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  Jean Pascal vs. Badou Jack & Jarrett Hurd vs.
Luis Arias Virtual Press Conference Quotes

WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Jean Pascal and two-division champion Badou Jack, plus former unified world champion ďSwiftĒ Jarrett Hurd and veteran contender Luis Arias, previewed their respective showdowns on a virtual press conference Tuesday before they step in the ring as part of the SHOWTIME PPV undercard of Mayweather vs. Logan Paul taking place Sunday, June 6 from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Pascal and Jack will meet for a championship rematch in the co-main event of the pay-per-view, while Hurd and Arias square off for a 10-round bout also on pay-per-view. The telecast, which is being produced by SHOWTIME PPV, will air live beginning at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and will also feature former NFL star wide receiver Chad Johnson making his boxing debut in an exhibition match against versatile fighter Brian Maxwell.

Here is what the fighters had to say Tuesday:


ďIím very excited about the rematch. Iíve been training in Puerto Rico since December. Iíve been waiting this whole time for the rematch and Iím ready. I respect Badou, but heís always whining after he loses. The judges said I won the fight and thatís it.

ďThe first fight, in the first six rounds I did everything well. I might have gotten a little overconfident. I took it a bit too easy after that. The fight got close because of that knockdown he got that wasnít from a real punch. Without that, it wouldnít have even been close. Weíre going to settle this June 6 in Miami.

ďI think I just have to pace myself a little better this fight. I got over excited because Iíve sparred with Badou before and know what I can do. I am a veteran, so I shouldnít have gotten too excited like that. As far as knocking him down again in this fight, my mom taught me that anything you can do once, you can do twice.

ďI do believe that Badou respects my power. If he doesnít, then he better watch that fourth round again. But I also have skills with my power. I am naturally-gifted and I have the better skills. I was born for this sport and built to win.

ďI really think the work in the gym will help so I donít have ring rust. Iím a veteran. Iíve been here and done that. At this age, itís better to have more rest than to be over trained. I had the right intensity in camp to make sure Iím not over trained.

ďHeís coming for revenge and Iím coming with bad intentions. Itís going to be a great show, so make sure you tune-in for this one.Ē


ďIím feeling great with my new trainer Jonathon Banks. Physically Iím in amazing shape and I canít wait. Another week and a half and itís all going to happen.

ďThis has been in the works since our first fight. Last year Floyd called me and said, Ďitís on.í Then the pandemic hit and it got pushed back. There is a reason there is a rematch, because everyone knows who won that fight. Itís better late than never. I was back in the gym Monday after the first fight.

ďThere were three judges and Julie Lederman had it for me and the two other guys had never judged a big fight before. We have two judges for this fight: the right hand and the left hand. Thatís it. Iím very confident for this fight and Iím not worried about the judges. I know Jean Pascal is a warrior, and Iím a warrior. Iím just ready to fight.

ďLooking at the past, yes, I need to start faster. Every fight, that can apply. I will listen to my corner, and weíre going to figure out how to win the fight. By any means we need.

ďHe can say whatever he wants about when I knocked him down. I hit him five straight times and he swung and missed and I hit him. Thatís why he went down.

ďThis is going to be a firefight. We already know that. Tune in to this fight. Boxing is not a game and Iím going to show everyone that and try to steal the show.

ďIíve watched the last fight once or twice, maybe three times. I just need to make some small adjustments. You can always do better. Iím more confident than last time. I know we are both warriors. Weíve fought everyone. Weíre the same age (Jack is 37; Pascal 38), even though I look a little bit better. Iím looking younger. Nobody has seen my birth certificate. Iím not really 37. Iím 27.Ē


ďTraining camp has been great. I havenít fought in a year and a half, so I had a chance to really take my time with this camp. Iíve had a lot of time to put in the work. Iím training with fighters like Terence Crawford, Shakur Stevenson, Troy Isley and a lot more. Weíre all out here working day after day.

ďArias is a great fighter. This is going to be the type of toe-to-toe fight I like. Heís going to be there in front of me and ready to fight. Heís never been stopped, so Iíll be prepared to go the distance.

ďWeíve seen this story before from Arias. He talks a big game but look at his fights against top fighters. It doesnít matter what weight Iím at, Arias knows whatís coming. I suffered a loss, but I got the win in my last fight and Iím on my way back.

ďI just need a dominant win on June 6. Luis Arias can make it ugly, but I have to go win convincingly and let everyone know Iím back. I donít want to win in a sloppy way, I want to look good doing it.

ďHe might think heís catching me at the right time, but itís not going to be a good time for him on June 6. I can box and I can bang, it doesnít matter. Weíll decide on fight night which style Iím going to use. I know that I can beat him either way.

ďI tried to work on my bad habits after my loss. I was a straight-forward guy who just came at you. I wanted to show in my last fight against Francisco Santana that I can use my height and range if I need to. I wanted to box all 10 rounds and I did that.

ďI still have too much unfinished business at 154-pounds. I have a lot of fights, including my rematch against Julian Williams, that I still want to get. I want to regain my titles. Me and Jermell Charlo is probably the biggest fight at 154 right now. I want to handle that before I move up in weight.Ē


ďCamp has been excellent. Iím excited for the fight. I think this is a perfect fight and a perfect opportunity. Itís a great matchup. Iíve been working on the right things to make sure Iím one hundred percent prepared for this fight and I think Iím catching Jarrett Hurd at the right time. Heís switching styles. He really doesnít know how he wants to fight.

ďWhen this fight was brought to me, he was ranked No. 1 at the Ring Magazine at 154 and thatís part of why I wanted this fight. Leonard Ellerbe asked if I was willing to fight Hurd, and I said one hundred percent. Itís all about challenging yourself. This is another challenge and I never turn down a challenge. Iíve been in there with the best and thereís nothing that Jarrett Hurd can bring to the table that I havenít already seen.

ďA win puts me right back in the mix. Iíve always been just one step away from really getting into the mix with the big guys. My last couple fights have all been just one fight away from getting that world title fight. Once I beat Jarrett Hurd on June 6, Iíll be right there with the big dogs. Heís calling out Jermell Charlo and he wants to fight all these other big names, but heís going to have to get through me. If he loses to me, Iíll be in position for the fights that he wants.

ďItís going to be a hard fight. If he wants to bang, we can bang. If he says he wants to box, heís not the better boxer. But thereís only one way to find out and weíre going to find out in two weeks. I have to do everything that I can do to make sure that I show up and I impress.

ďIím still young and Iím still fighting my way through. I just needed to make the proper adjustments. Iím not going to be a desperate fighter. Iím going to go in there and fight the way I fight. Iíve always had championship-level fighting in me, but I just havenít shown it. This is a perfect opportunity for me to show it.

ďIím coming after him. I have to win. Heís not going to have to find me. Iím going to be right there. If I have to box him in the middle of the ring or if I have to put my head in his chest and dog him out, then thatís what I got to do. From the opening bell to the final bell, if we make it to the final bell, Iím going to be on him. Weíll see what type of adjustments he makes, but I donít feel heís a better inside fighter than me and I donít feel like heís a better boxer than me.Ē

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

ďThe world is buzzing about this whole event, including our terrific undercard with two great professional bouts. Hurd vs. Arias is going to be a scintillating bout. Iíve seen Luis up close and personal during this training camp and I know that heís 100% prepared and ready to pull off the upset. Hurd on the other hand is looking to maintain his footprint in the 154-pound division and prove heís the best at that weight.

ďPascal and Jack had a fantastic bout a year and a half ago on SHOWTIME. From the opening bell, those guys proved they are great warriors and we expect nothing less in the rematch on June 6. The fans are truly in for a treat on that night.

ďThe energy between these four fighters today has been incredible. As the promoter of this event, Iím excited, so I can only imagine what the fans are in for. Hurd and Arias are both looking to make a statement, and thatís going to roll right into Pascal against Jack, who are going to pick up right where they left off in their first fight.Ē


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