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  Luis Nery vs. Brandon Figueroa
Final Press Conference Quotes

Undefeated super bantamweight champions Luis ďPanteraĒ Nery and Brandon ďHeartbreakerĒ Figueroa faced off Thursday at the final press conference before their world title clash live on SHOWTIME this Saturday, May 15 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

The press conference also featured former unified super bantamweight champion Danny Roman and hard-hitting Ricardo Espinoza, who meet in the 10-round co-main event, plus undefeated super featherweight contender Xavier Martinez and former world title challenger Juan Carlos Burgos, who duel in a 10-round showdown that kicks off the telecast at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

The event is promoted by TGB Promotions. Martinez vs. Burgos is promoted in association with Mayweather Promotions.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at AXS.com. Dignity Health Sports Park will be open to fans in a limited capacity, with all guests remaining socially distanced and subject to local and state health guidelines throughout the event.

Nery vs. Figueroa will see the powerful two-division champion Nery pursue a signature win at super bantamweight, while the rising Figueroa looks to use his all-action style to earn a career-best victory and announce his presence amongst the sportís elite. The winner of this fight will face WBO 122-pound champion Stephen Fulton, Jr. on September 11 on SHOWTIME in a unification showdown.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


ďIn the ring, Iím going for the finish. Everything is on the line. I just have to prove what Iím capable of inside the ring. I donít care about anything else but that.

ďI think people got carried away about my performance from my last fight. Youíre going to see that my power translates on Saturday. Brandon is going to be the first person to see how my power really translates to super bantamweight.

ďWeíve all been waiting to fight with fans in the stands. The fans are part of the thrill of boxing and how boxing is supposed to be. I canít wait.

ďIím ready to fight anybody that will improve my legacy. I want to keep winning and moving up divisions and putting together a resume that matches up with all of the legendary Mexican fighters.

ďBrandonís style really fits with what I want to do in the ring. I know that I can achieve everything that I want in this division and show all of my skills in this fight. This style will go better with mine than Aaron Alamedaís did in my last fight.

ďWe just need to put on a great fight Saturday. This is going to be an all-out war from the first round on. People are going to be talking about it for a long time after.

ďIím only focused on Brandon Figueroa. After that fight, Iíll be ready for Stephen Fulton, Jr. Once I beat him too, he can tell me how my power feels at this weight.Ē


ďI had what was probably one of the best training camps of my career. Iím more than ready for this fight. I feel like all of my advantages are going to be used Saturday night and I just canít wait. Itís going to be an exciting fight. If Iím this excited now, I canít imagine what itís like with the fans there. Iím willing to put it all on the line Saturday night.

ďNery is going to learn a lot about me on Saturday night. My size will definitely help me. I feel like he hasnít fought a guy this big, this strong and heís going to find out on Saturday night. Iíve trained tremendously for this fight. I have the best conditioning in the 122-pound division. My volume output speaks for itself and I feel like a lot of people underestimate me. After Saturday night, they wonít. Once the bell rings, itís go-time and I come to fight. I come one hundred percent and Iím coming to take that belt home.

ďThis game is all about proving yourself in and out of the ring. I feel like my hard work speaks for itself. My fights speak for themselves. Iím just glad I get to share the ring with Luis Nery. I know he comes to win as well, but I donít think he wants it as bad as I do. If it goes my way, Stephen Fulton is next and thatís a fight that Iíve been wanting for a long time. Itís time to unify. If thatís not what you come to boxing for, then what are you in boxing for?

ďFulton is the fight Iíve been wanting. I know heís been talking a lot. First of all, I need to get through Luis Nery. I just canít wait for these big fights and these big names. Iíve been trying to fight Fulton for a while and now itís going to be made if everything goes well Saturday night. Heíd be next and I canít wait to put on a show again.

ďI know Luis Nery comes to fight. Heís a strong fighter at the 118-pound division but the 122-pound division is a different story. I feel like weíre just going to have to find out Saturday night, though. I come forward. I bring the pressure and Iím definitely going to bring the power, the size and all the advantages I have to make sure that we give the fans a great show. I do respect him as a fighter but weíre just going to have to find out Saturday.

ďI feel like this is a fight that could be Fight of the Year. I know everything is on the line and Iím going to go out there and make sure I give it my all. If I do that, itís going to be a great fight.Ē


ďIím a former unified champion and Iím still overlooked. Iím still the guy who you have to beat at super bantamweight.

ďIím going against a great opponent. He has a high knockout rate, so I have to fight a smart fight. Props to him for taking the fight, but Iím not overlooking him. Everyone is a threat when they get in that ring.

ďI know that the champions are trying to avoid me and skip over me for other fights. But I deserve respect and Iím going to show why theyíre avoiding me on Saturday.

ďEspinoza is a great fighter who has great power. Iím taking this fight like Iím facing another champion. Anything can happen inside of the ring. All I can control is my performance against Espinoza on Saturday.

ďIím trying to make a statement on Saturday night. Iím going to show everyone that Iím still at the championship level.Ē


ďDanny Roman has fought some really quality opponents that are high in the rankings, but this is my time. This is when I show that I can step up in competition and prove that I belong with the best.

ďThe reason why I think Iím going to win this fight, more than anything, is because I believe in myself. I have a great team behind me and if I have faith in myself, all good things are going to happen from now on.

ďI admire a lot of fighters but I donít want to compare myself to any of them. I am Ricardo Espinoza and Iím one of a kind.

ďDanny Roman is definitely a great opponent and I feel like my preparation and training can showcase why I can be considered one of the best in the division. Saturday night will be a great showcase for me.Ē


ďYouíre going to see me stay composed throughout this whole fight. I was winning my last fight decisively and I got too overconfident. I fell asleep against an experienced fighter and he took advantage, but I was still able to get the win. I learned from that and Iím going to take it into this fight.

ďIím not too worried about a late opponent change. I had a sparring partner who was very similar to Burgos, so it worked out well. This is another big fight for me. Fighting someone with his experience will make me step up my game.

ďI think fighting in front of the fans is going to help all of us. The fans give us a lot of drive. Itís going to make this an even more exciting night.

ďThis is boxing, and in order to find out what youíre made of in this sport, you have to go through adversity. Getting knocked down two times can defeat a fighter mentality. I learned a lot from that fight and itís helped me become a more mature fighter.

ďIím going to keep my foot on the gas. Iím going to stay on my toes. All it takes is one punch to change the fight. I just have to stick to the game plan.Ē


ďThe fight will be on short notice, but it wonít affect me at all because I have been training since January. I was going to fight in Tijuana on February 27, that didnít happen. I was going to fight in early May, that didnít happen. So even though the fight is on short notice, I am plenty ready to go on Saturday night.

ďXavier Martinez is a good fighter. He is undefeated for a reason and Iím sure that weíre both going to give the fans a show. Itís going to be a great fight but I am coming plenty prepared and ready to give the fans the show they deserve.

ďThere is a reputation that I have come up short in the big fights. But against ĎRockyí Martinez for example, I felt like I won the title and the judges just robbed it from me. I am more than ready to redeem myself and show what I am capable of on Saturday night.

ďThis is definitely a big fight for me and Iím going to have a great opponent in front of me in Xavier Martinez. I have a lot to give still and I want to show that Juan Carlos Burgos is here to stay still.Ē


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