Errol’s Victory Over Peterson
Comes At A Huge Ex-Spence

January 23rd, 2018

By William Trillo
Photo: Amanda Westcott – SHOWTIME

So…before you fake boxing news gurus think you clicked on this article to read that Errol Spence was injured in his victory over Lamont Peterson, it’s not that. And if you’re some “has been” boxing website owner named after a 60’s haircut, there is no hard news here for you to wonder why you didn’t get it first. This is merely my take on what transpired this weekend in Brooklyn. And a bit more.

First let me tell you that both Errol Spence Jr. and Lamont Peterson are stand up guys who take their professions seriously. The problem is that this fight ever took place.

Spence is in the prime of his possibly Hall of Fame career. On the flip side Peterson is well into the deepest darkest twilight of his once fine career. All credit for him to hanging in there with Spence for as long as he did but be honest with yourselves here, this fight was over before the ink was dry on the contract they signed to fight.

If Spence for one second thinks he did himself any favors with this one-sided beat down of Peterson he is gravely mistaken. Boxing insiders saw what went down on Saturday night and although there is no questions among them that Spence is the real deal, it’s clear he was in there against a very shop worn opponent. At the end of the day the only positive to come out of this fight for Spence is that it kept him active. After that it was another in the long line of meaningless charades put on by the ever scrutinized PBC.

All Spence has to do is take a look at Danny Garcia to know and understand that fights like this are one step forward and two steps back. No matter how you slice it that is a career that is going in reverse. You can argue with me on that point all you want but look at where Garcia is now. Danny will be taking on a long in the tooth Brandon Rios in a fight that literally no one cares about.

Think about it. If Garcia doesn’t go out and whitewash Rios inside of one minute of the first round this fight will set him back even further than he is now. And thanks to the promotional genius of “you know who”, Garcia is all but a forgotten commodity. If by some chance Rios should stretch Garcia into the mid rounds before succumbing to Father Time you can pretty much write Garcia’s off. Even a decision by Garcia or heaven forbid a loss will thrust him into boxings Never Never Land, we will never see him again.

Spence might want to think long and hard about his next opponent before he falls by the wayside like Garcia. And yes, I am aware Spence is supposed to be fighting Keith Thurman next but as we now Thurman has been inactive for almost a year, (another staple of PBC promoted fighters), so who knows if he will take a stay busy fight with the likes of Jessie Vargas, (ahem), or if he will just show up full of ring rust against Spence.

I digress…Before you say that can never happen may I direct your attention to one Adonis “Superman” Stevenson. You might remember him. Stevenson won the Light Heavyweight title in stunning one round KO fashion over Chad Dawson back in 2013. All indications where he was on his way to Super Stardom. Soon thereafter Superman was picked up by PBC and as his career was hit with a fistful of Kryptonite. Stevenson’s activity went as south as did his opponents. While ducking every worthy challenger at 175 pounds Adonis has become a pariah. No one in his adopted home of Montreal cares about him, he allegedly can’t travel to the USA to fight and like the rest of his stable, Adonis has been put on the shelf by his Advisor/Promoter and instead of grabbing the rest of the 175 pound belts all he is collecting is dust.

Again, this should not be news to Spence. The writing is clearly on the wall here. I reiterate, fighting Peterson did him no favors at all. Spence is way too talented and gifted a fighter for a fighter who hasn’t fought in over a year and that’s exactly who Thurman will be if he is next on Errol’s agenda. That’s just not good enough.

You all remember Keith Thurman, correct? Two years ago in an interview on Showtimes Al Bernstein suggested Thurman was the heir apparent to fill the shoes of Floyd Mayweather. Since then Thurman’s activity rate has him more like being the heir apparent to Claude Rains. (You youngsters will have to Google that one to catch my drift).

If Spence wants to prove he is worth his weight in gold he needs to not only call out to Terrance “Bud” Crawford but then he must demand that his promoter/advisor make it happen….NO EXCUSES.

Making money on boxing should be a snap for Spence. Many many monies. But if he allows his career to go the route of Garcia, Stevenson, Thurman and the like he will find his bank account will fall far short of the lofty goals he and his team have in mind.

A lot of these problems could be alleviated if all these second-tier promoters would stop being Haymon’s personal hand puppet by allowing him to smoke and mirror the public with these dog and pony show under the radar promotions. That would be Michel, Brown, DiBella, Margules and more if you are looking for names. I used to call them Marionettes, but I think hand puppet more accurately describes the roll of these do anything for a buck carnival barkers.

At the present time the lead hand puppet is none other than Richard “Faust” Schaefer. You might remember him. The only thing greasier and dirtier than his hair and that one tattered suit he wears to every press conference is the way he has conducted his boxing business over the past decade. In recent interviews the head of his company Ring Star Promotions has wondered aloud why his “World Series Whatever It Is” can’t get any play stateside.

C’mon Richard, you are not a stupid man. Aren’t you the guy who used to introduce Oscar De La Hoya as not only your business partner but best friend as well? And wasn’t it sometime later you unceremoniously stabbed him in the back. It’s really no wonder why the networks don’t want to touch you with a ten-foot pole…is it?

For guys like Spence it’s going to be an uphill battle to get to the place he aspires to be, that being one of the top Pound4Pound fighters in the world as recognized by the real boxing public.

Maybe guys like Spence should follow Danny Jacobs example and find a way to get out from under the PBC and the team of hand puppets. In the end that might be his wisest move.

And lastly, while I am on a roll…lately a new breed of boxing media members has appeared on the scene. The Supremely self-entitled journalists have rubbed most of the old school scribes the wrong way. It’s just a matter of time before the proverbial crap hits the fan. Getting credentialed as the Team Photographer while others more deserving are getting downgraded is not going to serve you well in the long run. A lot of us made our bones while you were still standing outside the arena hoping to get an autograph after the fights conclusion. Just pay your dues like the rest of us and everything else will fall into place.

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Loeffler’s Game Plan For Success In 2018: Promoter Cooperation

January 17th, 2018

By William Trillo
Photos: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/360 Promotions

The year end holidays always bring boxing to a standstill but the Superfly 2 press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday put the wheels in motion for the 2018 boxing season. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, (43-4-1, 39 KO’s), will be defending his title over 12-rounds for the second time against former world champion and #1 ranked mandatory challenger Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada, (36-2, 25 KO’s), of Sonora, Mexico. The event will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark® beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Coming off a stellar 2017 boxing has seen a resurgence. In the eyes of the newly founded 360 Promotions director Tom Loeffler, it would be a shame not to jump on that momentum for 2018. Of course, that is always easier said than done. With all the different agendas that plague the sport the wheels can come off the bus quite quickly. But in Loeffler’s mind it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it seems very simple. “I think we just need to keep putting the best fights together, stated Loeffler, “If we can do the rematch with GGG & Canelo, if we can do shows like Superfly…. Anthony Joshua just announced a unification bout with Joseph Parker…these are the types of fights that boxing needs.”

With the Lucas Matthysse vs.Tewa Kiram bout notwithstanding, Superfly 2 will be one of the first real championship fights to come down the turnpike in 2018. The rest of the early 2018 boxing landscape looks more like a who’s who of contender’s or pretenders taken on a slew of broken down war horses. These “keep ‘em active” fights are exactly what Loeffler wants promoters to stay away from.

When asked how to keep boxing relevant this year Loeffler suggested, “Maybe not just a bunch of stay busy fights, but instead the best fighting the best and Champions being willing to unify their titles. For instance, we had the most challenging time when GGG was coming up and trying to get another champion in the ring with him. That’s why I always gave David Lemieux a lot of credit for unifying while all the other champions were not willing to unify with Gennady. These are the types of fights and shows that the sport of boxing needs.”

I don’t think it’s any big secret that I have been shouting from the rooftops that there is a simple solution to all that has been ailing boxing. But since no one is listening to me maybe you’d like to take the advice from someone who put together successful sold-out show after successful sold-out show in 2017.

“It’s really the responsibility of the fighters and the promoters to make these types of events happen,” said Loeffler.

So Mr. Fighter, the next time your promoter comes to you and offers up some has been broken down palooka for your next so called test, simply refuse it. Tell him you want to be a real champion so quit serving up the bums because no one is taking you seriously.

And as for you Mr. Promoter, stop the charade, no one is buying it. If you don’t believe me go take a look at ticket sales for that atrocity you have coming up in Las Vegas next month. Boxing fans are not as stupid as you think. No one is going to shell out a dime to watch you try to rehabilitate a fighter you singlehandedly ruined yourself.

But what are the chances of promoters really working together and putting on the fights boxing truly needs? Is it even possible that could happen? “I hope so”, stated Loeffler, “The sport needs the cooperation of the different promoters. I know sometimes that certain promoters are affiliated with different TV networks and then there is no cross promotion. The philosophy of my company 360 Promotions is to promote worldwide events and we are looking to keep putting on these types of shows. That’s what we are looking forward to do.”

I reminisced a bit with Loeffler reminding him that it was back in 2003 when we first met at the Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko Heavyweight title fight. “It started with Vitali back at The Staple Center and we’ve built the product from there.” Loeffler chuckled to himself and quipped, “It’s funny you mention Vitali, we started with the Heavyweight Championship of the World and now we are here with the Flyweights at The Forum. It’s been a tremendous run. All the great fights with GGG that we’ve done, and then Chocolatito …and now we are just looking to build on that success.”

With his new company 360 Promotions and a highly anticipated fight to debut his company Loeffler is looking forward to being at the center of the biggest fights of 2018. With fighters like Gennady Golovkin in his holster that success he is hoping for is right at his fingertips.

For the rest of his promotional peers the message is clear…. “put up or shut up”.

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Lumps Of Coal

December 25th, 2017

By William Trillo

Of course I don’t want to be tabbed as some sort of Scrooge or this years version of The Grinch but…have you seen the gifts sitting under the tree for us? I’m talking about the already made and/or the proposed fights coming our way in 2018.

Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios?

Keith Thurman vs. Jessie Vargas?

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Lamont Peterson?


I mean come on. Garcia has lost any relevance on the boxing landscape and Rios who has been a great warrior is well past his prime. It may last a few rounds at best but in the end Rios is destined to go out in less than a blaze of glory.

Thurman should be fighting Spence now. Instead they will be taking on inferior opponents in fights that are sure to be one sided mismatches at best.

Rumored somewhere in between these gifts is the return of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. taking on the now human punching bag Alfredo Angulo. Can someone please gimme a break?

Boxing fans may not have behaved perfectly this year but we all deserve much better than this. I think you would all agree.

Hopefully the powers that be will put together some better offerings than this over the course of the coming year. There are plenty of big fights out there that can and should be made.

Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good fight….hopefully!

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Our Annual Turkey Of The Year Award

November 23rd, 2017

By William Trillo

Once again we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another Holiday season and like clockwork Pound4Pound will start the award season with it’s ever popular Turkey Of The Year Award, also known as The Golden Bird.

This year the prize goes to tandem recipients. These two fighters went out of their way to earn the coveted honor. Quoting Kosmo Kramer, “Mother Nature is a mad scientist!”

Without hesitation this years award goes to the fighting Charlo brothers, Jermall and Jermell.

While Jermall was busy beating the tar out of a one legged man (Jorge Sebastian Heiland) in a butt kicking contest, Jermall’s only fight in 2017, his brother Jermell had a whopping two fights in 2017 with his signature fight coming via one round KO over Erickson Lubin, a fighter whom we warned you was not the hot prospect many were led to believe he was.

For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the twin brothers these accomplishments were mediocre at best.

The real shame here is that both of these guys are pretty talented young men whose lack of activity and big mouths have earned them little or no respect in the boxing community. In recent interviews both brothers have complained about this lack of respect but neither one is willing to take responsibility for their less than warm receptions.

If I were advising the brothers I would tell them to up the activity rate, let their fists do the talking in the ring and to keep their Sweet Potato Pie Holes shut.

On a side note, ripping off your shirt in public and challenging a woman to go “Mano a Mano” is also not doing you any favors.

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Fight Town Fresno

November 13th, 2017

By William Trillo
Photos: William Trillo & German Villasenor

When I heard Artur Beterbiev was going to be fighting for the Light Heavyweight title just a stone’s throw away from my home in Los Angeles I figured I would be making another trek to Las Vegas. Much to my surprise and dismay I found out the battle for the title would take place in Fresno, California. I must admit that announcement took the wind right out of my sails…so to speak.

But because of Beterbiev’s Montreal connection and my love for all things Quebec I was bound and determined to head to Central California no matter what. Beterbiev, whose name is not necessarily on the tips of everyone tongues yet, was taking on the lesser known Enrico Koelling for the vacant IBF 175 strap. As far as title fights go this one was flying way under the radar.

But in the Main Event on the ESPN televised show was none other than Fresno’s Jose Carlos Ramirez in a battle against Mike Reed. Both were undefeated and looking to grab a Lightweight Title.

Ramirez filled the house at the Save Mart Arena and I came to find out that Fresno is one of the better fight cities in North America. These fans were knowledgeable and when it came to blowing off the roof, few cities can compare.

The Top Rank promoted show went off without a hitch. Earlier in the week Top Rank’s Lee Samuels told me this was a “very interesting and high action card” and he was right. With the report that the ESPN televised card was a huge ratings success it seems more than likely that Fresno is going to be the home of some very important fights in 2018.

Hotel accommodations notwithstanding, I think I heard one of the officials call it The Bates Motel, the weekend was superb and I can’t wait to head north on the 99 again soon.

Did I mention Beterbiev and Ramirez left with their undefeated records intact and were sporting new leather around their waists? They were a knockout success too!

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Stiverne & The Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito

November 6th, 2017

By William Trillo

I am not a Nutritionist but for the sake of argument allow me to play one here on the internet.

When Jim Grey was conducting his pre-fight interview with Bermane Stiverne Saturday night the usually feisty interviewer targeted the challenger’s weight reminding Stiverne that the last time he fought Deontay he was over 14 pounds lighter and if there should be some concern here.

Stiverne responded by telling Grey in the last fight he was dehydrated but for this fight he did not go through the cutting weight ritual and he feels much better. Stiverne shared that there was no problem at all. He further explained that he weighed himself prior to the weigh in and he weighed 247 pounds. After that said he went and had breakfast and at the weigh in he hit the scale at over 254 pounds.


What the ……?

How for the love of Guacamole did the normally cantankerous Grey not let fly with something along the lines of, “Wait a minute Bermane, you’re trying to tell me you ate a seven pound breakfast? How in the heck did you do that? And better yet…why?”

Allow me to speculate.

The “why” is easy.

Stiverne is a lazy waste of talent who saw a payday and a World title at his disposal. The payday made him salivate like dog licking his chops over a meaty bone but the title was of no interest to him all.

The “how” is up to conjecture, but allow me to take a stab at it.

Stiverne, who is obviously no stranger to the breakfast table heard about the Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito Challenge and knew he was just the man to conquer this battle, (It’s certainly the only battle he cares about). With his sights set firmly on his gut and that seven pound Chimichanga the last thing on Stirvene’s mind was Wilder or his World title.

It goes without saying that after a meal like that it was easy for Wider to dump, (that’s a poor choice of words), Stiverne on the seat of his pants 3 times in less than one round.

All kidding aside, The New York Athletic Commission should withhold Berman’s purse pending further investigation. There is no way this guy prepared properly for this shot at the WBC Belt. It’s another cash grab by an unworthy fighter. A situation that has become all too common in professional boxing.

Something else that is becoming all too common is the string of bums that Wilder is putting in the ring in front of him only to pop off afterwards that he only wants to fight the best of the best, blah, blah, blah.

Whether or not Wilder’s PED laced foes are taking Performance Enhancing Drugs or Performance Enhancing Doughnuts the fact remains his hit list is about as impressive as his footwork. If you’ve seen him fight you know what I mean.

This weekend’s Heavyweight title fight was a farce long before the bell rang and you can thank The PBC for that.

If they think they are fooling boxing fans with this Dog and Pony show all they have to do is run a lap around some social media chat rooms and they will find out people in the know aren’t buying into this pile of rubbish.

Better yet, just take an exit poll at the next local fight of your choice. Ask the boxing fans who the heavyweight champion of the world is.

I promise you 75% of them will not have a clue who he is.

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Question: Why Will Wilder’s Career End Abruptly & Viciously? Answer: Big Mouth, Chicken Legs & Karma

November 4th, 2017

By William Trillo

Just based on Wider’s recent statement I hope his demise is only hours away. On facing Stiverne for the second time Wilder ungraciously spouted out this diddy, “Somebody will die in that ring come November 4, I beat him to an inch of his life the first time. This time, I’ma end his life.”

Considering the near life ending moments we have seen in the ring lately, Daniel Franco & Magomed Abdusalamov come to mind immediately, I find this statement to be distasteful and uncalled for. Based on that statement alone I hope Karma jumps up and bites him on his glass chin tonight and we get a new WBC Heavyweight Champ.

While Wilder is telling us, “All the top guys have ducked me,” and “The only thing people care about is the best fighting the best,” the fact of the matter is the only opponents Wilder has targeted lately were so old and past their prime that they tried to resort to illegal performance enhancing drugs to even the playing field.

Anytime Anthony Joshua’s name comes up Wilder starts on some excuse parade claiming it’s Joshua and his people who are ducking him. Trust me, everyone is well aware of who represents Wilder and knows who is avoiding who, so stop the charade. Heck, Beyonce won’t even fight Joshua Parker…so don’t buy into the line of bull he is trying to sell.

So now we are stuck with Wilder taking on Bermane Stiverne, a fighter he has already beat. Wilder is trying to Smoke and Mirror us by saying, “This is my mandatory opponent. I must face him and that’s just what it is. I’ve called out every name in the sport. All the top guys have ducked me, so I just have to take care of the people that are able to get in the ring.”

Trust me, Wilder’s promoter/manager/advisor Al Haymon has the WBC deep in his pockets and Wilder could have faced anyone in the top ten if he really wanted to, but he chose Stiverne. That fact in and of itself speaks volumes.

In the meantime, Stiverne is the only fighter to go the distance with Wilder and is hoping for redemption in the rematch. Truthfully, the fact that Bermane is coming in almost 15 pounds heavier than the last time the two squared off doesn’t give me a lot of hope. But we saw what Stiverne did to Arreola twice, so maybe a victory for Bermane is not as far-fetched as Team Wilder would like you to believe.

On his chance for revenge Stiverne says, “The stage is set and my destiny is in front of me. I always said I was going to be the first person to beat him, and that is going to come together on Saturday. Deontay is going to be in for a real rude awakening on Saturday. I’m going to let my fists do the talking for me.”

I’d be less than honest if I didn’t say that nothing would please more than to see Stiverne land a flush shot directly Wilder’s chin and then watch Beyonce do the chicken dance before crumbling to the canvas. If Karma comes into play that is exactly what is going to happen.

That being said, hear me loud and clear when I say I’ma not looking to see anyone’s life ended. That would be rude and extremely uncalled for.

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Hef’s Playboy Pugilism

September 28th, 2017

By William Trillo
Photo: Bret “The Threat” Newton

On the passing of Hugh Hefner, Pound4Pound will always remember the times we were invited to his private party in Holmsby Hills that was centered around a good night of boxing. Among the contestants were Sergey Kovalev, Andre Dirrell, Julio Diaz and Tony Thompson, just to name a few.

We always had a fun time at The Mansion and send condolences to the Hefner family and friends.

Click Here For Playboy Mansion Feb. 16, 2007 Photo Gallery

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Supremacy: Black & White

September 26th, 2017

By William Trillo

Before the GGG vs. Canelo fight and the ensuing debate becomes yesterdays news I thought we here at Pound4Pound would take one more last look at the proceedings from a slightly different perspective both literally and figuratively.

Before I made the roadie to Las Vegas for the big showdown I packed my old school film camera along with a roll of Kodak Black and White.

For all the positives of Digital Photography there is just something about the Gray Scale that gives the clarity to the atmosphere and attitude of the event that tends to get lost in the rapid fire “Spray & Pray” technique that has turned seemingly everyone into pugilistic personal photographers.

Looking back at these shots you may see the personalities of both camps just a bit more clearly. I know I do.

Supremacy BW (1)

Supremacy BW (5)

From turning your back on the crowd at the weigh-in or saluting the fans it’s not difficult to separate those who have earned their way to the top from those who feel just a bit too self entitled for their own good.

Supremacy BW (6)

On fight night I snapped a shot milliseconds after the opening bell rang to start the battle that captures the moment everyone had been waiting for. You can almost hear the crowd screaming.

Supremacy BW (7)
I took one shot during the action and then a couple when the final bell rang. Certainly no one is suggesting these are Fight Of The Year photos but they do give you another view of the night, albeit a Bird’s Eye View.

Supremacy BW (9)

Lastly, considering the outcome of the fight the post fight press conference was a can’t miss event. Again the Black and White perspective seems to hold the personalities of both camps under a microscope and give us a view some might not have wanted to be seen.

Supremacy BW (10)

Supremacy BW (11)

For Camp Golovkin it was all about smiles and gracious farewells.

Supremacy BW (12)

But on the side of Camp Canelo there were plenty of grimaces and frowns for every question thrown at them.

Yet seconds after the press conference was over the main players from Golden Boy got together and for the first time their true feelings were there for all to see, (remember that microscope?).

Please tell me what these guys found so amusing.

Now, I believe in miracles
And a miracle has happened tonight…

But, if you’re thinking about my baby
It don’t matter if you’re black or white….

They print my message in the Saturday sun
I had to tell them I ain’t second to none…
And it’s true, either you’re wrong or you’re right….

But, if you’re thinking about my baby
It don’t matter if you’re black or white….

I am tired of this business
So when the going gets rough….

…Don’t tell me you agree with me
(Line sung by Adelaide Byrd) When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye …..

It’s black, it’s white
It’s tough for you to get by
It’s black, it’s white

Black Or White – Michael Jackson

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Knob Knocker: Farewell Ward

September 22nd, 2017

By William Trillo

As defined by
knob: An obnoxious person

He is leaving the sport an undefeated champion; he was the winner of the highly publicized Super Six Super Middleweight tournament. He jumped up from Super Middleweight Champion to light heavyweight and not only took the belts away from Sergey Kovalev but in the rematch he manhandled and KO’d Kovalev and successfully defended those crowns.

But, for all those accomplishments when someone mentions Andre Ward the first thing that will come to my mind is the ingrate who tried to get out a promotional contract he agreed to and signed with Dan Goossen, (twice), and when he did not get his way he feigned injury and for what seemed to be an eternity, Ward stonewalled.

Two times in arbitration the California Athletic Commission sided in favor of Goossen and told Ward he must honor the contract he signed. Click here to see order.

It was only after the untimely death of Dan Goossen that Ward basically danced on the deceased promoter’s grave and weaseled his way out of the contract. Although exact details of how Ward exited Goossen Tutor were never released Tom Brown of TGB Promotions was unhappy with the result saying, “That chapter is closed, I have moved on.”

This is from a fighter who calls himself S.O.G. (Son Of God). It’s Christian’s like Ward that will continually have those in the world looking at them as nothing more than hypocrites because of their witness.

Sorry I can’t get all choked up and slobber all over Ward after his unexpected retirement announcement like the rest of the reports I am seeing today. But for whatever he did inside the ring I will never see Andre Ward as anything other than a Knob for the way he handled his business with the late Dan Goossen.

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