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  Whyte Stops Povetkin In High-Stakes Rematch

12 x 3 mins Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title
(Russia) (Brixton, England)

Dillian Whyte flattened Alexander Povetkin with a huge left hook after an inspired performance to gain redemption in their high-stakes rematch at the Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all other markets excluding the UK and Ireland.

Whyte had Povetkin on the brink of a knockout throughout their second heavyweight battle and closed the show dramatically, returning the favour after he lost to the Russian last year.

A fight that balanced destruction and discipline from Whyte has propelled him back near the front of the queue of contenders in the division where Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are set to decide the undisputed champion.

ďIím happier for my team than I am for me because some of my staff missed Christmas with their families,Ē Whyte told Matchroom. ďThey stayed back to help me train. They did so much behind the scenes to get me into the position for a World Title fight.

"I was so close, and then one lapse in concentration and I made a mistake. Tonight, I was like Ďyoí, Iím looking to beat some a** tonight. I was trying to get it done in the first round but then I had to relax. Anybody on the planet that gets hit with that left hook, theyíre going down. Some of them might get up but most will stay down. He was kind of badly hurt. Now I feel bad. I want him to go home to his family healthy.

ďEveryone says a lot of things about me like Iím not this and Iím not that. These guys donít know me. These guys donít know what Iím capable of and what I can do. When I read the comments about me, I just laugh. I just laugh at these guys because Iím as strong as steel.

"One loss, two loss so what. It was a good learning fight for me because I had to think in there. I was rushing him but I had to think also. Heís still very heavy-handed and heís still very good. Iím going to spend some time with my family and just relax. Iíll probably call Eddie tomorrow and ask him what weíre doing next. I want to make the most of it now and retire good and healthy."

10 x 3 mins International Heavyweight contest
(Ipswich, England) (USA)

Fast-rising Ipswich Heavyweight talent Fabio Wardley notched the most impressive win of his career by stopping two-time World Title challenger Eric Molina in five rounds.

The unbeaten 26-year-old took a sizeable step up in class against Molina, but produced produced a destructive response to stop the Texan in explosive fashion.

A big right hand shook Wardley, prompting vicious counter punches that sent Molina crashing to the canvas as Wardley progressed to 11-0 (10 KOs).
ďMy corner werenít too happy because sometimes I get a little bit, not lose my head, but I get a little bit bored of playing the long game and waiting it through in the tactics side," Wardley told Sky Sports. "My heart won over a bit and I got stuck into a little bit of a war.

"Iím by no means the finished article. Iíve still got a lot to learn and thatís why we need fights like that because in other fights Iíve had where Iíve hit people, Iíve stuck it on them and theyíve gone missing. Molina didnít go missing until we really had to dig it out.

"There was a few lessons there for us to watch back and for us to tick off. Weíll go back to the drawing board and figure them out. I needed this type of fight at this stage of my career. You can do it as much as you want in sparring and all of those type of things but itís different when you get here under the bright lights.

"You need to test yourself in different ways and thatís what tonight was all about. I donít go hunting for names, thatís not my style. I donít go calling people out. Iím going for Titles, belts and accolades. Thatís where weíre going next. Weíre still trying to build and get those good level of opponents. At the same time, Iím now looking for that next step up. European, Commonwealth or British, something like that."

12 x 3 mins vacant British Super-Welterweight Title
(Bermondsey, England) (Liverpool, England)

Ted Cheeseman recaptured the British Super-Welterweight Title with a brilliant eleventh round knockout of the previously unbeaten James Metcalf.

The Londoner floored Metcalf with a big left hand in the closing seconds of the 11th round and the Liverpudlian was counted out in a thrilling finish to their domestic battle.

Metcalf had nearly been halted in the fourth round, but stalled Cheeseman's charge with a stubborn response before an explosive ending.

ďAgain and again Iím in exciting fights,Ē said Cheeseman. ďIím always in entertaining fights. Iím improving and maturing. Iím working hard in the gym. Everyone doubted me and thought that I had a lot of miles on the clock. Iím still fresh as a daisy, and again Iíve cemented myself as the number one domestic Super-Welterweight.

"I felt I won the first five or six rounds. I nearly had him out of there in the fourth. I thought to myself, ĎIím not going to waste too much energyí. I used my experience and had a couple of rounds off. I donít think heíd ever done the 12 rounds. Then it was time for me to step it up, bully him and push him back.

"Itís great to be in these fights because theyíre entertaining. Iím looking forward to the future now. For a long while I was down, and everyone thought I was out. Now Iím flying again. The bookies had me as an underdog and a lot of people thought that I was going to get beat. I outboxed him, I outfought him and I knocked him out. I showed how good I am, and I showed how much Iíve improved.Ē

4 x 3 mins International Lightweight contest
(Manchester, England) (Spain)

Campbell Hatton made a blistering start to his professional career as he defeated Jesus Ruiz on points after a relentless four-round assault.

The 20-year-old Lightweight, son of former World Champion Ricky, hurt Ruiz with body punches throughout but had to settle for a shutout 40-36 win on the scorecards in Gibraltar.
"At first, I was a little bit disappointed in myself," said Hatton. "I spoke to Matt and heís always dead honest with me. A bit brutal at times. He said I could have done better but I definitely didnít box badly. He said I boxed really well in patches and I should be pleased with it.

"There was a lot of pressure. I did the one thing I said all week that I didnít want to do, I let the occasion get to me a bit. Now that occasion is out of the way, it can only get better. Iím pleased and Iím buzzing. Itís a dream come true. Thereís no feeling like it. You always hear people say it on the telly. I didnít realise how true it was.

"When the music started coming on, I think everyone could see how fired up I was. Thatís probably what made me put the performance in that I did. I smothered myself a little bit, but I feel on top of the world. Eddie said there that Iíd be out next on the Chisora undercard. Iíll have a couple of shandies tonight and then straight back into the gym next week. I think the second fight is going to be ten times better now Iíve got that first taste of things.Ē

10 x 3 mins WBO Global Welterweight Title
CHRIS KONGO v MICHAEL MCKINSON WUD10 (97-93, 96-94, 95-94)
(Bermondsey, England) (Portsmouth, England)

Michael McKinson claimed a breakout victory over Chris Kongo as he floored his British Welterweight rival to seal a unanimous decision and move to 20-0.

The Portsmouth southpaw stunned Bermondsey's Kongo with an aggressive start and edged a closely-contested encounter to secure the WBO Global Title with scores of 97-93, 96-94, 95-94.

ďI feel on top of the word," said McKinson. "Iíve done things the hard way in my career. For many years Iíve been calling for my shot on the big stage and I never thought it would happen. Iíve been beating people for hardly anything to work my record up to 20-0.

"Fair play to Chris, Dillian and Eddie for giving me the opportunity. I didnít think it was ever going to happen. A big shout out to my management team MTK Global and Lee Eaton for securing me this. I believe that my career starts tonight. There was a lot of people in the boxing world that didnít have me down as the favourite. All of my mates have made money tonight! Iím happy. Iím bringing this belt back to Portsmouth.

"In the week weíve had a lot of hype around this fight. Everyone has been talking about it. I know heís a respectful lad deep down, and so am I. But it did get a bit heated and everyone was questioning if it was going to live up to the hype. I think it was a bit boring, but I did what I had to do to win. Great champions do what they have to do to win and I did that tonight.

"I hope Eddie can give me the opportunities; its winner stays on. I just hope I can get on one of these shows again. Like I said in all of my interviews before, Chris is the most dangerous Welterweight out there I the UK I believe but he has his weaknesses. I believe in myself. Iíve got a great team around me. Iíve given my life to this sport and itís paid off tonight.

"I believe Iím top of the tree. Thereís a lot of talk. Iíve got respect for all of the other Welterweights. Josh Kelly, Conor Benn and Florian Marku. Itís a great time to be a Welterweight domestically at the moment. I deserve the Conor Benn fight more than any other domestic fighter.Ē

10 x 3 mins vacant IBO International Heavyweight Title
(Germany) (Surrey, England)

Nick Webb demolished Erik Pfeifer in two rounds to breathe life back into his career.

The British Heavyweight came storming out in the opening round, troubling Pfeifer with an early barrage and then floored the accomplished German amateur on three occasions to secure victory.

Webb unloaded big right hands from the opening bell as Pfeifer was forced to hold, but he could not withstand the Surrey man's sustained aggression in the second round.

ďI feel on top of the world,Ē said Webb..ďTonight before we went in we had a talk Ė start fast, get him out of there, we donít get paid for overtime.
ďEveryone doubts me, but I have come here and made a statement. So, donít doubt me no more. I want more belts, more Titles, get me out. I always believed in my self and my team believed in me too.

ďItís indescribable. Iím so happy. Iíve been through so much pain and hurt. I put everything into that. Everything into my training camp. To get a win like that is sending the right message. Itís a big win.

"Pfeifer is a great man; he was a great amateur and he had some great fights and great wins as an amateur. We knew what was in front of us, and we knew that we didnít want to get involved with a boxing match. I just wanted to go in and destroy him.

"We said in the changing room to start fast and hit him quick, and thatís exactly what we did. Everyone overlooks me and everyone doubts me. Itís all about self-belief and mind games. When youíve got bombs to back the mind games up, itís all good."

10 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight contest
(Wembley, England) (Birmingham, England)

Wembley Super-Featherweight Youssef Khoumari opened up the show in explosive fashion as he battered and stopped Kane Baker in five rounds to move to 12-0-1 (5 KOs).

The unbeaten 24-year-old seized the attention of the domestic Super-Featherweight division with a ruthless win over Birmingham's Baker on his manager Dillian Whyte's undercard.

Baker ruined the perfect record of Meshech Speare in his last fight, but Khoumari was completely dominant from the opening bell in Gibraltar as he rained down punishing hooks and jabs on the 'fan with a licence'.

ďI think the game plan worked really well," Khoumari told Matchroom aferwards. "I came out and I wanted to stand with him and box in-between. We executed it very well. Me and my coach Xavier Miller have been working on this game plan for a long time. The fight was scheduled for three weeks ago but it got pushed back, so weíve been working on it for a long time.

"Iím happy and proud that our game plan came good on the night. Iím ready to go for whoeverís next. Kane is a tough guy and I hit him with a lot of good shots early on and he didnít move, he kept coming and coming. Heís a really tough guy and heís really hard to get out of there. Iím really pleased to be able to get the stoppage.

"I hope it puts a message out there to all of the Super-Featherweights, Lightweights, anyone in and around my division can get it. I hope theyíre all on notice now they know who I am."


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