Muhammad Ali, “The Greatest Of All Time,” Passes Away At 74

By William Trillo

Moments after I sat down to cover the local fights in Los Angeles my phone rang. It was my daughter Christina informing me that Ali was on life support. I was already aware of the news but for my daughter who is not the biggest boxing fan in the world, it was something she knew I would want to know. She was right. This was something she knew a boxing fan like myself needed to know.

As the fights ensued the hope that Ali would live to fight on was all that was on my mind. My hope was that the man who was the first to win the heavyweight title 3 times would somehow find the strength to overcome his toughest foe, Parkinson’s disease.

It was not meant to be.

By the time I got home the news of Ali’s passing was the lead story on every station’s news broadcast. Early tributes to Ali were in full effect and over the coming days we can be assured his life both in and out of the ring will be chronicled on tributes across the globe.

The first thing I did when I got home was open my memorabilia cabinet so I could pull out my autographed Ring magazine that preceded “The Rumble In The Jungle”. I flipped through the pages remembering one of the greatest chapters in heavyweight history. Ali overcame all the odds and defeated the Goliath-like foe. It is a microcosm of the mans career. Both inside and outside the ring Ali overcame all the obstacles and will go down in history as the greatest fighter ever to lace up the gloves.

I can say that without Ali websites like would never have come to existence. He gave us a love for the sport that will live on through many generations to come.

We will miss you Muhammad Ali. May you rest in peace.

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