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Rockin’ & Rollin’ at Fantasy Springs

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

By William Trillo

On back to back nights in Indio last week Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino let it all hang out with an exciting boxing show followed by an evening of music with Boz Scaggs.

In his second show at the casino in less than a year Scaggs dug down deep and not only pulled out the standard classics like “Lowdown” but he also went into his blues roots as well. If you have never heard the Scaggs tune “Loan Me A Dime” I highly suggest you check it out. The 1969 album with Duane Allman featured on the track is a hidden gem of a tune that blew the roof of the arena on Friday night.

With his near perfect vocals and a backing band second to none and his fantastic knack for song writing Scaggs proved why he has been a headliner for decades. Without a doubt Boz is must see and hear entertainment.

With upcoming events like Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and The Zombies performing September 1st Fantasy Springs is the place to be for all your entertainment needs. To check out all their upcoming events go to

Vergil Ortiz Jr.: True Gold Fears No Fire

Monday, August 12th, 2019

By William Trillo
Photos: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos – Golden Boy Promotions

When Vergil Ortiz Jr. (14-0, 14 KO’s) blew through the seasoned veteran Antonio Orozco (28-2, 17 KO’s) in six impressive rounds he not only took another step up the ladder but in so doing proved he is ready to face any and all challenges put in front of him. No matter how high the heat has been turned up, Ortiz always comes out of the fire more refined and ready for the next challenge.

Facing his toughest test on Saturday night Ortiz, who was fighting in front of his hometown fans, came out like gangbusters and had Orozco stumbling right away. If it were not for the fact that Orozco is a fighter of some repute himself this might have been and early night. But Orozco weathered the storm and over the course of the next 4 rounds Orozco gave Ortiz a very stiff challenge.

But looking like a fighter with a lot more than 13 fights Ortiz took it up a notch and began to put some real hurt on Orozco. By round six Ortiz was in complete command and in surgical fashion he had Orozco reeling, the round would not come to its conclusion. Ortiz kept his 100% KO ratio alive.

In a world full of fighters who are more interested in adding Instagram followers than they are taking on a real challenge, Vergil Ortiz Jr. is a breath of fresh air. Just take a look at his young career, three fights in 2016, five fights in 2017, three more fights in 2018 and in 2019 he just had his fourth fight. What’s more impressive is his opposition has gotten tougher with each and every fight, as it should be.

It’s a shame that outside of hard core boxing fans Ortiz is still flying somewhat under the radar. It’s about time Vergil starts getting maximum exposure on some high profile cards. And before you tell me he only has 14 fights it’s not his time yet, allow me to remind you he was just put in the ring with a very formidable challenge in Orozco and passed that test with flying colors.

Since Oscar De La Hoya retired there has always been the search for the next “Golden Boy”. Fighters have been groomed and/or coddled to become the next glittering star but time and time again they have fallen short.

In Ortiz you have a fighter who doesn’t need any pampering or grooming. This young man already has everything it takes to become a real Super Star in the sport. It’s time to give this kid a lot more exposure under the spotlight!

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Pop Quiz: Autographed S.O.G. Glove Up For Grabs

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

By William Trillo

If ever there was a microcosm for boxing the last few weeks for The Manly Art of Self Defense would be it. As history tells us boxing can be a topsy turvy world, anything that can happen will. It was literally a “Soup to Nuts” July that has drifted into August now. Any sane boxing aficionado would agree we have a lot more questions than answers right now. That being said I have to wonder what the average boxing fan has to say all this.

With that thought in mind I have put together this surprise little Pop Quiz for y’all to ponder. There is no right or wrong answer so feel free to let your gut feelings be heard. As an added incentive to reply we are randomly selecting one person to win a glove autographed by Andre Ward for answering all the questions.

Simple enough right? So here we go.

Question # 1

Chris Arreola just put on as fine a performance as we have seen from him in the past few years, albeit in defeat to Kownacki. Now Chris is going to take some time to think about whether or not it’s time to hang ‘em up. Taking his last performance into consideration do you think “The Nightmare” should:

A: Retire. He fought for the title multiple times and gave his fans many thrilling nights. There is no embarrassment in the performance in his last fight and now is a good time to walk away.

B: Chris looked like he is back on the right track under Joe Goossen’s wing. He should let Joe have a couple more fights with him to see if he can bring him back into one more championship challenge.

Question # 2

The recent deaths in the ring in boxing have once again brought attention to how dangerous this sport can be and that every man literally puts his life on the line every time he sets foot in the ring. There are always calls for something more needing to be done. What is your opinion on what can be done?

A: More precautions should take place. Refs should have a shorter leash on fighters who are hurt and should step in sooner. Once a fighter goes down the Doctor should check him in between each and every round thereafter for any signs of problems, even if that means extending time in between round to make sure a fighter is not in any physical danger.

B: Boxing is a rugged and brutal sport. It always has been and always will be. Boxing commissions have taken many necessary precautions and do the best they can for the safety of the fighters.

Question # 3

Performance enhancing drugs have no place in boxing. The sport is dangerous enough as it is without fighters cheating to get the edge with super human strength. The latest incident with Dillian Whyte is proof in and of itself that a fighter can enter the ring all “roided” up and can put some serious hurt on his foe before the tainted drug test comes to the surface. This is unacceptable on every level. What kind of penalty should be handed out to these PED cheaters?

A: Boxing is handling the situation well right now. Of course a boxer should be suspended and fined but he should be allowed to earn a living in the ring after he has served his suspension and paid his fines.

B: There is no excuse for using PED’s in any sport, especially boxing. If after a thorough investigation it is proven that a fighter entered the ring knowingly after using PED’s he should be banned permanently from the sport with no chance for reinstatement ever.

Question # 4

We all know the plight of Saul “Canelo Alvarez and him being stripped of his Middleweight title. If you are not familiar with the posturing by both he and his promoter, Golden Boy, then you either have your head buried in the sand or are not really that big of a boxing fan. If you are aware of the shenanigans I would like to know which scenario you would prefer to see.

A: Before a sanctioning body strips a fighter of their championship belt the final step in that process should be talking directly with the fighter himself to make sure he is 100% aware his title is in jeopardy. If anyone should have the final word in having his title stripped it is the fighter, not his promoter, not his manager, not his advisor, not his trainer, not his cut man, not the dude that holds the spit bucket, not one of his 2 bazillion instagram followers etc. etc. etc.

B: Let the champion’s promoter take all the necessary steps and speak on behalf of the champion when dealing with the sanctioning bodies prior to a fighter getting stripped of his belt. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the promoter always acts in the best interest of his fighter.

Question # 5

On June 1st Andy Ruiz pounded Anthony Joshua into submission and snagged the Brit’s World Heavyweight title in the process. Since then there has been nothing but bickering from both sides in regard to the rematch. Where and when Joshua would get a chance for redemption was up in the air. But if reports surfacing are true then on Monday it will be announced that the rematch will take place on December 7th in Saudi Arabia. That came as a pretty big surprise to almost everyone. What are your thoughts on the coming announcement?

A: Fighting at a neural site seems to be the most fair thing to do. Neither fighter should have any type of edge in The Saudi desert. Who knows? Maybe fighting in Saudi Arabia will become the new trend.

B: This decision is baffling if not downright laughable. Why in the world would you drag this fight to Saudi Arabia? The only people who will be able to afford the price of admission at the venue will be the rich. The likelihood anyone in the stadium will be real fight fans in minimal at best. That will equate to one of the worst atmospheres ever in a World Heavyweight title fight. Saudi Arabia? What’s the matter? Negotiations with The Sudan break down? Couldn’t come to an agreement on site fees with Tanzania?

Question # 6

The fine art of Matchmaking in boxing has been a topic of conversation over the past days and weeks. It is true good Match Makers can make or break a fighters and/or promoters careers. What isn’t so clear is what exactly his priorities are? From the outside looking in what do you believe the Match Makers main duties are?

A: He should do everything he has to in order to make the very best fights possible. A fighters competition should get better and better with each fight as he attempts to climb to the top. He should do whatever it takes to see to it his Champions make all mandatory title defenses happen with no exceptions. The best should fight the best because that’s what boxing fans deserve.

B: A Match Makers allegiance is to his promoter and he needs to do whatever it takes to make sure the promoter holds on to his top fighters at all costs. Fighters should fight a string of Bums and Tomato Cans in order to pad his record until it gets him into title contention. If the fighter should win a title it is up to the Match Maker to line up a plethora of “Has Been’” and “Never Were’” opponents in order for the fighter, and more importantly the promoter, to hold on to those belts and the cash that goes along with them for as long as possible. These “Bum of The Month” type fights should be standard until they wring every nickel out of their Paper Champion. The Match Maker is at his promoter’s beckoned call. It is not his job to keep the fans happy and he should not concern himself with giving the fans the fights they truly want to see.

Question # 7

I have stated this in the past but it bears repeating now more than ever. I am far from a numbers guy but no matter how hard I try I just cannot make the numbers that DAZN is throwing out add up. I just don’t see how they are going to pay these fighters they have signed to multi-million dollar contracts based on the cost of a subscription for viewers. Boxing experts in Los Angeles have agreed with my stance stating DAZN appears to be playing with Fools Gold. One expert went so far as to suggest DAZN is running some sort of half baked Ponzi scheme. What do you believe to be true about DAZN?

A: DAZN wouldn’t have offered these huge contracts to these fighters if they didn’t project to have the money to cover the bill. Sponsorships and commercial advertising will more than foot the bill.

B: One of their champions just got crushed and another doesn’t seem to be fighting anytime soon. DAZN is going to implode and file for bankruptcy sooner rather than later.

C: I have no intention on buying a subscription to DAZN. I really don’t care.

D: What’s DAZN?

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