Instant Replay Needs Review

July 3rd, 2020

By William Trillo

Last night in “The Bubble” in Las Vegas during the main event of the Top Rank Show, Mikkel LesPierre dropped Jose Pedraza in round five. Truthfully the knockdown was questionable as the fighters feet locked up, but Pedraza did go down from a punch.

After the round, and more importantly after the sixty second break, officials decided they needed to go to the instant reply to verify if the knockdown was legitimate. Some two minutes later they decided it was not a knockdown.

As I stated, it could have gone either way and I have no problem with their decision. But I do have a huge problem with their instant replay rule in it’s current format and I have a few questions and a suggestion.

Can the official in charge of the instant replay look at the replay in the minute in between rounds and make a decision?

Do you really think it’s wise to have the fighters who have been engaged in heated battle just stand there for almost another round while a decision is being made?

How long do you think it will be before this same scenario plays out in a crucial high profile fight changing the flow, the course and the outcome of the fight and having everyone and their brother screaming FIX?

I have no problem if the replay rule is instituted in boxing but it has to be a lot more well thought out than the current “disaster waiting to happen” format we saw last night.

I have a simple and easy solution that you can use, free of charge, take it with my blessings….please!

If during a round a questionable knockdown occurs the knockdown will be under review in between rounds. If the official sitting ringside can’t make a decision after viewing the replay during the sixty seconds in between rounds and come to a conclusion one way or the other then the call inside the ring during that round will stand and can not be over-ruled.

Pretty simple huh?

You can thank me later for the amount of grief you save yourselves once you implement my rule.

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Pawn Ry

June 30th, 2020

By William Trillo

As defined by
Pawn: a chess piece of the smallest size and value,
a person used by others for their own purposes

On Monday afternoon Golden Boy Promotions sent out not one but two press releases announcing they will be once again promoting shows for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown. Notable fighters on the two summer cards include Jorge Linares, Javier Fortuna and Hector Tanajara.

Quick quiz: What is the common denominator of those three fighters?

Answer: All three names were mentioned to be opponents for Ryan Garcia before they were unceremoniously scrapped for reasons unclear and/or unexplained.

In a recent article on Boxingscene penned by Manouk Akopyan it was revealed that the Golden Boy himself, Oscar De La Hoya, had apprehensions about putting Garcia in the ring with Linares after viewing some recent training footage of “El Niño De Oro”. Exclaimed De La Hoya, “He looks like a machine.”

I have no reason to question the validity of that article but let’s be clear, this is not the first time Oscar has second guessed putting Linares and Garcia in the same ring anytime soon. One only needs to look back at the post fight interview of Linares after he dismantled Carlos “The Solution” Morales inside of four rounds. During that interview it was revealed that plans were in the works for Linares to face Garcia in July. With Oscar De La Hoya in full view of the camera Linares was asked if he was ready for the challenge. Of course, he was. But the look on De La Hoya’s face said it all. That blank deer in the headlights stare told me everything I needed to know. Oscar was already thinking how he was going to get out of this mess.

Talk about a blessing in disguise; the world was shut down in March saving Golden Boy the embarrassment of having to come up with some lame excuse why Linares vs. Garcia would never, I repeat, never happen.

During the interim Garcia was on a social media blitz calling out everyone from “Tank” Davis to Muhammad Ali and all points in between. That was all well and good and real cute in some Social Media world I am sure, but when he was given the proposal to fight Javier Fortuna, suddenly Team Garcia had a case of Laryngitis.

I took the time to reach out to Fortuna’s promoter Sampson Lewkowicz to get him to confirm that fight was on the table. Economics aside Lewkowicz told me, “Javier Fortuna agreed to face Ryan García, then GBP informed us that García did not accept the challenge.”

Do with that information as you will.

Also mentioned in the possible Garcia opponent mix was the young Hector Tanajara. Please hear me loud and clear when I say that the undefeated Tanajara is a promising young fighter, but he would have had the lowest KO ratio of any of Garcia’s handpicked opponents. It would have been a bad fight for Tanajara to take at this stage of his career and I am glad it’s off the table for now.

So what is the real story here?

Is Garcia asking for way too much money to fight the likes of Tanajara?

Is Golden Boy afraid to throw Garcia in with a fighter the caliber of Fortuna?

Did anyone other than Garcia himself think he had a snowballs chance in hell to defeat Jorge Linares?

And why did DAZN, who was blowing the Garcia horn from the rooftops suddenly back pedal when Garcia was demanding more money by suggesting, “It’s the promoter that is responsible for and pays the fighters purse, not the network.” ?

These two current press releases from Golden Boy were a loud and clear chess play from the promoter.

The Bishop just took the Knight and his troops are beginning to dwindle.

Garcia only has a move or maybe two left in his arsenal.

Anything short of taking on a viable opponent and accepting the purse of a fighter who really hasn’t proved anything other than he is a Social Media star will be the wrong play.

After that you know what comes next….


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Top Rank Boxing Is Back On ESPN; It Is Must See TV, And Here’s Why

June 8th, 2020

By William Trillo

This Tuesday night on ESPN boxing will be back as Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions will be bringing us fights twice this week from The MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The last time Arum promoted a card was at the Fury/Wilder title fight on February 22nd. The dreaded Coronavirus then appeared on the scene and took out everything in its path. Only now are we starting to see light at the end of the tunnel as things are finally opening up….sort of.

ESPN will be broadcasting the fisticuffs as usual but there will be no fans in attendance, which is not usual at all. No one can say for certain how things are going to go that night, but I would advise boxing fans to pay attention to all the cards that are going to be aired minus the fans. We are all going to see and hear things like never before and along the way I am expecting high drama the likes of which not only have we never seen before, but we may never them see again.

Here’s why:

Without the roar of the crowd and the cheering on from fans, fighters will not get that extra adrenaline rush that comes from the electricity of the arena. While some fighters feed off that buzz others can tune all that out and focus completely on the task at hand. How many fights have we seen turn another direction based solely on the rush the fighter gets from the crowd? More than a few. Fighters who are going in as favorites may find themselves on the wrong end of some big upsets if they are expecting the fans to pump them up in the latter rounds. Count on it.

Cornermen are going to play a huge role during the course of fight. Without the noise of the fans cornermen are going to be able to talk with their fighters during the action and give them advice easily. No longer will a fighter have to wait until in between rounds to get direction. It’s going to be real time. Trainers who can see and speak to the events as they are happening are going to become more instrumental than ever before. Others who need to process information and think about it for a bit are going to be three steps behind. And if a translator is needed to relay directions from the trainer …forget about it….too late. Am I saying it’s possible a lesser fighter can beat a more gifted fighter based on the fact his corner will be better able to relay directions during those precious three minutes? That is exactly what I am saying.

Judges scorecards are going to be extremely interesting and I can hardly wait to see them. Why you ask? How many times do you think a judge has scored a close round for one fighter over another based solely on whose punches received more reaction from the crowd? I am not suggesting anything other than the fact that judges are human and it’s difficult not to be influenced by the momentum of the crowd. Now they will be sitting on that chair ringside left to their own devices. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

Expect upsets! Expect some trainer to become the new Flavor of the Month! Expect wild decisions! Expect unheralded fighters to become stars overnight! It’s gonna be a short and wild ride.

Boxing is back and I am excited as anyone about that fact. Yes, I would rather be at the arena covering the show but in the interim I am going to soak in every bit of it that I can. Over the summer, or however long it takes, boxing is going to take on a new personality and I choose to embrace it with open arms. Things are going to happen that we all will be talking about for years to come. We will argue whether a particular fighter would have won the fight if fans were in attendance. We will second guess corners instructions if our fighter loses. Judges scorecards are going to be scrutinized like never before.

It’s time boxing fans. Order a pizza, pour yourself a drink and get ready to enjoy. We are back in business.

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Covid-19, The California Athletic Commission & The Promoters Taking On Social Distancing

May 13th, 2020

By William Trillo

This past Monday, May 12th, the California State Athletic Commission held a stakeholder’s public teleconference to openly discuss the Covid-19 pandemic as it relates to combat sports in the state. Topics for review and discussion included: proposed plans from promoters for fight events once shelter in place and social distancing guidelines are lifted and/or relaxed for combat sports, increased and/or improved medical testing requirements as recommend by the advisory committee on medical and safety standards, potential liability issues for promoters, sanctioning bodies and the commission. After that there was an open dialogue with the participants concerning other covid-19/post-covid-19 related issues from the combat sports industry to the commission.

The meeting was highly informative regarding what will happen once the proverbial doors are opened to allow Combat sports back into California. It is clear mandatory testing, (twice), for everyone from the fighters to promotional staff will be status quo before being allowed into the venue. It is also clear the first fights to take place will be in an empty arena, i.e. no fans.

What is not so clear is when that first event will take place. California Athletic Commissioner Andy Foster stated without hesitation he has no idea when things will open up, but he did state it will coincide with with Gavin Newsome’s four phase plan. Combat sports will be a part of the Phase 3 stage, currently the state is moving to stage 2.

The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) will be doing the Covid-19 testing once things are underway.

When the teleconference was over, I reached out to some California promoters to get their thoughts on the proceedings. From promoters of World Champions to promoters on the local level I was interested to get a feel for how the ones who make the shows happen plan on moving forward.

The first person I reached out to was 360 Promotions Tom Loeffler. From the Klitschko brothers to GGG Loeffler has been promoting World Class boxing for many years. His current Hollywood Fight Nights shows at The Avalon have been doing well so it is no doubt Loeffler is ready to get rolling again.

Loeffler stated, “First I would like to thank Andy Foster for his hard work during this exceedingly difficult and unprecedented time. California’s Commission is one of the best in the country and without them who knows if we would even be having this discussion right now.”

When speaking about getting his guys back in the ring Loeffler seems confident shows in one form or another must start taking place in the early summer. “We have a lot of fighters who need to get back in the ring and fight right now for many reasons. Fighters need to fight regularly to stay sharp and more importantly this is how they earn their living. It’s imperative we get them back in the ring. Even fighters like GGG need to get back in and we are working on doing that soon.”

I asked Loeffler if fighters like Golovkin would be willing to fight in empty arenas. “They have to for now, there really isn’t any other choice. Fighters are going to have to understand the situation we are all in, and I think they will.”

Regarding his Hollywood Fight Nights, Loeffler noted that he has brought up many young fighters there and there still is a need for those type of shows. “Our fights at The Avalon have brought along quite a few fighters, Serhii Bohachuk and Brian Ceballo for instance have grown there. We need these types of “Double-A” fights to bring along the younger fighters. With sponsorships and streaming we hope to be able to make these fights return in the future. We are fortunate for that. Local promoters like Ed Holmes from Allstar boxing are not going to have it so easy. Now, that is not a reflection on Ed, he puts on exceptionally good local shows with competitive fights, but a promoter like that needs those ticket sales for revenue. Without that he is in a tough position right now.”

I spoke with long time promoter Holmes and he concurred with Loeffler. “Without ticket sales it is out of the question for me to put together shows. I’d like to sit down with anyone and show them the cost of promoting a show. Most people have no idea. And now they are talking about the promoters being responsible for the costs of the tests of the fighters? That’s ridiculous.”

I have been to plenty of Holmes promotions and the truth is he always has a full house. But due to the situation he is not going to be able to fill those seats until further notice. To which Holmes asks, “How can the airlines fill their jets right now? They are sitting people shoulder to shoulder in that cabin with recirculated air, but I can’t have a show? How does that make any sense at all?”

Another local promoter I spoke with was Ken Thompson from Thompson Boxing. For the last 20 years Thompson has not only promoted shows but has produced five world champions along the way. Fighters like Timothy Bradley up to Danny Roman have made their bones on Thompson shows. It’s pretty evident Thompson wants to keep that trend moving forward. An enthusiastic Thompson said, “I have a stable full of incredibly talented fighters who are ready to get back in the ring and I am going to make that happen. Our plan is to start having shows as soon as we can so we can get these fighters back in the ring. I met with Alex Camponova today and we are putting together ideas so we can get back in the business of boxing. In the meantime, we are going to find a way to meet with others involved in boxing to share ideas so we can work together to get us all back up and running.”

Another promoter I reached out to was Golden Boy Promotions. I simply asked if they had plans to throw shows of any kind soon. Vice President Eric Gomez stated, “We have a plan in place to do shows, (multiple), in July if the commission restrictions are lifted.”

Another promoter that has been very vocal in the media is Bob Arum from Top Rank. He is already laying out a blueprint for shows coming soon. Look for Arum to use ESPN’s platform to get his show on the road sooner rather than later.

Last but not least, I spoke to promoter Roy Englebrecht who was not shy to remind me he is the senior promoter in Southern California. “I’m older in years and time spent promoting than any other promoter in California. I started with longtime boxing promoter Don Fraser 33 years ago and have been doing my own shows for the last 28 years.”

Regarding if and when he can start promoting his local shows Englebrecht noted, “I am in a unique position. Once we begin Phase 4 and are allowed fans, with our VIP’s, Season Ticket Holders and Sponsors we generate $45,000 prior to opening the doors. That puts us in an exceptionally good position.”

Englebrecht went on, “As soon as we hit Phase 4 and I can go fill the arena to half capacity and I will be putting on shows. In fact, our next show is slated for August 27th and I fully expect to have the doors open for business that night.”

Whether it be his own shows or facilitating for Golden Boy and Top Rank Englebrecht is confident he will be open for business in 2020.

In closing Englebrecht said, “Thank goodness for Andy Foster and John Carvelli. I have seen plenty of commissions in my years, so I know what I am saying. This is a very unusual situation we have here, something like we have never seen before. If anyone can handle this it is Andy Foster.”

My takeaway from the teleconference and interviews is that everyone involved with bringing professional prizefighting back is doing everything they can at the present time. From commissioners, to judges, referees and promoters the concern for this situation is genuine and cautious.

As I think back to every other tragedy or difficult time we have gone through, the one thing we always had to fall back on was sports and entertainment. It wasn’t that we forgot about the struggle we were going through at the present time but rather, for that one moment, be it a three hour ball game, a movie at a theater or a couple hours ringside, it was cleansing if not therapeutic just to get away from everything for a moment and breathe.

We don’t have those outlets for release this time and it’s showing. Let’s all hope and pray that this season will soon pass.

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Cinco De Nada

May 5th, 2020

By William Trillo

In all honesty, once they put us all on lockdown I pretty much decided to ride this thing out completely off the radar and not utter a word until we all got released. I am sure many of you were glad I zipped my lips. But today thanks to everyones favorite Social Media page I was sent numerous reminders of how I spent this particular time over the course of the years. As you can guess it was all about Cinco De Mayo and boxing. Mayweather vs. Maidana and Canelo vs. Jacobs moments were all over my page. Getting a little nostalgic I realized what a good time I had at those events.

That’s when reality jumped up and slapped me straight across the face.

Were it not for this pandemic I would be right in between Las Vegas roadies. First, I would have been in Sin City to cover “Monster” Inoue defend his Bantamweight title at The Cosmo against Johnriel Casimero. Although Inoue had fought once stateside this was going to be his breakout American debut and I was pretty excited about photographing this Top Rank promoted card.

After that there was a brief hiatus for a few days before the traditional Cinco De Mayo festivities were set to go down. Golden Boy’s Super Star Canelo Alvarez was supposed to lock horns with Billy Joe Dumb-ass, but considering Billy Joe’s indiscretions recently there is no telling if he would have made it to post time. Getting the Covid related pass was most likely a blessing in disguise for the promoters who might have had to scramble to find a last-minute foil for their main attraction.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I thought Canelo would have toyed with Saunders for a few rounds before showing Billy Joe what a real assault should look like. It wasn’t going to be high drama but anytime I can get to Vegas on a big fight weekend like this I am as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine.

To pour salt into my “if only” wound, Top Rank had a card set in Reno I was chomping at the bit to attend. As if that wasn’t enough I had already made preparations to head to Fresno May 9th to cover the rescheduled Jose Ramirez vs. Viktor Postol title fight. Lest you remember, the original date was scrapped as the bout set to take place in China on February 2nd was the first major fight to fall victim to the hated Coronavirus. It’s amazing how things have come full circle in these short three months as we watch this fight get postponed due to the virus once again.

As much as I am trying to roll with the punches right now, having my personal “Fortress of Solitude” taken away from me has me staggering like Clark Kent after getting blasted with a dose of Kryponite. This has been the longest three months of my life.

The good news is I have been in touch with a few insiders both in boxing and some from other major sports and it looks like we will see Major Sporting events some time in early to mid-July. It’s also no secret that The Boxing Capital of The World, Las Vegas is going to start opening things up, albeit slowly, by June. That’s good news for sports fans who have been stuck watching old YouTube clips of their favorite sporting events to help pacify them in this lull. Hopefully the insiders tips I collected will take shape as speculated.

That’s really about all I have to say right now.

To steal a line from sports talk radio host Jim Rome, I am just going to crawl back down into my basement and recharge my batteries so when things finally get back under way I can come at you with the same “piss and vinegar” my readers have come to expect…all three of you.

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“Round Zero”, Boxing & The Coronavirus

March 16th, 2020

By William Trillo

The first time I heard of The Corona Virus was back at the tail end of January 2020 when Top Rank Boxing decided to cancel and reschedule Jose Ramirez’s junior welterweight title defense against Viktor Postol. The fight was set to take place Feb. 1 at Mission Hills Haikou resort in Haikou, China. As the story goes, Coronavirus concerns in China led to the rescheduling. At the time I thought to myself, “That’s a great idea, let’s nip this crap in the bud now before it gets out of control.”

I don’t need to tell you how that worked out. It was a nice thought but……..

Let’s go ahead and dub that ill-fated Ramirez/Postol fight “Round Zero” for professional boxing.

Over the course of the next month plenty of boxing matches took place but as the virus spread and fear began to take over it wasn’t long before The Manly Art of Self Defense was shut down. Boxing rings around the world are empty. Like the rest of the world boxing has no choice but to hunker down and wait this thing out.

In the interim let’s hope the powers that be take this opportunity to take a deep collective breath, (face mask optional), and make the decision to come back stronger than ever to close out the year.

This will be easier to do than most may assume.

Boxing fans will be chomping at the bit when the sport is allowed to continue. If ever there was a time to put the best against the best, this will be it. The end result would put boxing right back on the map.

My suggestion would be for promoters to temporarily bury the proverbial hatchet and make the big fights happen before 2020 grinds to a halt. I’m talking Spence vs. Crawford, Fury vs. Joshua, Canelo vs. Charlo (A or B), or Berterbiev vs Bivol. I’m sure there are other high-profile matchups I am leaving out but whatever the case may be…Let’s Get It On!

Yeah Yeah, I know fights like these might cross the promotional boundaries line, but these are the match-ups the fans wanna see. Promoters, Advisors, Managers and the like need to do the right thing now and stop all the bickering and backbiting. Show the fans you care about them, now is your chance.

Coming back with a bang will cure what ails you, so to speak.

And oh by the way, that Ramirez vs. Postol fight was rescheduled for May and set to take place in Fresno. I am counting on this situation to be over by then.

Fresno or Bust!

Last but not least… It’s become a ritual of mine to always purchase an L.A. Street Dog after covering the fights. Right now I am 50/50 on continuing that tradition. ☹

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Loss, Blame & Excuses Give Deontay Wilder Attention He Never Achieved As Champion

March 2nd, 2020

By William Trillo

Just before Fury and Wilder took center stage in Las Vegas last week the in-house MGM Grand Arena Twitter feed flashed results of one of their polls on the big screen over the ring. The poll question was easy; Who are you here to support tonight in tonight’s main event Heavyweight Championship bout? Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury?

Simple enough.

The result was a whopping 78% of the 15,000+ crowd were there to cheer on Fury. That left a paltry 22% of the crowd rooting for Wilder. Considering Wilder was fighting on his home turf that was a pretty pathetic but not surprising number.

Yes, the Brit boxing fans are ravenous and they came over in droves to support Fury, but for Wilder that lack of home court advantage had to smart a little. Truth be told, as American Heavyweight Champs go, Wilder just never became a household name.

That poll was proof of that. So is this little diddy I am about to share with you.

Let’s step into “The Wayback Machine” and allow me to enlighten you. It was very early in 2018 and I was covering fights in Las Vegas. To put things into perspective for you; two months earlier Wilder had just successfully defended his Heavyweight Title for the sixth time.

As I took my media seat before the very first fight of the day a former world contender got my attention and I went over to sit with him next to his second-row ringside seat. As we were talking, fans directly in front of us, (4 or 5 of them), couldn’t help but turn around to meet the fighter whom they easily recognized. They were great knowledgeable boxing fans. It was a pleasure to chew the fat with them for a while. After the opening bout came to its conclusion one of them, knowing I was a boxing writer, turned around and asked me what happened to boxing? Why wasn’t it as popular as it used to be?

As if I was E.F Hutton, all the guys he was with turned in my direction as I answered his question with a question of my own.

I replied, “You guys are here for the very first fight of the night and shelled out some serious coin for those front row ringside seats. It’s obvious you all are very astute boxing fans. You want me to tell you what is wrong with boxing?”

They all shook their head in unison saying yes!

I asked, “OK…Who is the current Heavyweight Champion of The World?”

They all had blank stares on their grills while shrugging their shoulders! I might as well have asked them to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

They were without a clue.

I told them that’s your problem with boxing, no one knows who the champ is. I then revealed the Champion was Deontay Wilder. One of them said, and I quote, “Oh yeah…I think I’ve heard of him.” Somehow, I doubt that statement was ever uttered when the names Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson were mentioned.

Spin it any way you want, Wilder just wasn’t a popular Heavyweight Champ. That’s the fact.

That being said, and I am sure he didn’t plan it this way but…taking that beating from Fury last week and his subsequent laundry list of excuses and blame have become the best career move Deontay has ever made. Dude has been trending on every social media platform on the internet this past week like never before. At the crux of his new found popularity is that 70 pound costume excuse that will go down in history as an all-timer.

According to reports this weekend, Wilder has triggered the rematch clause. That is the only thing he has done this past week that makes any sense at all. He may never be as popular as he is right now, waiting or taking a pass could be very costly in the long run.

Of course, with the trilogy fight only months away it’s doubtful Wilder can learn anything new or break any of his old habits that have been engrained in him over the years. At the end of the day he will still be the same flawed fighter who carries a huge eraser in his right hand. Outside of landing that one huge punch it is likely Wilder will come up on the short end of the stick once again.

If Deontay didn’t have the “It Factor” when he was Champion, it’s safe to assume losing to Fury a second time won’t do his popularity (or lack thereof) any favors at all.

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Random Thoughts On The Las Vegas Weekend

February 25th, 2020

By William Trillo

As per usual post fight quotes were sent to the media after the Fury vs Wilder 2 Heavyweight battle. Here are some excerpts from Wilder;

“…my corner threw in the towel… I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight….”

“I can make no excuses tonight. I had a lot of complications.”


Within 48 hours of the fights end Wilder gave an interview to Yahoo Sports where he stated, “the simple fact is … that my uniform was way too heavy for me, I didn’t have no legs from the beginning of the fight.”

Hmmm again!

Speaking of that uniform…I’m told that ghastly thing cost Wilder some $70,000. That seems like a pretty penny to pay for that ball and chain of a costume. Tell ya what Deontay, the next time you fight you might wanna go to the local Halloween Costume shop. Not only will you spend a fraction of the price, but you will still look just as ridiculous as you did on Saturday night. The inexpensive costume most certainly won’t weigh you down as you make your ring walk the next time, unless of course you need a built-in excuse in case you get thoroughly dominated once again.

So, I am sure the reports I am reading about Wilder’s team are incorrect. I’m guessing the reports meant to read that Wilder is considering firing all of his team except for Mark Breland who was the only one who was concerned about the health and welfare of his fighter…..right? Only a fool would do things the other way around.

On that subject, I knew trouble was afoot at the post fight press conference when a question about the towel getting thrown in was directed at Team Wilder. No sooner than the question was asked did co-trainer Jay Deas blurt out, “Mark did it.”
Good grief Deas, feel free not to waste any time throwing your team member directly under the bus.

Boy… it was considerably quiet in the MGM Grand Casino on Saturday night after the fight. Where were all the tools that were walking around the casino all week-long yelling, “Bomb Squad! Bomb Squad!” every two minutes? I can’t help but think of the phrase, Rats Jumping Off A Sinking Ship!

Hey rats, here’s a thought for you while you’re jumping……Remember all those faces you looked at and snubbed on your way up? And do ya remember that some of those faces were people who thought you were friends with. Newsflash rats….Now you gotta look at those very same faces on your way down.

Was I the only one who groaned a bit when Fury hit the scales on Friday tipping the Toledo at a whopping 273 pounds never removing his shirt. Speaking for myself I thought maybe Fury didn’t train hard enough, maybe he took things for granted a la Andy Ruiz? Well don’t say you heard it from me but…. someone might wanna go all forensic scientist on the weigh in photos. A little bird told me Fury might have been wearing 10-pound ankle weights under those sweat pants.

Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue….

….Worry, why do I let myself worry?
Wondering, what in the world did I do?…

….I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I’m crazy for loving you…

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Elvis Makes Heavy Prediction

February 22nd, 2020

By William Trillo

It was time to make the obligatory stop to visit Fortune Telling Elvis. His track record is not good to say the least but it’s always fun to chat with the King. No one ever said Elvis was a boxing genius but it was worth it to get his on point Pearl of Wisdom.

This one is a video prediction so you will have to click the video to get your inside info. It’s about time Elvis gets one right…ya think?

Boxing & Tacos In Las Vegas

February 19th, 2020

By William Trillo

With the Heavyweight Championship of World upon us people from the far corners of the world are heading to Las Vegas to see Wilder and Fury go at it again. No doubt on the to-do list for foreigners will be to find the best Mexican food in town, specifically Taco’s.

It is my sworn duty to tell one and all that if you want tacos and other Mexican grub that is second to none then you need to try out Trillo Street Tacos while you are in Sin City.

Do not judge this book by it’s cover. The eatery is in a local gas station so it may not catch your eye at first. But I promise whatever you order will please your palette! This is authentic Mexican food at it’s best. From the tacos to the street corn you will savor every bite. You blokes from across The Pond will love their fish tacos.

Yes, they have the same last name as yours truly but as of yet we have not determined if we are related. Yet I can tell you we share the same affinity for South of The Border cuisine.

Enjoy the fights and the tacos this weekend.

Trillo Street Taco is located at:
4371 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 898-8707

You can find their Facebook page at

Tell ‘em William sent you.

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