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  Chris Colbert vs. Tugstsogt Nyambayar
Final Press Conference

Unbeaten Interim WBA Super Featherweight Champion Chris ďPrimetimeĒ Colbert and hard-hitting contender Tugstsogt ďKing TugĒ Nyambayar faced off Thursday at the final press conference before they meet in the main event of action live on SHOWTIME this Saturday, July 3 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif.

Also featured at Thursdayís press conference were unbeaten rising star Michel Rivera and lightweight contender Jon FernŠndez, who square off in the co-main event of the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast that begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

To open the telecast, SHOWTIME will air a special replay of last Saturday nightís exciting pay-per-view main event fight between Gervonta Davis and Mario Barrios.

The event is promoted by TGB Promotions. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at AXS.com.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


ďI was going to knock [Yuriorkis] Gamboa out cold, and now ĎKing Tugí has to take the knockout.

ďMy hard work is finally paying off. All I have to do is stay focused, dedicated, and disciplined, and then Iíll be the face of boxing in a couple of years.

ďThis venue is really known for wars. Come Saturday night Iím definitely going to bring the heat.

ďIím ready for this fight. Nyambayar knows heís in for trouble on Saturday. Nobody out there can take a fight with me on a week-and-half notice and not be in for trouble.

ďMe and Michel Rivera got a lot of rounds in together during training down in Miami. We did a great job all camp and Iím just ready and excited to get in the ring.

ďIíve been knocking out everyone they put in front me. They still donít give me the respect I deserve yet. I just have to keep doing my thing on Saturday night and embarrass him.

ďI canít tell you if heís my toughest opponent yet. I know that heís not beating me, and thatís a promise. Thereís no way a 126-pounder will come up in weight and beat me.

ďHeís a fighter with only one loss, he can come back from that. But itís not going to matter on Saturday night. Heís supposed to be confident in himself. He canít say heís going to get washed Saturday, but thatís what is going to happen.

ďI appreciate ĎTugí for taking the fight, but Saturday night Iím going to get in there, dominate and beat him up. This is a Nissan vs. a Lamborghini, and Iím the Lambo.

ďI agree that ĎKing Tugí might be better opposition than Yuriorkis Gamboa would have been. But it doesnít matter if it was Gamboa, ĎKing Tugí, or Arnold Schwarzenegger in there with me, it was always going to be the same outcome on Saturday night.

ďMy hair is orange this week as a dedication to the cause of fighting Multiple sclerosis. One of my friends, Dave, back in New Jersey has it and he told me his story of how he was paralyzed as a kid and also had MS. Then I saw him on the Stairmaster in the gym the next day for like an hour. I saw that and realized thereís no excuses I can make for not being in the gym. I do the different hair colors to make people feel special. I want them to know that Iím fighting for them.

ďNobody in the 130-pound division can beat me. Iím going to continue to prove that every time I step into the ring. Iím going to deliver a dominating performance. Donít be surprised when I stop him.

ďI donít think this is going past 10 rounds. Iím going to keep proving that I have power on Saturday night. Iím not discrediting his skills, but Iím just different.Ē


ďIím really excited for this fight. Itís my first fight at 130 pounds and I want to show what I can do. Iím ready for this opportunity.

ďJust know this, we are here to win. My team is here to win. Iím ready for Chris Colbert. Thatís it.

ďI donít care that Iím fighting on short notice at a higher weight. I believe in myself. I can fight at 122, I can fight at 126 and I can fight at 130.

ďTwo weeksí notice is enough for me. If I didnít take the fight, Colbert wouldnít have a fight. So he should be thankful. Letís see what happens. Iím going to whoop his ass.

ďI believe in my speed and I believe in my power. I believe in myself. I just want to test myself. This is a good opportunity versus a good fighter.Ē

ďI donít think that he can stop me. Watch me on Saturday night. Iím ready.

ďIím not worried about anything he says. Iím just focused on the sight. I really believe in myself and that Iím going to hurt him on Saturday night.

ďColbert has similar speed compared to Gary Russell Jr., so itís not going to be anything I havenít seen before. The adjustments from the Russell fight have been made in the gym over time.

ďIím very happy to be fighting at Dignity Health Sports Park because Los Angeles is my second home. Itís very exciting to be fighting here and with a crowd there watching. The Mongolian fans are going to show up on Saturday.Ē


ďI had a good camp and I have a good team, led by Herman Caicedo who is my coach along with Jukka Toivola. I know that this is a good opportunity and I worked so hard for this fight. Iím so excited for July 3 and I know that this is my chance to show Iím great and to shine.

ďJon Fernandez is a good boxer and heís a good puncher. I donít know much about him, but I know that heís Spanish and heís a tall guy. He hits hard but Iím in the type of condition to be great in this fight.

ďIím sure that on July 3 when people are watching the fight, they will see who the best boxer is. Iím ready for everything. If he wants to fight instead of box, I will fight too. I have the skills. I believe that I am faster than him. I donít have problems with his height. You can see in my past fights where I was fighting at 144, and I looked good with big boxers too. I donít have a problem with it. Everybody will have to tune in July 3 on SHOWTIME, and they will see Michel Rivera beating Jon Fernandez.

ďIíve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Iím Dominican, and in the Dominican Republic you donít get much opportunity. I came here and I am making my name. Everybody will know that Iím ready to fight the top names at 135 Ė the best boxers. I have the skills and the talent. Iím young and Iím pretty, too.

ďItís good that he sounds confident. I am confident too. That makes for a great war. He has a lot of knockouts, but they werenít against any boxers like me. Iím focused. Like I said, heís a good boxer, but Iím better. Iím trusting my talent and Iím trusting my condition.

ďMy perspective remains the same after this press conference. Fernandez is a proud fighter and I expect nothing less than what he said. Iím also a proud fighter and Iím convinced that Iím better than him. I consider myself better prepared and ready to be considered one of the top boxers in the 135-pound division.

ďTraining with Chris Colbert was a great experience, and the sparring sessions were awesome. He made me better, just like I made him better. Heís a great person. My fellow Dominican fighter Jeison Rosario wished me luck and told me he knows Iím going to be a world champion someday, and that he will be supporting me and watching the fight from the Dominican Republic.

ďOf course I believe that I am the next world champion from the Dominican Republic. I can beat all of the top boxers, the top five, in the 135-pound division. I want to make my name at 135 because I know this is a strong division now. I want everybody to know me at this weight.

ďI promise a good fight. Everybody will see the next superstar in the ring on July 3.Ē


ďIím very excited to be here for this fight. Training camp in Madrid and Mexico have been great. Weíve had an outstanding preparation. Iím facing a great opponent in Michel Rivera, but this is the door I need to open to be in the big leagues of boxing. I donít plan on missing out on this chance.

ďIím glad heís confident in his abilities, but I think this is a 50-50 match. Itís going to be a great fight and weíre definitely on the same level. Thereís no difference in skill levels. Iím going to use my height and show off my boxing ability on Saturday night.

ďRivera is a very good boxer, and has many skills, but I believe that I have equal skills and more power. If I get the opening, I can knock Rivera out.

ďI promise that weíre going to put on a great show and deliver fireworks in the ring. My hand will be raised when the fight is over.

ďThereís nothing like fighting in Los Angeles. I have already been here before, but nothing can compare to being in the big show.

ďEveryone in Spain is supporting me. My city of Bilbao has sent me all its love and they believe in me 100%. Even some famous soccer players have reached out to me. Players from Athletic Bilbao and (former Spain national team striker) Fernando Torres.

ďI would like to win in order to open the door for other Spaniard boxers who come behind me and relish this opportunity Ė like my brother Eker, who is about to make his professional debut. I want to make him proud and put Spain on the map as far as boxing is concerned.

ďIf I win, itís not just because of my power. Itís going to be a close fight, but Iím going to give everything I have to come out with the victory.Ē


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