"Saved The Best For Last" -
DeLaHoya/Mayweather Los Angeles/Hollywood

Report & Photos By Bret "The Threat" Newton

The Oscar DeLaHoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. tour ended today in Hollywood, Ca. as the two men prepare for and what "The World Awaits" on May 5th.

An over packed audience that flowed down and across Hollywood Blvd. of fans and eager onlookers that roared like the fight was on today, at the famous Mann Chinese Theatre. It was easy to get hyped up and excited once Michael Buffer walked down the red carpet to the podium and announced each fighter in his legendary voice.

First up, " 'Pretty Boy' Floyd Mayyyywwwwwwwweeeeeaaaaaaattthhhheeeeeeeeerrr."

Mayweather heard it from a pro DeLaHoya crowd that cursed him and had their own nicknames ("Shitty Boy"), but for Floyd, like usual, he enjoyed it, and it played in his favor as the villain.

Next up, " 'The Golden Boy', Oscar DeLaHoooooyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

DeLaHoya's crowd behind him, cheered loud with a few Floyd fans giving their own "Floyd's gonna kick your ass" one liners in between.

Golden Boy Promoter Richard Schaeffer announced, "This is what 'The World Awaits'."

The crowd started getting restless after all the sponsor promoting at the beginning of Cazadores Tequila, Rockstar Energy Drink, Tecate Beer and the MGM Grand, among a few others which took about 10 minutes. Booing began to ensue, but Schaeffer got the heat pumped again with, "Alright, enough of that, lets talk BOXING!".

Mayweather was the first fighter to take the podium. Upon announcing all the name brand clothing he was wearing such as "Hugo Boss" and "Tommy Hilfiger underwear", Floyd also brought his own "Oscar" up. "Bring Oscar up here", said Floyd, as a live chicken in a cage marked "Golden Girl" was placed on the table. Mayweather took the chicken out of the cage, then placed a gold medal around it's neck. "This is Oscar."

Floyd continued his cockiness and brash of "I'm the best", and "I'm too good" routine. When Mayweather was finished, he decided to walk around to the other side of the podium and sit on the table, drinking a coffee as DeLaHoya was announced to the microphone.

Oscar was short and sweet: "There comes a time when every big mouth gets what he has coming to him, and that's what awaits Mayweather on May 5th."

"The World Awaits", DeLaHoya vs. Mayweather, May 5th, Live on HBO PPV from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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