. My experience inside and outside of the ring has all led up to this. Now is the time for me to put it all on the line.

ďCastaŮo is going to leave everything in the ring. So weíre not playing any games. Iíve been training really hard. Iíve added things that have made me better because I know for a fact that this is going to be a great fight.

ďI love my home state of Texas and I love fighting there. Weíre bred differently. Weíre a state thatís fought our own wars. This is huge. Itís a legacy fight for me and Iím ready for it.

ďI know what I possess in the ring. When itís time to fight, I instantly become the best warrior that there is out there.

ďIíve suffered my whole life, so thereís nothing in this world that can make me suffer more than what I went through growing up. CastaŮo is a great fighter who puts on a lot of pressure. But I know my abilities and I know my power. Every punch I throw is dominant and every shot I throw is painful for my opponent. I have a lot of unique abilities in me and Iím going to bring some tricks into this fight.

ďI havenít punched CastaŮo yet so I donít know what his chin will do when I hit him. I know heís got a big heart. Iím just going to do what I do, which is what everyone knows that I do. Everyone sees what I can do each time I get into the ring.

ďIíve been feeling really good in training camp. Better than Iíve ever felt. Iím in my prime right now and I feel stronger fight by fight. Iíve been developing every camp.

ďIíve got belts on belts and heís got one belt. Iím ready to take that strap too. Iíve been paying attention to what heís been doing. I havenít just been sitting around since I fought Jeison Rosario. Iíve been working.

ďRight now Iím not worried about whatís happening after this fight. I can only focus on whatís in front of me. Iím tunnel-visioned right now. This is what I want and I canít see anything outside of victory on July 17.

ďYouíre going to see a more developed Jermell Charlo on July 17. I guarantee youíre going to see a top pound-for-pound fighter. At any point, this fight could be over with.

ďThis is a major fight because itís history for me and my family. Itís huge for everyone that I represent and thatís been supporting me for all these years. It was due time to get in there for this fight. The belts and the money are not on my mind. Whatís on my mind is the legacy.

ďNot a lot of people get these opportunities. This fight is going to solidify a lot of different things in peopleís minds about the Charlos.Ē


ďThis is my opportunity. This is the fight of my life. Iím a world champion and Charlo is a world champion. The chance to become undisputed is just ten days away and I canít wait. This is my time. This fight is so important for my life. I hope to become undisputed on July 17 for my country and for my Latin supporters.

ďThis is one of the most important fights in Argentinaís history. Itís for four belts, undisputed at 154 pounds. Itís a great opportunity for my team, my manager, my family and most importantly, for me. This will be the hardest fight of my career.

ďCharlo is a great fighter, thereís no doubt about it. But I came here to do my job and Iím going to come forward. Iím the type of fighter that is always going after you. Iím always there to pressure you. Even though Charlo said that I donít have anything he hasnít seen before, he has never seen anybody with my fighting style.

ďIíve seen Charlo knock down a lot of fighters with just one punch. Thatís something to look out for. However, I have more of a variety in my arsenal than anybody he has fought before. If I have to be more aggressive and go for more power instead of finesse, rest assured that I can knock him down as well.

ďRing rust will not be an issue at all. I train every day. I spar three times a week. Iíve been training twice a day lately. I am in rhythm and in shape. I am coming for the four belts.

ďOn July 17, I can guarantee that I will bare my soul, I will leave my heart in the ring and do everything in my power to become the undisputed, unified champion of the world.

ďI think that Charlo is in the prime of his career as well. Thatís why I looked for this fight. This is the fight Iíve been looking for because we are both in the best moment of our career, and I want to take advantage of it.

ďI am out for glory. I want to be the first in history to be undisputed champion at 154 pounds in the four-belt era and also be one of the best Argentinian and Latin American boxers that ever lived. Iím going for it all. Iím going to leave it all out there on Saturday night and thereís no reason why I canít be both one of the best pound-for-pound fighters and also one of the best Argentinian boxers ever.

ďIf I win, the glory would be equal to a potential Argentina World Cup title next year. However, soccer is different because you have ten other people that you can rely on. Messi has ten teammates that he can pass the ball to when things get tough, but when Iím in the ring Iím on my own. Boxing is more of an individual challenge. When Iím up against the ropes, I have to get out of it on my own. The glory and the excitement of a win would be the same as an Argentina World Cup for my country.

ďThis opportunity to make history for my country and for Latin American people brings out very strong emotions in me. I donít want to let down my Latin American people from all over the world. I feel an immense amount of pride in that and I am up to the challenge.

ďI have not had the opportunity to meet Manu Ginobili, but he is an icon in Argentinian sports. He is one of the best ever and what he represents is iconic both as an athlete and as a person. He has both my admiration and my respect.

ďI am aware that people may not know me, but Iím here to create my own path and pave my own way. I know that I havenít fought that much lately and maybe thatís part of the reason why people donít know me, but I turned down fights against opponents that werenít of the caliber that I wanted to face. My goal has always been to go up against the best of the best and the elite of my division. I have that chance now and Iím going to prove why I deserve this chance and why Iím worth following.Ē


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