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“Full Nelson” Applied To Charlo vs. Castaño

Monday, July 19th, 2021

By William Trillo
Photo: Amanda Wescott – SHOWTIME

As defined by Full Nelson
… a bad situation from which it is impossible to escape.

Anyone who saw this Saturday nights battle between WBA, WBC and IBF Super Welterweight World Champion Jermell Charlo and WBO Champ Brian Castaño knows very well that this was a nip and tuck war that was razor close. Everyone except Judge Nelson Vazquez that is. He somehow scored this fight 117-111 in favor of Charlo.

Considering the other two scorecards read 114-113 for Castaño and the other scored it a straight up 114-114 draw it’s safe to say good ol’ Nelsons scorecard borders on absurdity.

What is not so safe to say or suggest is that Nelson may have had his scorecard already written before the opening bell rang, as if he was inspired to have a preconceived notion, so to speak. (I did not say that).

Whatever the case may be, it’s a shame that boxing is slapped in the face with yet another inept scorecard that will forever take away from a darn good, if not Fight of the Year type battle.

Castaño started out like gangbusters and Charlo proved his mettle by coming on strong in the latter rounds to make this fight a tough one to call, unless of course you are Nelson who somehow saw Castaño only winning three rounds?

Three rounds?

To rub salt into the wound, this fight was for an undisputed Championship, which as we know is exceedingly rare these days. Someone was supposed to walk out of the ring Saturday night with all the 154-pound belts strapped around his waist. Both the winner and his promoter would have a lock on the Super Welter division, and they would be calling all the shots.

Are you doing the math here?

Because of Nelson’s questionable score…well as the above definition states;
it’s a bad situation from which it is impossible to escape.

Do with that information as you will.

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Friday Night Fights In
Los Angeles Final Thoughts

Monday, July 12th, 2021

By William Trillo
Photo: Marlene Marquez

I must admit it was great to be back outdoors in L.A. covering the Golden Boy Promoted fights on a perfect Southern California evening. Everyone in attendance from fans to media to the participants seemed to be having a great time. I know I did. I do have just a few random thoughts on the evening that I felt like sharing.

To be honest, up until this weekend I referred to Light Heavyweight Gilberto Ramirez as “Zzzzurdo”, as in watching him fight normally put me to sleep (zzz). But after watching his performance on Friday night I am going to retract that moniker. Ramirez made quick work of Sullivan Barrera in the Main Event and the multiple knockdowns leading to the KO were impressive. After the fight he stated he was looking for Dmitry Bivol. Coming off this performance it is certainly a fight I would like to see now.

JoJo Diaz overcame a rough patch in the fight and went on to take a well-deserved unanimous decision victory over Javier Fortuna. My first question is why did Ryan Garcia go out of his way to duck Fortuna? If he doesn’t think he can beat this guy what makes him think he has any chance against the bigger names at 135 pounds? You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines of Diaz’s post fight comments to know he feels the way.

I didn’t know much about lightweight William Zepeda coming into the fight other than the fact that his 22-0 record with 20 KO’s looked great on paper. Hector Tanajara found out the hard way that Zepeda is as good as his record reflects. After getting beaten from pillar to post Tanajara’s corner did the right thing by stopping the fight after six grueling rounds. Put Zepeda on your radar, this guy is the real thing.

Those girls from Japan can here with bad intentions.

Since when did a girl clanging her drums along with the already too loud D.J. become a thing? I know Sheila E. was pretty cool back in the day, but c’mon, this display was not tolerable in the least.

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It’s Full Circle For McCullough and Quigley

Monday, June 7th, 2021

By William Trillo
Photo: Cheryl McCullough

As I was covering the fights on Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas I was taken by surprise when I saw Wayne McCullough working the corner of Jason Quigley who was getting ready to square off in what turned out to be a very entertaining and close fight against Shane Mosley Jr.

I was curious to find out about McCullough working in Quigley’s corner, so I reached out to “The Pocket Rocket” to get the inside scoop. As always, Wayne was gracious to speak with me about that night.

Pound4Pound: When did you find out that trainer Andy Lee was not going to be available and you would be working in Jason’s corner, how did that all go down?

Wayne McCullough: I first found out ten days before the fight. Jason was coming over on Sunday, the week of the fight. So, they called and told me the situation and asked if I would work the corner. Of course, I told them I would be honored to!

I have known Jason since he fought in the World Series of Boxing with the L.A. Matadors. That is where I first saw him and I said to him if he ever thought about going pro and coming over here, (to The States), I would love to be a part of your team. Jason went on to win the Silver at the World Amateur Boxing Championships and then signed with Golden Boy and started working with Manny Robles. After he left Manny, he came to me to train and he loved it but, he was homesick.
So Jason went back home and started training with Ingles. That didn’t work out too well and they ended up with Andy Lee. When they called and asked if I could help for this fight I said, “Yes, no problem at all”.

P4P: So, it sounds like this was a good fit for everyone in this circumstance.

WM: It was a good fit because we knew each other. We hung around together in California, so it wasn’t like we were strangers. I said to Jason the other day, “You know it’s funny how things come around full circle.” With that, We were all on the same page. We talked often before the fight and we talked after the fight.

P4P: Regarding the fight itself, it was a good fight, I thought Jason won it. Seeing one of the judges had it a draw surprised me just a bit.

WM: Well Bill, the truth is, and Jason even said it there in the ring afterwards, it was a close fight. It could have been a draw, it’s just the way one looks at the rounds. I had it 96-94 and one judge had it even, it’s possible it could have gone that way. In the last rounds I told Jason, “You got to go in there and win these rounds, you can’t step backwards and run around, you got to step forward”. He did that and on the judges’ cards he won those rounds.

P4P: I have been fortunate enough to see Jason when he started his pro career. I was also there to see his loss to Tureano Johnson. I am glad to see him get this victory here and wonder what you think it’s going to take to get him back up to the top.

WM: That loss to Johnson was a tough loss, your first loss is always your hardest. But Jason knows, the preparation for that fight wasn’t the greatest. The weight factor too was a big an issue for him then. The week of the fight cutting ten pounds doesn’t do your body any good. But for the fight with Mosley he was fantastic, he didn’t have to cut any weight, he was perfect.

P4P: I have said it before, in my opinion one loss is not a career ender and a loss can actually be a learning experience to make a fighter better. For Jason, it appears he did learn from that loss. Hopefully, this victory puts him back in the mix.

WM: Yes, this should put him back up there in the Top Ten at least. Jaime Munguia is with Golden Boy so there is a possibility of a fight happening there. Jason has mentioned Demitrius Andrade as well, he is with DAZN too, so that is a possibility as well. Munguia is a tough fighter, but I think that would be a good one for Jason. And if I was involved in it that would be great too because Erik Morales is in the other corner (laughs). Golden Boy will do the right thing of course, whatever they do I would love to be involved.

P4P: I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask if The McCullough Gym is still up and running. Are you still in the business of training fighters?

WM: Yes it is, and yes I am! I was in California for a few years but I am back now and still have the gym open that you know I had Librado Andrade and Enrique Ornelas training at. I am still up and running looking for the next world champion.

P4P: That’s great to hear. If I know anyone looking for a trainer I will certainly let them know about you.

WM: Thanks Bill, you brought me fighters back in 2006 and I will always be grateful for that. I hope we can do it again sometime!

P4P: Me too!

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Is This The Last Hurrah For Arreola?
Maybe Not!

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

By William Trillo

The last time I recall Chris Arreola tipping the scale at the 229 mark was back in 2006 when he faced his crosstown rival Damian “Bolo” Wills. This was a long-awaited matchup of the two hottest prospects to come out of Southern California. It was a toss up who was going to win the fight in the eyes of many, but I always held firm that Arreola was going to bludgeon Wills. History will tell you I hit the proverbial nail on the head. Arreola beat Wills to a pulp and the fight came to an end after seven brutal rounds.

The world was seemingly Arreola’s oyster at that point and anything short of becoming the next heavyweight champ of the world would be a huge, if not surprising disappointment. Arreola was a beast. There didn’t seem to be anyone that would get in his way.

As it turned out someone did get in his way, it was Arreola himself.

It’s all been well chronicled by now. Lets call it the Three B’s;
Burrito’s, Beer and Bad Training habits derailed a very promising career. To put it simply, it’s a very sad story.

Now…It’s no secret that I have been as hard on Chris as anyone, just ask any of my three readers, they will confirm that fact. It never sat well with me that Arreola became his own “Nightmare”.

That being said, I have a newsflash for you. I believe Arreola is going to KO Andy Ruiz tonight in Carson tonight. I will take it further than that by saying I truly hope he does and will be pulling for him to do what most say he cannot.

In his last bout, which he lost by the way, Arreola actually looked better than he had in years. I was hopeful Joe Goossen would get another fight or two as Arreola’s trainer to sharpen his skills and get him one more crack at a title. He now has Chris in the best shape he has been in since 2006. I believe the fact that Chris knows that a loss here effectively ends his career will motivate him to be the best he can. If my hunch is correct, Ruiz ends up on his back when the fight is over.

Yes, I know Ruiz has got himself in pretty good shape as well and looked decent as he hit the scales at 256 on Friday. Do with this information as you will, but Wills also weighed 256 pounds when Arreola dismantled him on that Las Vegas night oh so long ago.

Go get ‘em Chris. I will be rooting for you tonight!

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Valdez’s Manager Frank Espinoza Reveals His Talent Finding Secret

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

By William Trillo

His ledger speaks for itself. Martin Castillo, Enrique Sanchez, Daniel Ponce De Leon, Israel Vasquez, Abner Mares and now Oscar Valdez. The chances are whenever you see the next up and coming lighter weight Mexican hitting the spotlight there is a good chance you are going to see Espinoza in their corner.

I was fortunate enough to speak to Espinoza a few days after his latest protégé Oscar Valdez shocked the boxing world with the devastating defeat of the now dethroned Champion Miguel Berchelt. After congratulating the manager for having another World Title holder under his wing I had a few questions I hoped he would answer.

The first question was if was if he didn’t mind revealing his secret? How is it that it’s not uncommon to see him in the corner of the next Mexican breakout champion? What does he know that helps him find the fighters that will rise to the top?

Espinoza chuckled and said, “Thanks for the compliment Will. You know the main thing is the fact that I like to do my own scouting in the amateur ranks. I like to see them for myself. Of course, I love my Mexican fighters. When I am watching I look for fighters who already have that pro style. I like the amateurs that will fight and have that certain toughness about them. Those are the young men I target.”

Fancy that! Espinoza’s secret is simply good old-fashioned nose to the grindstone hard work. In a world full of boxing managers who are busy cutting records or worrying about their Social Media presence it is refreshing to see a guy who does his work the old-fashioned way. (Insert Smith/Barney commercial here).

Of course, I had to inquire about the Valdez/Berchelt fight. I noted that it’s doubtful anyone is going to worry about Oscar the next time he gets into the ring against a perceived bigger and stronger fighter.

“I am glad you mentioned that,” shared Espinoza. “You know, after the Quigg fight I knew it was time for a change. Oscar was just getting hit too much that night and as far as I was concerned. We had to go a different direction. A lot of people were extremely critical of me when we left Manny Robles, but it had to be done. You saw the difference Eddie Reynoso has made. Oscar did not get hit flush very much on Saturday night. Bringing in Reynoso made all the difference in the world.”

In other words, Critics be damned.

From being second guessed for replacing trainers to having his fighter being given no chance to defeat Berchelt, Espinoza has shown once again that it’s best not to second guess him or his hard work.

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The Anniversary No One Saw Coming
& Other Random Thoughts

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

By William Trillo

It was exactly one year ago today that Tyson Fury rid the boxing world of Deontay Wilder and became the Heavyweight Champ of the World. Little did most of the boxing media in attendance know that this would be the last live event we would cover until further notice. At the present time we are 365 days, and counting, into the longest draught of our respective journalistic careers.

For most of us lucky enough to get a credential, covering boxing is our dream job. A good portion of us do not make any money at it but rather do it for the love of the sport. Having the canvas unexpectedly pulled out from under our feet is akin to a hook to the liver. I know I speak for my peers and myself when I say, we all deeply miss being a part of these great events and will hope and pray this situation is over sooner rather than later.

The Next Oscar “The Boxer” Is Here

First it was the Los Angeles fighter Oscar “The Boxer” Muniz who grabbed the nickname. If there was a more exciting fighter getting into the ring at The Olympic Auditorium in the late 1970’s you are going to have to point him out to me.

Next of course there is Mr. De La Hoya. Early on in his career a few called him Oscar “The Boxer”. But that “Golden Boy” moniker was…well…Golden. Need I say more.

And now we have Oscar Valdez. After his spectacular performance against Miguel Berchelt on Saturday night it is only fitting to call him the new millennium Oscar “The Boxer”. No matter what was said of him before the fight Oscar proved he is worthy to carry the torch. Long live Oscar “The Boxer” Valdez.

In Regard To HBO’s Fake Famous

One of my Southern California peers recently mentioned that “Fake Famous” on HBO, the documentary about these so-called influencers was, “interesting”. Reading between the lines I had a feeling I knew why the heads up was given. Back in the day the same journalist referred to a new breed of arrogant if not useless journalists as “The Blogger Brigade”. How these guys found their way into getting credentials to local boxing shows was anyone’s guess. Outside of them standing around trying to one up each other with how great of an internet following they have, their contributions to the sport were negligible at best.

Somewhere along the way this brigade morphed themselves into this group of “Influencers” we see all over Social Media. Amongst most of the hardcore everyday boxing media who are in attendance to cover the shows, these “Influencers” are seen as little more than Bottom Feeders.

Sorry, someone had to say it.

With documentaries like “Fake Famous” getting airtime one can only hope that like that once popular webpage Myspace, these charlatan’s will get exposed, dry up, blow away and become extinct.

You know who you are.


Did you think I was going to lose my edge?

Not bloody likely!

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Al Bernstein Interview: Discussing His Unplugged Show With Christy Martin & More

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

By William Trillo

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with one of boxing’s all-time best commentators, Al Bernstein. Anyone who follows boxing is keenly aware Bernstein’s insight on the Manly Art of Self Defense is second to none. When I heard that Al’s next Unplugged episode would be with Boxing Hall of Famer and former World Champion Christy Martin, I knew this was something I wanted to speak to him about and to let our readers know to check this one out. It’s a can’t miss interview.

Martin’s career and life are nothing short of astonishing if not harrowing. Without giving too much away, Bernstein gave a glimpse of the interview. “Christy’s life reads like a book,” said Al, “From the beginning of her career when she couldn’t believe promoter Don King wanted her, to her fights inside the ring, her personal secrets and the turmoil outside the ring with her husband who always said he was going to kill her, Christy’s life is as complex and interesting as anyone could imagine.”

Now a promoter, Martin is looking for big things with her promotions in 2021. Says Bernstein, “Christy has given so much to the sport and is a true Hall of Famer. We are truly hoping for her to have all the success as a promoter that she earned as a fighter both inside and outside the ring”

“Christy’s life is very compelling”, stated Bernstein, “even people who are very in tune with boxing are going to be surprised when they check out this interview. Christy is a pioneer in so many different areas of her life, not just boxing. I am certain this interview will be of interest to both boxing fans and non-boxing fans alike.”

Here are the links for the show :

YouTube ep36:
TV 201:

Switching gears, I couldn’t help but ask Bernstein about the inside the ring statements recently made by lightweights, Teofimo Lopez, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia. There is already rumblings of a “Four Kings” type of era like we saw back in the 80’s when Duran, Leonard, Hagler and Hearns were taking cracks at each other.

“Let’s not forget about Devin Haney as well”, noted Bernstein, “but the climate is different now and there are so many different promoters in the mix here. It’s not going to be as easy as it was back in the 80’s when Bob Arum really took charge and made those great fights happen. That being said, I am hopefully optimistic that these guys are going to start facing each other. They know that’s where the big money is and to get the big bucks they are going to have to make these fights happen. Like I said, I am hopefully optimistic 2021 is going to be bringing us these fights.”

Reflecting on those days in the 80’s Bernstein shared a conversation he had with the legendary Gil Clancy at lunch during the height of the 1980’s boxing scene. Bernstein asked Clancy, “Has there ever been a better era in boxing than the one we are living in right now?” Bernstein said Clancy looked at him as he stated, “No, and it will be very hard to ever beat.”

Lastly we wanted to talk to Al about the fights he will be covering that are coming up on Showtime January 23rd when in the long-awaited battle between undefeated rising junior featherweight stars, WBO 122-pound World Champion Angelo Leo meets Stephen “Cool Boy” Fulton Jr., in the main event.

“This is a fantastic match-up of two great styles that is sure to be a particularly good fight. This fight was supposed to take place before the Pandemic appeared and now it is finally going to happen. A battle of undefeated fighters for a world title. It’s sure to be an exceptionally good battle.”

Bernstein then made sure to state, “And the undercard here is not to be missed. Ra’eese Aleem is a world class fighter in his own right. In fact, he could hold his own very well with either fighter in the main event. He is not to be overlooked. And Victor Pasillas is a formidable foe, a southpaw with a huge heart. This is a fight I am looking forward to with great anticipation as well.”

We are looking forward to checking back in with Al after the first quarter of the year. Bernstein and I agree that 2021 has the prospect to be a great breakout year for boxing. I can not wait to speak to him again as the year progresses.

Al Bernstein Unplugged is available on all major podcast platforms and can be seen on Youtube. The television version of the show is available on a number of networks seen in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. It is available on Directv on Channel 623, Fios on Verizon Channel 597 and AT&T U-verse Channel 1665. Check local listings for day and times.

Golovkin Discovers The Fountain Of Youth

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

By William Trillo
Photos: Melina Pizano/Matchroom & Michael Owens/Matchroom

As the story goes, it was in the 16th century that Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon went to Florida in search of “The Fountain Of Youth”. His search came up empty. But…some 500 years later while on his travels to Florida it appears Gennady Golovkin has not only found, but drank from the elusive regenerating fountain.

After a fourteen-month absence from the ring the big question to be answered was whether or not “Father Time” had finally caught up up with GGG. Maybe he was now only a shell of his former self.

That notion was laid to rest on Friday night as Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KO’s) looked to be in the best physical condition of his life as he took on the mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta (21-1-1, 5 KO’s) in defense of GGG’s IBO and IBF middleweight belts.

Looking like a man on a mission Golovkin opened the show working behind a stiff left jab that opened the door for unrelenting punishment that he would hand to Szeremeta all night. Before the round would come to its conclusion a left hand delivered by GGG sent Szeremeta crashing to the canvas. He arose to finish the round but it would be far from the last time Szeremeta would kiss the mat again.

In round two Golovkin stayed the course using that stunning jab once again as he was making easy work of the overmatched Szeremeta. With 30 seconds left in the round GGG uncorked a right hand that sent Szeremeta down. The tough fighter would again get to his feet and finish the round.

A left hand uppercut did the huge damage for Golovkin in round four. Szeremeta never saw it coming and again he was getting acquainted with the canvas.

Golovkin appeared to take his foot off the pedal for a round. For what it’s worth it gave Szeremeta a chance to save face, but with no power in his punches to get the attention of GGG his minimal efforts went all for naught.

To put an exclamation on the night as round seven was just one-minute old Golovkin used one of those piston-like jabs to set Szeremeta down on the seat of his pants once again. Over the course of the remaining two minutes of the round GGG was dominant. He battered his foe from pillar to post. To his credit a tough Szeremeta was able to weather the storm and he survived another round.

With discretion now being the better part of valor the corner of Szeremeta said their fighter had enough. With that the ref waved the fight of in between rounds seven and eight.

With the victory Golovkin had now defended his title for the 21st time but more importantly he catapulted himself into some very high-profile fights for 2021. DAZN was already laying bait for a Cinco De Mayo bout against Canelo Alvarez, who by the way is conveniently fighting 24 hours after Golovkin proved he is still a very worthy and credible foe.

When Golovkin was asked about his performance after the fight he stated, “This was a great show! A great event! I am still a very smart fighter. I was very comfortable in the ring. I did good smart work tonight.”

When asked what is next for him GGG smiled and said, “I am open for anybody! And trust me it will be the best fight next time!”

The boxing world can only speculate as to what Golovkin means when he says “best fight.”

Over the next few days it’s a sure bet armchair cornermen and naysayers will question the worthiness of Golovkin’s opposition in Szeremeta. Was he strong enough? Was he talented enough? But the fact will remain that Szeremeta was the mandatory challenger for GGG and the Champion did what he had to in order to defend his crown.

Over the last year Golovkin was flying well below the radar, a blip on the screen so to speak. But after one drink from that mythical fountain Golovkin’s impressive performance has reminded us all that he still is one of the top fighters in the world and well worth the price of admission.

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Spence vs. Crawford 2021 Is A No-Brainer
No Excuses Will Be Tolerated
And Best Of All, I’m Gonna Tell Ya How

Monday, December 7th, 2020

By William Trillo

As defined by
No-brainer: Something, especially a choice or decision, that is so obvious or easy as to require little or no thought.

As the WBC and IBF Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. was dismantling Danny Garcia on Saturday night the PPV broadcast cut away to a shot of probably the most interested customer in the house, that being WBO Welterweight Champion Terrance Crawford. Like an angler baiting the hook with a juicy worm, the powers that be at PBC just cast their line in the hopes of landing a whopper. Let’s hope they don’t let the big one get away.

As the camera zoomed in on “Bud” in between rounds he was leaning over talking to his posse. With a confident smile on his face, you just knew Crawford was pontificating about how he would handle and dominate Spence.

As we know, Spence went on to defeat Garcia to retain his titles giving boxing fans the hopes that somehow, someway a Spence vs. Crawford Super Fight is looming on the horizon. Like back in the day when boxing gave us fights like Leonard-Hearns, Duran-Leonard, Hagler-Hearns and Leonard-Hagler the matchup between Spence and Crawford must be made.

Of course, there will be hurdles to clear but don’t tell me it can’t be done. Any excuse will be pure horse hockey. Do not tell me that the respective promoters, that being PBC’s Al Haymon and Top Ranks Bob Arum can not do business together. That too in manure.

If the two can put their disdain for each other aside to facilitate Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder there is no reason they can’t do the same for Spence/Crawford. PERIOD. End of discussion.

Logistically, the fight might be a bit more difficult to put together because of the pandemic, but at the end of the day it can be done.

Now let me tell you how.

First of all, you do everything in Texas. From the World Series to Championship boxing The Lone Star State has shown they are ready, willing and able to hold major sporting events with fans in attendance. And yes, I know Texas is the home state of Spence, but I am very sure Crawford would be more than willing to face Errol in his backyard, in fact I think he would relish the idea.

Next, this is going to take a lead up to the big event. So somewhere around May, heck even a Cinco De Mayo battle featuring both fighters in separate bouts in Texas would start the promotion rolling. Don’t worry that you might be stepping on the toes of the usual Cinco De Mayo fight day promoter. With his mainstay long gone what is he going to do? Try to entice you with Ryan Garcia? (Insert LOL emoji here).

I can even give you their opponents.

For Spence it’s easy. Josesito Lopez looked pretty darn good on Saturday night and earned a shot at a title. There is your Main Event.

For Crawford, it would be nice to see how he looks in the ring against a southpaw. I’m sure that would be a test the fans would like to see since Spence is a lefty. Enter the # 6 WBO undefeated contender Michael McKinson (19-0, 2 KO’s). And yes, I know, not exactly a household name, but he is ranked in the Top 10, undefeated and a Southpaw. There’s your Semi-Main.

You build a Spring card around that and make it clear the winners of the Main Events will face off in a Texas summertime spectacular. Of course, you have all parties concerned contractually obligated to this and then you let the fisticuffs begin.

You can promote both dates at the same time. Call the tandem fight cards, “The Texas Two-Step”…not bad, huh?

Assuming Spence and Crawford both get by their Cinco De Mayo opponents, the interest generated around this showdown would be off the charts. A summertime battle in Texas would have the Fight of the Decade written all over it.

Navigating through the World Wide Web the day after Spence/Garcia it’s pretty clear that every boxing scribe on the planet will take nothing less than a 147 pound title unifier before the end of 2021. Any excuses or BS will be met with well-deserved harsh criticism that will be pointed directly at the promoters.

Boxing needs this match-up more than any other fight on the horizon. Boxing fans not only deserve this fight but will be looking for blood if it doesn’t happen. And who could blame them.

Make this happen Mr. Haymon and Mr. Arum or there is going to be hell to pay.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Monday, November 30th, 2020

By William Trillo

By now you have probably taken in more Thanksgiving weekend fight reports than you can stomach. You have sliced it, diced it and digested more than a mouth full. And now that you have had more than your fill it’s my turn to give you one more helping, because… hey, that’s what I do.

Before I recap the fights, I have to come clean and apologize to everyone for my less than spot on predictions on how the weekend would go. Not only did I say Danny Jacobs (37-3,30 KO’s) vs. Gabriel Rosado (25-13-1, 14 KO’s) promised to be a fan friendly war but I also stated that Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones was nothing more than a farce.

I stand corrected.

Jacobs vs. Rosado was as dull a fight as I have seen in quite some time. This was not the way a couple of heated rivals from east coast neighborhoods should have handled their business. Fans who were expecting fireworks got nothing more than a dud.

For Jacobs this was problematic on so many levels. He needed to shine in this one as big money fights were there for the taking if he performed well. But alas, he did not.

For Rosado, the uglier the fight the better it was for him. Trust me, this fight was as ugly as could be. But that was just fine for Rosado whose confidence grew with each and every round.

For what it’s worth, when the final bell rang Jacob’s body language was that of a loser while Rosado had the look of a man who pulled off the upset. And yes, it was that close. Personally, I thought Rosado did enough to get the victory.

In the end the judges saw fit to give Jacobs a merciful razor thin split decision win. Whether or not Jacobs hurt his future purses with this poor performance is anyone’s guess. For Rosado this one had to sting a lot. That said, I am willing to bet we see this consummate warrior in the ring long before Jacobs can figure out exactly what it is he wants to do, if anything at all.

Regarding Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones, I will make it short and sweet.

Look, no one is ever going to mistake their performances as anything other than an exhibition. That being said, for these two mid-fifty year old fighters to go out their and give us eight rounds (2 minutes each) of boxing is to be respected. Anyone who has ever gloved ‘em up and jumped into the ring for even three minutes knows it is no small feat.

Truthfully, Mike looked pretty good, moved well and put together some pretty nice body work. Roy on the other hand looked like he was in survival mode before the opening bell rang. But give him credit to know what to do to last the eight rounds in front of him.

Tyson and Jones was a nice holiday treat that gave hungry boxing fans a glimpse of those glory days that have long gone by.

As soon as Ru Paul steps up and fights a legitimate boxer he is going to get his head handed to him in quick fashion. I am hopeful this will happen sooner rather than later.

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