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  Feliciano Defeats Gamez

By Albert Castillo
Photos: William Trillo


From Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA Golden Boy Productions put together a five fight card that was second to none. Every fight was an evenly matched battle, two of which were all out wars. The main event was one of those wars featuring undefeated fighters Genaro “El Conde” Gamez (9-1, 6 KO’s) of San Diego, CA, against Rancho Cucamonga’s Luis Feliciano (13-0, 8 KO’s).

The fight opened with Gamez drawing both of his six shooters going for a quick knockout. He had no idea of the strength of Feliciano. Feliciano covered up and took everything Gamez had to offer. Feliciano then retaliated with his own attack.

In the third round a Feliciano left to the ribs of his opponent buckled Gamez. From that point on and for the next three rounds the fight out of Gamez seemed to be fading. He protected his right side and attempted to stay away from Feliciano. However, with Gamez protecting his ribs it left his head open for left right combinations from Feliciano.

Finally in the sixth round Gamez appeared to recover as his offensive attack returned. Feliciano who had been on the attack suddenly was being backed up by rights and lefts from Gamez. The fight continued back and forth with the warriors trading punches and taking turns as the aggressor.

In the end Feliciano appeared to be too strong and too big for the shorter more compact Gamez. Judges unanimously scored the fight for Feliciano, 99-91, 98-92, and 98-92 giving the decision to Feliciano.

“It was a very tough fight,” said Luis Feliciano. “I knew he was going to come ready. A lot of people were criticizing him because of his problem in the past. But I knew he would come 100%, and he did. I’m taking these tough fights because I want to go from prospect to contender status.”

Unbeaten Las Vagas Nevada fighter Blair Cobbs (12-0-1, 8 KO’s) demonstrated tremendous mettle against a ferocious opponent in hometown favorite Steve Villalobos and garnered a knockout to maintain the NABF Junior Welterweight title.

By the 4th round Villalobos was opening a lead by hammering rights and lefts to the head of Cobbs. By the 5th Cobbs was dancing and pecking away with jabs and an occasional stiff left hand.

In the sixth Villalobos caught Cobbs with a huge right hand followed by a combination that put Cobbs down on all fours. But have to hand it to Cobbs. He got off the floor and bloodied the nose of Villalobos with a straight left hand.

In the 7th round Cobbs came out rejuvenated. Swinging with wild abandon he tried to go for a knockout. When it didn't happen he chose to dance and move away. In the next two rounds Cobbs ran while connecting with the occasional combination. Villalobos appeared tired as he tried to cut off the ring but followed Cobbs instead.

In the ninth Cobbs was fresh indicative of being in excellent physical shape. He took hard hits from Villalobos but this seemed to only embower Cobbs who dropped Villalobos with a right hand. Villalobos got up on wobbly legs and Cobbs stuck him with a right uppercut that put down Villalobos down again at which time the referee waived off the fight. Cobbs, winner by knockout at 1:20 of the 9th round.

“Every round I had to learn,” said Blair Cobbs. “I had to grow with him. I could’ve just ran threw him with a bunch of punches but he would’ve been resilient and try to out endure me and go through the storm, try to live through the storm. This time I tried to place my shots, break him down little by little. Towards the end we got the final big show and boom it’s on baby! It’s a special time, my father is a better man now. I look forward to living with him every single day of his life and my life. He’s a remarkable man and he deserves a second chance just like anybody in this world. If you’re going through hard times, you’re doing things you probably shouldn't have. You’re resorting to any kind of means of getting money. Everybody deserves a second chance. All the Villalobos fans you guys are terrific. Villalobos is a tough competitor, he came and brought his A game and I highly respect him. He’s into the community, he has his own gym. He trains his own fighters. He’s running it up with the young fighters. He’s inspiring young kids. He’s inspiring his country, his people and his children of his native town. I highly respect him and I wish nothing but the best for Villalobos.”

Undefeated pugilist Richard Acevedo of Garden City Kansas got tested tonight fighting to a split draw with Connecticut’s Jose Carlos Rivera. Both fighters went toe to toe in every round as each fighter connected with solid shots to the face and body.

It was not an easy fight to score as one judge had it for Acevedo 59-55, another for Rivera 59-55, and the third judge had it even at 57-57.

“I felt like it was a good performance,” said Jose Rivera. “He was a good tough opponent. A little less experienced than me. I felt like he had ok power. I don’t know if it was the heat from Indio, 115 degrees. I don’t know if that was holding me back, but no excuses. Thanks to Golden Boy for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone who came to show love, RingTv, my team for sure and NJ World Boxing. What’s next for me is just to go back to the gym and work on the little things that I felt I had mistakes on.”

“I grade my performance a C+,” said Richard Acevedo. “My opponent was a tough guy. He came in with experience, he has 12 fights, this was his 13 fight. He already has seven fights going to the sixth round. This was my first time going past the fourth round, so it was a whole new experience for me, and also coming in with new trainers. I thought I was up. I thought I won it by a little. It was a close fight but I still think I won. It is what it is, just go back to the gym and work harder. I want to thank the Lord. I want to thank my team and my family.”

Hard hitting up and comer Raul “Cugar” Curiel from Tamaulipas, Mexico continued his winning ways scoring a TKO over tough customer Alphonso Black (8-7-1, 4 KO’s). Undefeated Curiel had a dominating performance connecting on many combinations in every round.

In the fifth round Curiel stunned Black with five unanswered power shots to the head. In the final round Curiel again had Black on the ropes and began to terrorize his opponent with consistent combinations. At 2:51 of the sixth round the referee had seen enough and called an end to the contest. Curiel remains perfect 7 wins in seven fights.

“I felt good tonight, very strong,” said Raul Curiel. “My opponent took a lot of my punches but we did good work with Freddie Roach in the gym. My opponent was honestly strong, He had a heavy hand. It’s my first fight at 154 pounds, but I knew how to handle his punches. Let’s see what Golden Boy, my promoter Oscar De La Hoya has to say. We’ll see what’s next for us, we’re going to keep working hard in the gym and we expect another fight soon.”

In the opening bout of the evening former national amateur champion Nicholas, “Slick Nick” Sullivan (1-0) out of Norfolk, Virginia was successful in his debut capturing a four round unanimous decision over Mexican Jose Palacios.

Full action ensued as both fighters swung wildly with Sullivan usually getting the better of it. However, Palacios got in his licks as he connected on at least five wide looping left hooks. In the third round Sullivan connected with a left hook of his own that staggered Palacios. In the end Sullivan was the aggressor connecting with more punches. Judges had 39-37, 40-36, and 40-36 all for Sullivan.

"For my first fight It felt good to just get it out the way," said Nicholas Sullivan. "It was a lot of anxiousness and nervousness, I wasn't scared of anything I was just nervous of the big stage, new lights. Glad I got it out the way. It's only up from here, its going to get a lot better now. Coming into the fight I didn't think it was going to be too much different from the amateurs, just the no headgear. But it's a lot different, the stage, the refereeing. Just being in there is a lot different. I felt my performance was ok for my first pro fight. I'm my worst critique, if I don't look excellent I'd say I did bad. But its ok, only up from here. My debut I got my nervousness out the way. My second fight will be a lot better so just tune in."


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