You Talkin’ To Me?

June 30th, 2018

By William Trillo

As I opened my email on Monday morning I weeded through various press releases, notices that I had just inherited $50 million and proposals of marriage from 20 year old Russian women. As I sifted through the mess there was an interesting correspondence, the subject of which read; Interview Request MEL Magazine.

In the body of the email was a request to interview yours truly about the business side of boxing. The writer, Andrew Fiouzi, was writing an article for and was looking for an “expert” to direct him accordingly. How he ended up on my doorstep is anyone’s guess but I was more than happy to oblige.

What’s the worst I could do? Stick my foot in my mouth? It wouldn’t be the first time….right?

After a couple of phone calls the interview with Fiouzi was “in the can” and all I could do now was wait for the article to post later in the week. I was hopeful the interview was helpful and that the article would be an interesting read… and it was. I think you will agree that the article is informative as well as interesting. Outside of a few bits the wound up on the cutting room floor Fiouzi made good use of the quotes I gave him.

Those bit’s you ask?

Oh you know, just the usual….for instance; How local promoters screw the beejeebers out of young up and comers by forcing them to sell tickets to the events, (upwards of 60 tix per promotion at $50 a pop), and then maybe paying the kid a paltry $1000, (do the math), and threatening not to pay the fighter if he doesn’t sell all the tickets. The last promoter who tried that crap damn near lost his license until he compensated the fighter for his night of work.

Or the one about the new breed of boxing Advisor/Manager who seems to be a nice guy by only charging 10% for his services. But the fact is said Advisor/Manager has a string of Puppet Promoters scattered across North America who act as promoters for him because it’s illegal to both manage fighters and promote them at the same time. The Adviser/Manager is well aware his team of Carnival Barker promoters he uses like to be the center of attention and are willing to sell their souls for peanuts just to get a little taste of the limelight. That normally leaves upwards of 20% or more of the purse for the “nice guy” Advisor/Manager to shove into his already overstuffed pockets. Again I implore you to do the math and then start humming a few bars of Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

But I digress.

Although I was a bit surprised Fiouzi wanted to talk to me, of all people, I was thrilled to give him the inside dope on the bizness of boxing…as I know it.

Please check out this link for the interview;

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GGG Receives Ring Magazine Pound For Pound Belt; Canelo’s Duck & Cover Press Events Plan Revealed

June 19th, 2018

By William Trillo

On any other day the media in attendance would be congratulating GGG for this truly prestigious honor. As Ring Magazine Editor In Chief Doug Fisher noted, it had been several decades since they bestowed this honor on a Fighter. That was 1993 when Pernell Whitaker was given the P4P belt. As a proud Golovkin received his award names like Hagler, Hopkins and Monzon were mentioned. Putting the Golovkin name in the same sentence with any of those greats spoke volumes; GGG is truly in an elite class.

But as 360 Promotions Chief Tom Loeffler said, “This is a media lunch to recognize Gennady as the Ring Magazine middleweight champion. It just happens to be that last week we made the deal to fight Canelo Alvarez.”

A truer statement could not be uttered. The packed room was happy to see GGG get that belt but more than that they wanted to hear what Golovkin had to say about the consummated deal that will put him back in the ring with Canelo this coming September.

Loeffler threw out a quick jab at Team Canelo when he noted, “We are having clenbuterol-free, VADA-approved steaks for this press conference.” In fact, the fare that was served to the media was all clearly labeled including the Filet Mignon Medallions.

The animosity is building early for this battle and by fight week the tension will be thick enough to cut it with a knife, count on that.

Not to go unnoticed during the day was confirming a rumor I stumbled upon that suggested Canelo has made it clear he does not want to share the same space with GGG during any of the upcoming press events. When I asked Loeffler about this he stated, “They won’t be in the same room at the same time leading up to it. During fight week, who knows? If we do a press conference that week, or when you do the weigh-in, however we do it these guys… (Shrugs his shoulders). I don’t know if it’s animosity but Triple G feels that Canelo has a lack of respect for what happened and Canelo doesn’t seem happy about what has happened and it has taken on a completely different tone for this promotion.”

So when Golovkin noted during the press conference, “I don’t think he (Canelo) can look me into the eyes”, not only should we take that literally but it appears Canelo has made sure that won’t happen.

Considering what transpired before the May 5th fight and the Canelo tests that came up dirty, costing everyone a whole lot of money, I was curious if Team GGG has anything in place in the contract that would protect them financially in case Canelo should happen to accidentally woof down another plateful of Clenbuterol laced Burritos forcing another unexpected suspension and end to the September rematch. Loeffler answered, “We haven’t even gotten that far yet, but I am sure there will be something in place because like Abel said, we were ready for May 5 for Canelo and now we are hoping everything works out so we can get these guys in the ring on September 15th. It’s not unreasonable to put something like that in the contract, of course it would have to be for both sides, but the burden is clearly on Canelo to make sure he is clean and eligible to fight on September 15th.

Going back to the first fight and everything that was said in the aftermath fans seem split down the middle as to whether or not Canelo was fighting dirty that night. I asked Loeffler if in hindsight Team Golovkin thought maybe Canelo may have been under the effects of something illegal that night. “I think there are a lot of suspicions,” quipped Loeffler, “not only on our team but in general. But we had to go by what the Nevada Commission investigation came up with. This time he is doing a lot of testing just like Triple G will be doing throughout their entire training camps.’

Switching back to the reason we were there, and that was Golovkin getting that Pound For Pound belt Loeffler proudly said, “It’s a great honor and that is why we are here. It’s a great turnout from the media. This is one of the biggest honors you can get in the sport of boxing. There’s a lot of politics involved in boxing with all the titles and all the sanctioning bodies, to get the Pound For Pound title from Ring Magazine is a huge honor for Triple G.”

It seems like less than two weeks ago Golovkin was getting stripped of one of his hard earned titles and was playing second fiddle to Golden Boy and their “put up or shut up” demands. Suddenly here we are less than 14 days later and not only does Golovkin have a brand new shiny and prestigious belt to wrap around his waist but he got the split he was looking for in a fight that is sure to be the blockbuster event of the year.

I’m not sure if Golovkin has time to hit the tables when he is in Las Vegas but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is one heck of a Poker player. Not only will he stand firm on his hand and not fold, but he has the guts to call your bluff while doing so. If he beats Canelo in September we might have to start calling him Gennady “Royal Flush” Golovkin.

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Ready, Willing & “Abel”,
GGG Trainer Sanchez Talks Canelo & More

June 14th, 2018

By William Trillo

As reported by only moments after it became official, Gennady Golovkin & Canelo Alvarez will meet on September 15th at The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a rematch of their controversial draw that left boxing fans wanting more.

The fight should prove to be a dramatic event for all parties concerned including the trainer of GGG, Abel Sanchez, whom we had a chance to speak to in regard to all things GGG.

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster for Team Golovkin. First the IBF stripped GGG of his title and soon thereafter GGG softened his stance on his money demands to fight Canelo. My knee jerk reaction was that it was a cause and effect situation but Sanchez said no. “The reason Gennady pulled back on his demands was the same reason that he agreed to fight Canelo on May 5th, “said Sanchez, “Gennady feels he owes it to his fans to be in the ring, he owes it to his fans to try to do as much as possible without hurting himself to make sure the fight goes off. He is trying to get himself in the ring as much as he can so the fans can enjoy him before he retires, he is 36 years old, it’s only three or four more years and them his time is finished.”

While all the posturing was going on Golden Boy was throwing out the name of Danny Jacobs as Canelo’s next dance partner, but I knew that was just the promoter playing poker. Everyone including Sanchez was calling that bluff. “They were just throwing the Jacobs name out there to feel the public out and get an idea of how the situation might play out,” exclaimed Sanchez. “They found out the fight the fans want to see is Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo. Gennady was always willing to try to do as much as he could without hurting himself to make this happen. But there comes a point when you have to have pride in what you do and not be pushed around. Gennady felt like he was being pushed around, being made the second banana. Gennady is the champion; he is the guy who fights clean, he is the man who beat this guy last time. A lot of the things are being said by some of the other organizations, and then there is some of the things that Canelo has not done to comply with them, things that everybody else does, that other fighters do…Golovkin takes this to heart basically saying, “Why are we all doing it and that Diva is not?”

Whatever the case may be, and whatever the final purse split is for the fighters, it’s a done deal now and in a few months boxing fans will get to watch these two settle the score. It appeared hopeless earlier in the day on Wednesday but as Sanchez noted,” As long as they were talking there was always hope. Now they have come to terms and the fans will get the fight they want and Golovkin can knock Canelo out once and for all or dominate him even more and they can put last September to rest.”

In regard to the IBF stripping his fighter Sanchez didn’t pull any punches. “It unfortunate these organizations have these agendas,” noted Sanchez. “Here we have a young man who is doing something that rarely is done, and that is being a unified champion. Terrance was one of them, Bernard Hopkins was another. I think they need to take things like this into consideration before stripping someone who is on a quest to be a unified champi9on like Gennady. It’s an unfortunate thing, they have a mandatory with a guy who has 12 fights. In his last fight he fought in an eight round fight off TV against a guy who was 22-23. It took him 6 rounds to knock this guy out! That you are stripping one of the greatest fighters of this era for a mandatory like that just does not make any sense to me. I wasn’t surprised they did this at all, they have agendas. It’s the pressure the get from other managers and other promoters to do an unthinkable thing like that. They are shortsighted.”

IBF belt or not, GGG vs. Golvkin will be the boxing event of the year, count on that. There is going to be a lot of talking going on between now and then. It’s safe to say feathers will get ruffled and feelings will get hurt before the September date, but when the bell rings for round 13 the only thing that will matter is who will be left standing when the dust settles.

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Your Other Left!

June 11th, 2018

By William Trillo

As defined by your other left
Phrase meaning “right” for dumbasses that can’t tell the difference between left and right.

Once again the ineptitude of my peers reared its ugly head at the Crawford/Horn post fight press conference on Saturday night. During the Q & A with Crawford two of my esteemed colleagues made it pretty clear they haven’t the slightest clue when a fighter is fighting from the orthodox stance or attacking his foe as a southpaw.

The first question came from a relative unknown who asked why when Crawford’s trainer asked him to switch stances that he didn’t comply by switching from orthodox to southpaw. Crawford chuckled and then corrected the directionally challenged telling him it was the other way around.

A few moments later a similar question came from someone who thinks he is God’s gift to boxing journalism, that being Fat Dan Rafael. That’s right boys and girls, Mr. ESPN boxing himself doesn’t know left from right. When he made basically the same error as the other journalist Crawford smiled and corrected the misguided question. Rafael tried to get more from Crawford on his Southpaw vs. Orthodox strategy but it was pretty clear Crawford was just toying with Dan and not answering his questions. Heck, even Bob Arum joined in the fun as they made light of the situation. If Dan didn’t see he was getting mocked by Crawford and Arum…..well….he doesn’t know his right from his left…need I say more?

So, here we are with ESPN launching their new platform and their lead boxing journalist clearly has not a clue what he is talking about. Was it not for being spoon fed scoops because of that chair he plops himself down in Bristol, it’s doubtful this guy would get any run at all in the boxing world.

Moving on…. Haters already be hating on Crawford because of the inferior competition he took on Saturday night. And yes, Horn had no business being in the ring with Crawford with the simple exception that the man held a World Title Belt at 147 pounds and was the defacto reigning champion. It’s hard to blame Crawford or Bob Arum for that matter as “Bud” stepped up to 147 pounds and immediately made himself credible by dethroning Horn and staking claim to a 147 pound title. The mere fact that he holds one of those belts now instantly made him a very viable commodity in the welterweight division. Get over yourselves haters; Crawford is here to make some noise.

Something else Horn had no business doing was entering the ring to the same music that Gennady Golovkin has all but branded as his own. Hearing Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes as Horn walked out to battle rang very hollow, especially since most of us knew his performance was destined to be anything but Triple G-esque. In light of the events that transpired I think Horn would have been better served coming out to the Aussie classic Waltzing Matilda.

And last but not least, what was the story with security at The MGM on Friday before the weigh-in? I’m not sure what the Barney Fife dude at the door was all agro about but I was pretty sure he was getting ready to mace me down before I could get in the door to do my job. Really dude, I’m sorry you couldn’t pass the test to become a real police officer but I am pretty sure you could have found someone a little more dangerous than me to roust. Seriously…I was sure I was going to spend the weekend in the Las Vegas hoosegow. No doubt that would have pleased many of you…especially those of you that are 3 donuts short of 400 pounds.

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With The Draw, Adonis Can
Keep Milking The System

May 22nd, 2018

By William Trillo

As defined by
Milking The System: thinking that life owes you a free ride…
using every excuse in the book to get what you want…

Like most of the boxing community, including the majority of his hometown fans in Montreal, I was hopeful that Badou Jack would be the “Kryponite” that would rid us all of the blight that has become Adonis “Superman” Stevenson. Outside of GYM promoter Yvon Michel and maybe, and I do mean MAYBE, his manager/advisor at PBC, it’s doubtful anyone would miss the often inactive Light Heavyweight Champion.

Just check out this text message conversation I had shortly after the fight from a very connected to boxing friend who was looking for the result of the fight:

Boxing Friend: Hello Bill, did Jack win already?

Me: It’s freekin’ close, scores are coming.

BF: Really? Did he (Jack) look good?

Me: Here it comes…Majority Draw.


Me: Yup. Stupid Adonis keeps his belt.

BF: Sh*t

Me: Jack had him and blew it…but in the 8th or 9th round Adonis hit Jack with a freaking hard body shot and after that Jack was not as aggressive…it really hurt him.

BF: I bet it did…well it will be another big payday for these guys.

Me: Yup

BF: Was it a good fight?

Me: It started pretty lousy but got good in the end.

BF: Oh man, well that means they will get another day in a rematch. Who do you think has the advantage based on this fight?

Me: If Jack would have started earlier he would have beat Adonis. He waited too long and gave away a lot of early rounds.

BF: OK…yeah…it might be because he was cautious with Stevensons power…but finding a way to neutralize the power could help win early rounds.

Me: Yes…that is what it was…he was waiting for Adomis to get tired. It almost worked, but he waited too long….and then that one body shot…

BF: And that’s all it is? After all this time and drama with Stevenson and he is still the champ…SH*T!

Me: Tell me about it…I KNOW!!

BF: Now Adonis will talk like he is the greatest fighter and not fight for another year!

ME: Yup

BF: And now he will be the longest reigning champion! Hahahaha! You know he is second right behind GGG for longest reigning champ?

ME: Yup

BF: This sucks!

Me: Yup…it sure does.

My well connected friend hit the nail on the head. Adonis will milk the system for another year or more and spew some unintelligible rant about how he is the greatest fighter in the Light Heavy Division. In the meantime he is already using this draw as his open door to duck the winner of Kovalev vs. Alvarez as he will try to sell the rematch with Jack as the “Real” title fight at 175.

That’s BS and everyone in boxing knows it, but thanks to a pathetic game plan by Jack we are going to have to somehow swallow the inevitable rematch.

And yes…I put the onus of the blame on Badou. Reports coming out of Montreal early this month had Adonis barely training at all. Stevenson himself admitted after the fight he only had a three week training camp. If Jack can’t beat a guy with less than a month in the gym then he might want to reconsider taking another fight at 175.

For that matter, the best punch Jack landed all night was flush on the chin of an unsuspecting referee and the ref shook off that blow without so much as a wobble. If Jack can’t drop the ref with his best shot to the jaw, how in the world does he expect to put a dent in anyone at 175 pounds?

So…every time you hear Adonis opening his pie hole over the course of the coming year, (if not longer), remember to save a good portion of your angst for Jack who is just as responsible for this mess as anyone.

For the record, in my “always humble” opinion, I believe the judges got this one right as neither guy did enough to win. Unfortunately for us, that means Stevenson gets to keep his clutches on the strap.

The truth is….given this outcome of a draw, I would have rather had Adonis win the fight and then be forced to fight the winner of Kovalev vs. Alvarez or go away, with the latter being the preferred choice.

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StubHub Hubbub

May 8th, 2018

By William Trillo

As defined by
Hubbub: a loud, confused noise, as of many voices: tumult; uproar.

On any other Cinco De Mayo post fight report I would be commenting on the boxing festivities that took place in Las Vegas. As we know those plans were scrapped along with a gnawed on T-Bone (allegedly). Trutfully speaking although the shows lack of enormity had most boxing fans seeing Red, I was happy to hit the comfort of my own bed when the proceedings came to a grinding halt.

In the aftermath I am already tired of hearing that Triple G proved nothing by demolishing an inferior opponent. Given the situation I applaud him for going on with the Mexican Holiday show and giving the fans another look at his dominance at 160 pounds. Haters need not respond, I will hear none of it.

As it turned out we had back to back boxing from California that combined to put some 13,000 butts in the seats. There were no fights of the year on either card, but we did learn a few things.

In no particular order here is what this weekend taught us:

Vanes Matirosyan has nothing to be ashamed of.

Ryan Garcia is far from ready to display his wares in a world title fight.

Jayson Velez looked like he was there to perform but not there to win.

With his victory Spike O’Sullivan is the odds on favorite to get the next shot at the idle Canelo.

Cecilia Braekhus was less than impressive in her stateside and HBO debut.

Ryan Martin is far from a Blue Chip.

Max Kellerman can ask some really stupid questions.

The Canelo clone is good for a laugh.

Cyborg is frightening.

The “Me Too” movement is embarrassed by woman’s boxing.

The fans at StubHub are a tough crowd and will let the boo’s fly if they disapprove. (See Garcia, Braekhus and Kellerman).

I should have eaten two of those bacon wrapped hot dogs those cart vendors sell after the show.

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He Who Laughs Last…Laughs Last

May 5th, 2018

By William Trillo

It’s an image that was burned into my memory that I just can’t erase. That was just seconds after the Golovkin/Canelo post fight press conference was brought to its conclusion. Golden Boy brass and Canelo himself all turned to each other let out a huge tandem laugh. I found it appalling but was glad I caught it on film.

Only moments before the press conference came to its end those same aforementioned sat in front of the media with their poker faces on trying to look as glum as possible. The truth is they were all bursting with laughter inside….make no mistake about that.

Fast forward eight months to the Golden Boy press conference that announced Canelo would pull out of the Golovkin rematch and suddenly those long faces were the real thing, no one was giggling inside. Canelo’s Clenbuterol ingestion cost them one of the biggest paydays in the history of boxing and left Golden Boy basically speechless.

Who’s laughing now?

As GGG prepares to head into the ring with late substitute Vanes Matirosyan tonight the best Canelo can do is stick to his claim that he gobbled down tainted burritos…now that’s funny!

On a not so humorous note GGG stated in a recent interview that he believes there is but a slim 10% chance that a rematch with the Red Headed Mexican will take place.

Considering GGG conceded everything in the negotiations for the rematch only to have Canelo pull out of the fight due to his own indiscretions, it’s easy to assume Team GGG won’t be so compliant the next time around.

In response to that Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez spewed out one of the best one-liners of the week when he said that the reason Golovkin said what he did is because he believes Triple G is afraid of Canelo.

Seriously? That’s a real knee slapper.

All kidding aside the fact of the matter is as follows: If GGG is successful in his defense of his titles tonight against Matirosyan he will be in the driver’s seat for any and all negotiations with Golden Boy and Clenelo.

It’s clear Golden Boy had the upper hand in all the negotiations leading up to the scrapped rematch but after this botch job that led us down this crooked (take term literally) road, there is no way Golovkin nor Tom Loeffler should allow Team Tainted Meat to dictate any terms….no, not one.

Not so funny anymore, is it?

On a side note, if there is gonna be any Cinco De Mayo celebrating at Team Golden Boy I would advise them to stick with the Ceviche and stay away from any Red Meat Fajitas……seems pretty simple to me.

And oh by the way…the next time you pull a fast one on the boxing public you might wanna wait until you get behind closed doors to burst out in laughter and pat each other on the back.

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Q & A With Larry Merchant:
The Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Situation

April 5th, 2018

By William Trillo

It’s been of couple days and by now we have all had a chance to digest the Canelo tainted meat story and come up with our own conclusions on the matter. That being said I still was looking to hear the opinion of an expert. That’s when I decided to give renowned boxing announcer Larry Merchant a call. If anyone could put this situation into perspective it’s Merchant. Always candid and always matter of fact, I knew Larry would have plenty to say on this hot topic. As expected Larry didn’t disappoint. Check out our exclusive interview:

Pound4Pound: Now that the Canelo and Golden Boy situation has played out for everyone to see and he has been forced to withdraw from the GGG fight what are your thoughts on the matter?

Larry Merchant: First, as a fan I am disappointed. I wanted to see the 13th round because I thought the first fight was pretty darn good, it was a very close fight. That is my basic take. Whether you believe Canelo’s story or not, that being like other Mexican athletes that got trapped with tainted Mexican meat, he is responsible. It looks as though a one year suspension will be cut in half so the fight will be rescheduled in September.

P4P: I agree with you that he is responsible. Alvarez made it perfectly clear in the press conference that he was aware this problem has affected other major athletes in various sports in Mexico. My thinking is, if you knew the problem existed couldn’t you have taken some obvious precautions and stayed away from red meat while you were in training in Mexico?

LM: Right! And he could afford his own ranch!

P4P: That being said, it makes the tainted meat excuse very difficult to swallow.

LM: Well, that’s his story and he is sticking by it, but I think that he implied in his pulling out of the fight that he takes responsibility. So I am just going to have to go with that. There have been other prestigious fighters who have failed to pass tests including Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather and it didn’t harm their careers, but it is such a focal point today that everybody is taking out their frustrations on the guy who disappointed them.

P4P: Over the past week or so press conferences were called, postponed and then rescheduled and the date of the NSAC hearing changed from April 10th to the 18th. What do you make of all the rapid fire changes that occurred surrounding the failed drug test?

LM: I don’t really know. The only thing I can guesstimate is that it had something to do with the case that they presented. That in fact, they (Team Canelo) showed receipts from restaurants they ate at in Mexico. I don’t know what their (NSAC) response was. Maybe everybody was so surprised that in a big event like this, which Las Vegas depends on in a certain way, that the commission took this action. The last time I remember in a big high profile event that something like this happened in Las Vegas was when the Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis fight was rejected. That fight went to another venue in Memphis.

P4P: I along with a host of other boxing reporters said after the first test came back dirty that there was no way Las Vegas would pull the plug on this one, that there was just too much money involved. Soon there were rumblings that NSAC commissioner Bob Bennett took offense to those remarks and may reject the fight based on not only the evidence but spite. Do you think there is any truth to that at all?

LM: I think after looking at the evidence they probably decided that the mandatory one year suspension would be reduced by half, which is not uncommon, and the fight would be rescheduled in the Fall anyway. And sometimes the stars are aligned in a certain way, the rules are the rules and government commissions that are essentially designed to help Quasi-promote whatever they are commissioning sometimes in these events come down on the right side of the rules instead of finding other ways. I thought that they would find some other way to penalize Canelo, whether it was financial or suspension after the fight. But I think at the end of the day they did the right thing and the commission should be saluted for that.

P4P: It appears the show will go on and GGG will face someone that night on HBO PPV at the MGM Grand Arena. What do you think they chances for a successful show will be now?

LM: You don’t salvage that event! Canelo is the Heavyweight Champion of the box office, without him there is not much of a box office to be spoken of. Will Golovkin make enough money to make it worthwhile? Probably! Does it have to be a real opponent? I would hope so. I am certainly not going to buy the event if he is fighting someone who can’t even be remotely competitive. That’s up to Golovkin and his promoters on how they can do that. If that’s the best they can do then so be it. It will keep him active and give him a platform to continue ranting against Canelo. And so it goes.

P4P: Do you think at the end of the day both sides will be able to stay at the negotiating table and barring Alvarez eating more tainted red meat at another restaurant in Mexico make this blockbuster happen this September or next May?

LM: I think it’s going to happen in September. Maybe this controversy will even help the fight. I am curious to see the reception that Canelo gets, a lot might change. I don’t have a crystal ball. I never did. I am just looking at what makes sense under the current conditions. If we can recall how long Pacquiao and Mayweather took until it happened, and that seemed to enhance the promotion when it did happen. So I think they will still get together. It makes economic sense and it makes competitive sense after the first fight. We all will just have to delay our gratification.

Pound4Pound thanks Larry Merchant for taking our interview request.

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April’s Fool

April 4th, 2018

By William Trillo

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez halfheartedly stated, “I am truly shocked about what has happened and for those who have doubts and suspicions about my integrity, I have always been and always will be clean fighter.”

The lack of any remorse shown by a fighter who had to withdraw from one of the biggest fights of the year due to his own negligence spoke volumes. After testing dirty not once but twice for the performance enhancing drug Clenbuterol, Alvarez still held firm to his tainted Mexican meat excuse.

What we have here is a clear cut case of denial.

Flanking Alvarez were a trio of sullen faced Golden Boy brass that looked about as uncomfortable as could be as they sat in “support” of Alvarez.

Let’s go ahead and call them “The Enablers”.

Am I suggesting Alvarez is guilty as charged? Given what has transpired over the past week, yes… that is exactly what I am suggesting.

As I understand the impromptu press conference that was held yesterday was actually scheduled to take place exactly a week ago to the day. That’s right, an unnamed PR rep from Golden Boy placed calls over a week ago to A-list media members, (no I wasn’t on that list), telling them there would be a press conference held at the Golden Boy office on Monday but no details were given. Early that Monday the press conference was postponed and the next thing anyone knew the Nevada State Athletic Commission had changed the date of the Alvarez hearing from April 10th to April 18th. The wheels were coming off the bus quickly and even a “bottom tier” journalist like myself could see this show unraveling right before our very eyes.

Monday’s announcement came as a surprise to exactly no one. The Dog and Pony show that took place yesterday was an exercise in futility. The intention was most likely to save face but at the end of the day the charade was pointless at best.

While trying to plead his case for innocence Alvarez said, “How did this happen, I don’t know. Unfortunately, there is a public problem in my country of Mexico. Football, cycling, soccer, boxing — people have tested positive for Clenbuterol. This can be transmitted through meat in Mexico. Contaminated meat is what caused this. That is my statement. This has happened in all sports.”

Giving Alvarez the benefit of the doubt for a moment, if he and everyone and his team were aware of the rampant problem in Mexico and its athletes, didn’t one of them have the common sense to stay away from red meat while training South of the Border? I mean, you are scheduled to fight in a multi-bazillion dollar blockbuster. Didn’t the thought of all these other athletes problems with Mexican meat occur to ANY OF YOU? Or, is the story you are running with purely a crock of bull? (Pun intended).

Another point that made literally no sense to me at all is when Golden Boy President Eric Gomez said, “We’re going to have to cancel the May 5 rematch. As you all know there is a hearing on April 18 and it’s extremely unlikely this will get properly resolved by then and we need enough time to promote this fight.”

Enough time to promote the fight?

Excuse me if I am mistaken but wasn’t there a press conference held on February 27th to announce the rematch? Seems to me any and everyone knew darn well about the rematch. It was the most talked about fight of the year. And when Alvarez said, “I want to apologize to HBO, Tecate and Hennessy and all my other sponsors, the media and to everyone who is involved in the promotion of this event, and especially to the fans,” it seems pretty clear to me that the promotion for this fight was more than on the right track. If you really thought Alvarez was clean wouldn’t you have went ahead with the fight no matter the date of the hearing?

Financially there was no reason to pull the plug, by Alvarez’s own admission all the sponsors were in place as were the fans. According to a highly placed source close to the promotion, “Ticket sales were very strong and they were almost sold out as of last week, which actually is better than their first fight!”

So, to suggest there wouldn’t be enough time to promote the fight is akin to saying you tested positive for a performance enhancing drug is because you ate a Carne Asada Burrito from a street vendor in Guadalajara.

Let me put it like this; the next person I speak to that believes Alvarez is not a cheater will be the first.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why is Oscar and the rest of the Golden Boy Honcho’s willing to stand by Alvarez and expect us to believe this half baked excuse?

Yes, I know Alvarez is the only goose that is laying the proverbial Golden Egg for the promoter right now, but someone might want to stoop down and get a whiff of one of those eggs.

Pssssst! They’re rotten.

Personally I think Golden Boy would be doing themselves a huge favor by saying, “Look, Saul Alvarez is our fighter and we will support him 100% as he gets clean, but right now we cannot and will not condone his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. We will accept whatever penalty the Commission sets and we hope Alvarez will do the right thing and serve his suspension and then come back clean as he attempts to become champion again.”

It’s highly unlikely any statement like that would ever happen but if it does my consultation fees are $4500 per hour and a check can be sent to at your earliest convenience.

Last but not least, did Alvarez really say, “To be honest, what Golovkin or his team say doesn’t bother me at all because, No. 1, they are not doctors, not experts, I don’t pay attention to them. It sounds more like an excuse that he doesn’t want to fight me or he’s scared.”

Seriously dude?

I’m not sure what else they are shooting in those steers down in Mexico but while it allegedly is enhancing your physique and endurance it ain’t doing a damn thing for your perception of reality! Hence the Aprils Fool blast.

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Jaw Dropping Performance By Oscar Valdez; Fight Manager Frank Espinoza “Weighs In”

March 12th, 2018

By William Trillo

The rumblings started early on Saturday…Scott Quigg had no intentions of stepping on a scale. It was just a day earlier that Quigg came in three pounds overweight and threw away his WBO Featherweight title shot against the champ Oscar Valdez.

Quigg lost his chance at a title but after being fined the fight was allowed to take place. The problem now was just how much would he weight come fight time? That question was not going to get officially answered. That meant Valdez could have chose not to fight him and not suffered any consequences outside of the fact he would not be collecting his payday purse.

Valdez would have none of that and no matter the “stay safe” advice he might have been given Valdez took the warriors route and said he wanted to fight Quigg that evening.

That decision gave boxing fans one heck of a thrilling and bloody battle that truly was a lot closer than the wide unanimous decision score in favor of Valdez revealed. Along the way Valdez suffered a fractured jaw for his trouble. As Top Rank’s Lee Samuels stated, “This was a brutal fight!”

I spoke with Valdez manager Frank Espinoza on Sunday. Of course he was thrilled with the heart and courage of his young champion who came out victorious, but he also expressed concern for a system that may need a bit of tweaking for the safety of the fighters.

Said Espinoza, “Oscar showed he is truly a world class champion against Quigg and the rest of the division needs to take note. Oscar came into the ring that night at 135 pounds and Quigg came in at 142 or more. After coming in three pounds overweight on Friday Quigg was not willing to re-weigh on Saturday, yet Oscar being the champion he is was willing to fight on. You saw the result, Oscar came out on top but he suffered a broken job while facing a much bigger man. The safety of all fighters needs to be taken seriously. I hope the commission will take a look at this situation and change their rules to make it mandatory for fighters who come in overweight the day before the fight to have to re-weigh on fight day with no exceptions. We have to keep the fighters safety in mind.”

I agree with Espinoza. Fighters these days are making it a calculated habit to not make weight in order to have the upper hand come fight night. One only has to look back at Salido vs. Lomachenko or Castillo vs. Corrales 2 to know a few pounds can make all the difference in these high profile fights.

I too hope all boxing commissions will take a look at this situation and adjust their rules to not only make it an even playing field for the fighters but more importantly protect the fighters who trained their butts off in the gym in order to comply with the contracted weights.

Nothing less should be accepted.

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