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  Ennis To Bernstein: "I'm Ready For Title Shot"

Welterweight sensation Jaron ďBootsĒ Ennis guests on Al Bernstein Unplugged and declares that he is ready right now for a world title shot.

When Hall of Fame Broadcaster Al Bernstein asked the 23 year old, Ennis whether he is ready for a title shot right now, he said. ďMost definitely, Iím ready.Ē He added, ďI havenít had to dig deep in a fight yet to get the win in and show you all that side of me. But, Iím a whole different animal, especially when itís all on the line. Iím a hungry young animal who wants to be a multi world champion. Itís hard to beat a person that hungry who loves what they do. Give me a shot, Iím gonna take it and Iím gonna win.Ē

Ennis defeated contender Sergey Lipinets in his last fight on SHOWTIME Championship Boxing on April 10. Bernstein, who commentated on the match for SHOWTIME, called Ennisí performance ďsuperb.Ē He added, ďHe stepped up in competition, but it didnít look like he did based on how the fight went. He just dominated and showed heís a true contender in the welterweight division.Ē

Bernsteinís co-host on Al Bernstein Unplugged is Trip Mitchell. Here is the episode featuring Boots Ennis as guest:


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