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Flirting With Disaster Again

Monday, December 20th, 2021

By William Trillo
Photo: Bernard Brault – GYM

Just a little over three months ago a female fighter by the name of Jeanette Zacarias Zapata from Mexico died five days after being KO’d inside of a boxing ring in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The 18-year-old was seriously overmatched. It’s not to say the outcome was inevitable but…….

This past Saturday night in the very same Montreal city and with the very same Montreal promoter, Yvon Michel from GYM, it was Marie-Eve Dicaire in a vacant World title fight against…you guessed it…a ridiculously overmatched girl from Mexico by the name of Cynthia Lozano. It was clear after the first fifteen seconds of round one that Lozano possessed little if any boxing skills whatsoever.

Taking the facts I just laid out into consideration I’d like to ask a few somewhat rhetorical questions.

Is Michel’s memory that short? Did he not remember what happened on a card of his in September of this year?

Can someone explain to me how Lozano was in line to fight for the then vacant IBF Female Super Welterweight title?

Is the quality of fighters in female boxing so pathetic that a full time Mother of three and very part time fighter from Nuevo Leon, Mexico can be sanctioned by the IBF to fight for the title?

How is it that a fighter, a former champion who lives and breathes boxing unable to quickly dispatch of this hand-picked opponent with inferior skills? Furthermore, how was said Champions face so lumped up after taking on a fighter she should have outclassed and steamrolled?

I’d love to hear your answers to all of these questions.

This is why I personally have a hard time giving women’s boxing the time of day. The talent pool amongst the ladies is very shallow. No Life Jackets needed shallow. It’s hard to get excited about fights like the one we saw on Saturday night. But due to the lack of quality in the female ranks, it is more often than not what we get.

As far as that Dicaire vs. Lozano fight goes… Shame on you Yvon Michel. Did you not learn anything after the recent tragedy? I know the hometown TV announcers were trying to bail you out by quoting some reassuring statement you made about the mismatch, but honestly, it all sounded like Charlie Browns teacher to me, “Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah.”

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