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  Estrada vs. Chocolatito Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn

ďHello and welcome to Dallas ahead of a huge night of boxing from the American Airlines Center this Saturday, live and exclusive on DAZN all across the world. No travel restrictions, no pandemic can stop us from being here. Iíve not been this excited about a card for a long time.

ďOf course, the World championships triple-header on the card. So many young prospects stepping up as well and 11 World championship belts on the line, three ring magazine titles on the line on this card. I thought it was a first, but someone just told me that Don King did it 18 years ago, so we are not going to talk too much about that, but what a card.

ďWhat a main event, of course the rematch of Estrada v Chocolatito for the WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine championships. Rematch of their first epic battle over eight years ago now. And a fantastic co-main event, the undisputed womenís World Welterweight championship between Jessica McCaskill and Cecilia Braekhus and of course the Light-Flyweight championship of the World and Ring Magazine belt between Kyoguchi and Vera.Ē

Juan Francisco Estrada

ďIíve been waiting for this fight for almost nine years, Iíve been ready for the opportunity. Heís a good champ, heís a good fighter and may the best man win.

ďWe waited a long time; I have three losses and Iíve already avenged two of them, but we train really hard and Iím ready for this fight.

ďThis is going to be better than the first one. Itís going to be a war and the people watching will be the real winners.

ďWithout a doubt itís a fight that we have all been waiting for a long time. There is a lot of expectation, itís been nine years in the making. People would always ask when we would fight again. Itís going to be exciting and Iím concentrating on giving a good fight this Saturday.Ē

Roman Gonzalez

ďFirst of all, God bless everyone, Iím really happy, Iím blessed by God and DAZN and Mr. Honda, weíve done a really good camp and we are ready for this fight.

ďIím very conscious itís going to be a beautiful fight. Juan is a good champion, and we know what we have to do. We want to give a good fight for everyone to watch.

ďThatís my dream, to be champion again. I train really hard and with the help of God and with the help of my team this Saturday we are going to give a really good fight.

ďI think itís an important fight, not just for Nicaragua, but also for Mexico. I think both countries are going to be paralyzed on Saturday watching these fights and hopefully we give a good fight. We can go back home to our families and may the best man win.Ē

Jessica McCaskill

ďIím so ready to punch Cecilia in the face. I mean like we said, I donít know Cecilia and thereís no bad blood, but we want this for boxing so bad, it is going to be the best fight of the night.

ďI always have to work for everything that we have, and we donít mind doing that. Weíve come from places harder than what you see us in now and I want to seal the deal and solidify my win in august and let everyone know that wasnít an accident and that was me, unified undisputed World champion.

ďWe have always had a large amount of confidence and we have just had to get those opportunities to show everyone else what we can do and like I said before we have come from places where this isnít the hardest thing that weíve had to go through so I think this will be a piece of cake.

ďIt doesnít really matter what kind of game plan they bring. We are really prepared. Rick Ramos, my manager and trainer, he keeps me diversified in boxing whether itís the brawling, the movement, the standstill, weíre ready for anything.

ďCecilia brought retirement up after the last fight, those arenít my words, those are hers, so Iím going to make her eat them.Ē

Cecilia Braekhus

ďShe was so friendly, then she got the belt, and she was like whoa, she goes crazy. It is definitely a new situation. You know, itís fun for me, I just want to get the belt back and McCaskill has kept me very motivated, sheís kept me motivated through my whole camp. Last time she knows she was lucky, so I think thatís where all the trash talk is coming from.

ďOh definitely. I had a rough training camp the last time, I was stuck six months in Big Bear. Now I had a normal training camp and now I have to do what I always do. I have to box. And I can do whatever and I think I can stop her too because I am definitely bigger and stronger and I am a much better fighter, boxer. Iím much better technically and stronger so Iím very confident going into this fight. And like I said, she provided me with a lot of motivation in camp.

ďAs a fighter I have given her a lot of credit. I should definitely not be losing to her. She was home, she was in her home country, all the judges were home, she got her catch weight and still I beat her in one of my invites when I didnít perform at the top. Saturday I will be at my best and she is nowhere near my level.

ďI will win so it is not even an option. I have a bigger name than her anyways with or without the beltĒ

Hiroto Kyoguchi

ďThis is not my final goal as far as my career goes so Iím going to work hard to have a good win on this one and look forward to a unification fight. Yes, so far everything is going very well.

ďI have strategized my fighting style to go with a smaller fighter and it is true he is a smaller fighter, but Iíve strategized with that and Iím planning to win.Ē

Axel Vega

ďThis is a great opportunity and I thank God and you for giving me the opportunity. I am ready for this fight and hopefully come Saturday I am a champion.

ďWe are prepared for a war and we have worked well, we know how to handle the distance, we know we have to go in maybe take a punch but we are really prepared for this fight.Ē

Austin Williams

ďIím absolutely aware of whatís in front of me. We always train for the greatest in the world. Thatís why we travel around the world. Thatís why we get the best. And I know myself, like I said, before I can pull all my interviews, all my press conferences, the better the competition is, the more you are going to see from me. The more I can pull out of my tool bag the more I can show who I am Ė heart and the competitive guy in me is going to rein supreme on Saturday night because I got a great opponent in Douglin to fight. This is exciting times for me, so you are going to see a very creative, powerful, strong Ammo Williams.

ďI feel like Iím going to knock him out in a spectacular fashion. A lot of guys that heís been in the right with, I actually shared the ring with, sparring and helping them get ready for fights. And as everyone knows how it goes, when you spar to get ready for a fight itís not friendly sparring, itís not nice, Iíve been in there with Benevidez when he got ready for Dirrell, Iíve been in there with Charlo when he got ready for Lubin and we got some very powerful rounds and that was me over a year ago and with Charlo that was over two years ago so Iíve seen a lot of the things that heís seen. Of course, not in an actual fight but Iíve seen the guys heís seen and I was ready when they gave me the card for him. Even though he fights at a higher weight class I was still ready. I want the challenge. I want this.

ďHeís a blessing. I know a lot of times fighters act like we are super enemies, but honestly, he is a blessing for taking this fight because he is a gateway for me to be a World champion contender. Seriously, you canít argue that Iím not ready for the real guys after I fight him. If I beat him, when I knock him out, what are people going to say? That I need another ten fights? Another five fights? No, theyíre going to say he took the risk, he took the jump, he got the fight and heís ready for the next stepĒ

Denis Douglin

ďIím so confident. First of all, I want to say shoutout to him for taking the fight. Heís a blessing. Because heís good for my career, another undefeated fighter to put me back in the position that I want to be in. Not necessarily for a title shot but to get back where I should be. To call out the fighters that are right beneath the champions so beating him is going to be a great fight for me, a great thing. So shoutout to him.

"Shoutout to the fact that thereís no animosity, I like him as a person, we have a little beef, we donít have beef, but I actually really like him. But Iím going to beat him up though. Iím going to really beat him up. But Iíll put him on Instagram right after I beat him up. Iím probably going to stop him, but he might be tough, maybe heíll last, Iím not sure, I hope he lasts, but Iím coming to beat him up.

ďWeíre going to see but like he said, everyone thinks of me as a journeyman because of the losses that I have, not understanding that boxing is a little bit deeper than fight night. Boxing is all about preparation. As you can see, Iím the fighter that will take a fight short notice because I love the sport. I love the craft.

ďI mean Iím looking good, feeling good, I already made weight. People asking why Denis not in the gym? Weight is good already, so we are good, we are in shape. This fight is heaven sent. So shoutout to him for taking the fight. After I beat you up, on Saturday Iím going to take you out to eat because the first loss is the toughest so Iím going to talk to you about how to get back in it and stay strong. But I like this guy. Itís going to be a fun night Saturday itís going to be a rebirth.Ē

Aaron Perez

ďI am excited to be here. Thanks to Matchroom boxing for having me here. We put in a lot of work to get here so we are just glad we have the opportunity, and we are ready to put in a show Saturday night.

ďEverybody thatís here, everybody wants to be the best so everyone that is here has worked for that. So, it is going to be interesting.Ē

Raymond Ford

ďCome on now, you know he hasnít seen me before. Iím not like the people heís seen before.

ďI put the work in in the gym, so as long as I put the work in the gym and Iím performing the way Iím performing of course Iím going to get more confidence and get more comfortable fighting in the pro game. So, of course now you will see the real me.

ďIíve been wanting to fight guys like this, undefeated guys, other prospects and stuff like that so I definitely want to move a little faster. Like Iíve been saying, I donít need to be babied, I have the skills, I have the talent, I have the heart, as you said, I donít turn down anybody, you can put anybody in there with me and Iíll show you what Iím going to do to them.

ďNo, not just the US, Iím talking around the world, Iím the best prospect out right now, nobody is topping me.Ē

Souleymane Cissokho

ďReady to go. You know it has been 16 months without a fight so yes I canít wait to get into the ring.

ďHopefully it will be a big year for me. I want to move the world. In the UK you guys have a lot of good fighters and I canít wait to fight with them. Iím ready and I want to show you on Saturday and then letís see.

ďItís a good time for French boxing. Since 2016, we had six medals, two gold, two silver, two bronze, and now professional boxing in France is going well. With Tony Yoka and others. We are ready to show all the world that we are ready to be in the top level. I am very happy and very excited to be here.

ďWe all know about the Mexican guys. They are tough fighters, they come to fight, and they are very ready so yes, it will be a good test for me and Iím ready for everybody. Iím ready.Ē


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