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  Jaron Ennis vs. Sergey Lipinets
Virtual Press Conference Quotes

Rising welterweight star Jaron ďBootsĒ Ennis and former world champion Sergey Lipinets previewed their upcoming 12-round showdown during a virtual press conference Friday before they square off in the main event live on SHOWTIME Saturday, April 10 from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. in a Premier Boxing Champions event.

The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and will see Ennis face his toughest test to date on his pursuit of a world title shot, while Lipinets looks to make a statement on his quest toward becoming a two-division world champion, having previously captured a title at 140 pounds.

The action will also feature unbeaten Eimantas Stanionis taking another step up in class in the co-main event, as he faces former world title challenger Thomas Dulorme in a 12-round WBA Welterweight Title Eliminator. In the telecast opener, IBF Junior Bantamweight World Champion Jerwin ďPretty BoyĒ Ancajas makes the ninth defense of his title against Jonathan RodrŪguez in a 12-round bout.

The event is promoted by TGB Promotions. Ennis vs. Lipinets is promoted in association with D&D Boxing.

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Friday:


ďTraining camp has been going well. Iím ready to rock and roll, ready to shine and take over this division. Itís my time and this is the fight thatís going to take me to the next level and bring out the skills and ability that youíve never seen before. You will see an amazing, strong, sharp fighter ready to put on a punishing performance and get the knockout at the end of the night.

ďI know Sergey Lipinets is going to come forward and be right in front of me. Thatís his style and itís perfect for me. His style clashes perfectly with mine and heís going to be running into shots all night long.

ďItís a great feeling to be fighting in the main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING for the first time. Iím excited and itís just my time. After this fight, itís on to bigger and better and I just canít wait.

ďWhatever he brings, Iím going to be ready for it. We donít look at anybody as a stepping stone but this fight is going to take me to the next level. I can do a bunch of different things and my opponent doesnít know how Iím going to come out. He just needs to know Iím ready and this is the hardest Iíve ever worked to get ready for a fight. Iíve been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time and I finally got a guy with a name and now itís my time to shine and show the world my talent and show them that Iím not to be played with. Iím a dangerous man and they will see on April 10.

ďEvery time I fight, they always say itís a step-up. And then when I do what I do, they say I need to fight somebody better. At the end of the day, I just work for myself and my family and my team. Iím just focused on getting better each and every fight and I just work harder and harder every time so I can perform to the best of my ability and show the world that with each fight, Iím getting better, stronger and smarter.

ďBeating Lipinets would take my career to the next level because heís a former world champion at 140 pounds and he fought a lot of top guys. Making a statement against him is definitely a whole different level and it would boost me all the way up the rankings. I feel like after this fight, itís on to bigger and better things. But we have business to handle on April 10 first.

ďI donít watch tape of the guys that I fight. I leave that up to my team because you never know how a guy is going to come out. Just because he did one thing against one opponent doesnít mean heís going to do the same thing with me. You have to prepare yourself all the way around and thatís what we do. I do know that heís a great fighter, but itís my time.

ďNot looking past Sergey Lipinets, but with me doing my thing on April 10, I definitely feel like Iíll be ready for a world title shot by the end of the year. You know me. Iíll fight anybody and everybody. All they have to do is call. Iím hungry and Iíve been waiting for these types of fights. All I want to do is fight, be great, be a legend and a multi-division world champion.

ďEverybody has different roads to a world title. Mine is taking a little longer than some others but I donít mind it. Iím still learning. Iím young and Iím getting better each and every fight. Iím fine with the way that my career is progressing. Everything is happening for a reason. Itís perfect timing for this opportunity.Ē


ďIím a hard worker and Iím not afraid of anything. Nothing is going to scare me when I step into a ring. This Ďstepping stoneí is going to be too high for Ennis. Iím going to go in there and give him a hell of a night.

ďIf you look at my career and how I went through the ranks, I did something that a lot of people didnít. I was a world champion 13 fights in. I like to fight and I like challenges. Ennis is the challenge this time. Iíve never hesitated or thought twice about taking a fight. I wanted to fight the best, and Ennis is one of the best out there right now. If I win, it will further prove that I belong where I am right now.

ďIím learning with every fight that I have. The question is how to correct the mistakes you make. Before I even knew I would fight Ennis, I was already back in the gym working on correcting little mistakes from the Custio Clayton fight.

ďWeíve watched Ennisí fights and this is a guy whoís not going to shy away or just stay on the outside. Heís going to come to fight and that appealed to me. Thatís what I like and Iím looking forward to it.

ďUltimately, we all want those world titles. This is the kind of fight where the winner canít be denied anymore. Ennis is not a boogeyman, heís another fighter with two hands and two feet.

ďIím sure that heís training hard for 12 rounds. Weíre both going to be ready. Ultimately, our main goal is to put on a great show. May the best man win. Itís hard to predict how heíll do in the later rounds, because it does look like he belongs with me at the top of the division. Weíll find out on April 10.

ďIím not thinking about anything thatís going to happen after this fight. Iím just worried about April 10. I have to deal with Jaron Ennis, and thatís not an easy task. After this fight, we can have that conversation about the other big names at welterweight.

ďIt may look like Iím a fighter whoís standing there in front of you, but Iím good at working hard, getting into my opponentís chest and doing what I do best, which is throw punches from every possible angle. The punch that is really going to hurt you, is the one that you donít see coming.

ďItís been a hard training camp because itís probably easier for Ennis to get a sparring partner who is like me, than it is for me to get someone like Ennis. Weíve had to get a lot of fighters in here and itís made it a hard camp. Iíve been digging real deep every day in training.Ē

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions

ďThis is really is a fantastic main event. Ennis is one of boxingís fastest-rising talents. He has the kind of style that just makes great fights. He has tremendous hand speed, punching power and he can switch styles from orthodox to southpaw, which makes it very hard for opponents to prepare for him.

ďEnnis is taking a big step up in class against the former world champion Sergey Lipinets, who always comes to fight. Heís a seasoned aggressive fighter with serious punching power. In his only loss, a world title defense against Mikey Garcia, you could see that he landed the bigger, harder, more punishing shots and you could tell by looking at Garciaís face after the fight.

ďLipinets can make it a tough night for anyone. This fight will show us if Ennis has the goods to be the next big thing at 147 pounds.

ďThis is a tremendous tripleheader starting out with a great world title fight. With Eimantas Stanionis stepping up against Thomas Dulorme in the co-main event, we see another rising star in the division. I think that Stanionis and Ennis might be the two guys a notch ahead of the other rising contenders at 147-pounds. Plus the all-action main event, itís going to be great for the fans watching on SHOWTIME.Ē

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, President, Sports and Event Programming, Showtime Networks Inc.

ďWe are really excited about this card and the whole weekend. For SHOWTIME, it is a big fight weekend. Friday night, weíve got the launch of our Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix from BELLATOR MMA as part of our three consecutive weeks of BELLATOR MMA on SHOWTIME. I canít think of a better way to top this whole weekend off with two of the most exciting fighters in the 147-pound division. Two of the most fan-friendly fighters in the division. This is guaranteed to be an exciting fight.

ďWe have three intriguing, meaningful fights on Saturday April 10. We open with a world title fight and that shows the depth of this card and the quality of the card. You can look across the networks and all the various platforms, you donít see many cards with a world title fight three fights down. It should be an all-action world title fight with Jerwin Ancajas and Jonathan Rodriguez. In the co-feature, fast-rising young welterweight Eimantas Stanionis against the veteran Thomas Dulorme. Given those two styles, Iíd expect all action.

ďThe main event is one of the premier fights on the schedule this spring. Itís something that fight fans have been looking forward to ever since it was first identified as a possibility. Weíve seen Sergey Lipinets on SHOWTIME several times. He is an aggressive fighter. You know exactly what he does when he gets in the ring. Heís all-action and heís a big puncher. Jaron is the same type of fighter. This has the makings of a real war. Two highly accomplished guys in the welterweight division. We may just be seeing who is the future in the welterweight division when weíre done with this card.

ďOne of the things that we enjoy most at SHOWTIME is helping build a fighter. Our audience likes it when they can see guys over and over again and watch as a fighter matures. Thatís what happened with Sergey. We had him on for one of his early fights and we saw him all the way through a world title and big fights. With ĎBootsí, weíve been proud to work with him as he grows from a young fighter and highly regarded prospect on ShoBox to now seeing another big step in his career as a main event. If heís able to win, his credentials put him up at the top of the division. The same goes for Sergey. The winner of this fight deserves a high-level fight. These are two guys at the top of the division, two of the most exciting guys in the division and whoever comes out on top is due for a world title shot in the very near future.Ē


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