Was Virgil Hunter Looking For The DQ?

April 22nd, 2019

By William Trillo
Photo: Mikey Williams -Top Rank

The look of confusion on Amir Khan’s face as he tried to recuperate from a powerful low blow seemed to tell a story that I believe many missed or dare not mention. Yes the blow delivered by Terrance Crawford was way south of the border, Khan had every reason to need some time to collect himself.

To me it looked as though Khan was trying to walk it off when suddenly as he got to the corner he had a look of confusion on his face. He did not comprehend what was being told to him from his corner. The advice coming from Virgil Hunter was for Khan not to proceed with the fight. Obviously Khan did not understand why and the look on his face spoke volumes.

Say what you will about Amir Khan, but he has never shown the attributes of a quitter. He might not have the heartiest whiskers on the planet but his heart should not come into question. It’s just not in Khan’s character to throw in the towel. His mind doesn’t work that way.

Had Hunter not given the advice I believe Khan would have fought on.

Hunter will never admit it but I firmly believe he was hopeful the errant blow thrown by Crawford would be deemed a foul, thus giving Khan the victory via disqualification.

Outside of Andre Ward, Hunter’s track record with other fighters in Championship bouts is far from stellar. Getting his fighter a victory on paper would if nothing else look good on his resume a year or two down the road.

Personally, I don’t think this thought is that farfetched, but as I said, getting Virgil to admit that ain’t gonna happen.

Look, Khan was most likely not going to win that fight but he got up off the deck after a brutal knockdown in round 1 and although it is unlikely he was winning any rounds he did land more than his share of flush shots to Crawford’s chin. In fact I can’t recall a time when Crawford was getting caught like that in any of his previous fights.

If nothing else Khan still had a punchers chance. He should have been the one to decide if he was going to fight on or not.

The next time I see Amir, whether that be next week or next year, the first thing I am going to ask him is if it was his decision or Virgil’s. If he tells me it was Virgil’s decision I will inquire about the motivation.

I have a sneaking suspicion I already know the answer to that question.

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Claressa Shields Fantasyland

April 19th, 2019

By William Trillo

It was late Saturday evening as I was driving down the 5 freeway when I got the little alert on my phone telling me I just received an email. The email turned out to be a press release sent out after Claressa Shields (9-0, 2 KOs) defeated Christina Hammer (24-0, 11 KOs) by unanimous decision to unify the women’s middleweight titles.

In her post fight quote Shields stated, “I am the greatest woman of all time.”

That was a pretty bold statement but Claressa just won a World title on national TV so I figured she was still high on the Adrenaline of the moment. My knee jerk reaction was to call her out for that statement but I gave her a pass and let her lofty self assessment slide.

I would have left well enough alone but Shields let fly with some pretty absurd statements this week that need to be addressed.

According to Shields, and I quote, “I think I can beat up Keith Thurman … I really do.” Welterweight Champ Thurman’s record is 29-0-1 with 22 via KO.

Claressa then went on to say, “…I could give GGG a run for his money.” Golovkin’s record is 38-1-1 with 34 KO’s.

Did Shields pass the drug test after her fight this weekend? Girl might be on some mighty strong hallucinogens. Either that or she has a huge misconception of how talented she actually is.


I realize that in this day and age of the “Me Too” movement you want to be given your just due. But seriously, this is not a game of one on one basketball we are talking about here. You just called out two of the hardest hitters in men’s professional prize fighting. The idea is ludicrous at best.

One of my esteemed colleagues read your statement and sent me this text message: “What the ????. Has she lost her mind? She is so full of herself!”

Enough said. Your statement has made you the laughing stock of boxing.

And although I was going to reserve my comments on your claim to being the best woman fighter of all time, I can’t help but give you my thoughts now.

Frankly speaking Claressa, you would be hard pressed to crack the Top Ten women of all time. Christy Martin, Lucia Rijker, Laila Ali, Anne Wolf, Holly Holm and yes even Mia St. John would beat you in their prime.

You might be the best in women’s boxing right now but the talent pool is about as deep as the kiddie pool in my neighbor’s backyard and it is half empty. You might wanna rethink that best of all time statement.

You are 9-0 with a mere 2 KO’s. Now is not the time to be staking your claim as best of the best.

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No Fooling,
Pound4Pound.com Is Now
Lb4Lb.com too!

April 1st, 2019

By William Trillo

It is with great pleasure that I want to let all my faithful readers, (3 at last count), know that you can also find your favorite boxing website at www.Lb4Lb.com as well as www.Pound4Pound.com

Nothing else will change. You will still get our 24/7 boxing coverage that includes fight coverage with photos of all the major events, exclusive interviews and videos as well as my blog which can go anywhere from hard hitting editorials to speaking the truth or having a good laugh, which sometimes go hand in hand. No holds barred here, Lb4Lb.com will give you all the latest news and truth as it always has.

So for those of you hate punching in those ridiculous long boxing domain names, (mybadboxingfightnewspage.com), only to get to a site full of press releases and softball interviews and reports, look no further…just go to Lb4Lb.com ….you won’t regret it.

Speaking of boxing truth…was anyone paying attention to the crickets chirping after the Ryan Garcia fight Saturday night? Why did the media in attendance look like they were covering a funeral after the fight?

Let me give you a hint.

After the night was over I was waiting for my car in the valet area and was chatting with some Ryan Garcia fans that made the trek all the way from Victorville to see their hometown boy. I asked her, “So tell me what you thought of the fight?”

The fans husband immediately turned around and walked away leaving his wife to field the question. She looked at me and said “It was just….just…just…”

“JUST WHAT,” I said.

“Just… (shrugs her shoulders).”

That honest answer in and of itself was more than refreshing to me. What it tells me is not everyone is chugging down the Kool-Aid the Garcia spin machine is trying to serve up to his fans.

When one hometown fan walks away when asked about King-Ry and all the other one can do is shrug her shoulders… that pretty much tells me everything I need to know.

It should tell a lot of other people too but their minds are clouded with finding the next Oscar and the $$$ that come along the way.

“Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid. Taste great. Wish we had some. Can’t wait…”

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PBC’s PPV on Fox
The Final Nail In The Coffin

March 18th, 2019

By William Trillo

As defined by Cambridge Dictionary
Final Nail in the Coffin: An event that causes the failure of something that had already started to fail.

If there was anyone questioning whether or not PPV boxing shows have gone the way of the Dodo Bird, Saturday nights PBC promoted catastrophe on FOX is a loud and clear answer. From top to bottom and from the inside out the broadcast was an atrocity.

The very first phone call I received on Sunday went as follows:

Me: Hello?

Caller: Should I start kicking myself in the ass right now for buying that PPV last night or would you like to come over and do it for me.

Me: I’m kinda busy today so you’ll have to handle it on your own. But yeah I hear ya, that was pathetic.

Caller: Pathetic? That is one of the worst cards I have ever seen. Why did I pay for that sh*t? That’s it for me and boxing PPV’s…I’m done! Right now I am watching Top Ranks card on ESPN+ and I am paying the monthly fee for DAZN effective immediately! I will never pay for another PPV again.

Me: Yeah, I am with you my friend. PPV boxing is six feet under thanks to that.

Trolling around on Social Media after the fight last night and today it is clear the sentiment is the same everywhere. The entire broadcast fell short on every level. Pick a topic and run it by me, I will be happy to tell you why it sucked.

Never mind Spence did as 99.9% of the boxing world expected by whitewashing Mikey, which was merely the icing on the cake. The entire undercard was a joke of mismatches and set ups that were embarrassing to witness.

The only fighter I saw that had any promise at all was Luis Nery who appears to be the real thing. Then I saw Faust himself, Richard Schaefer rear his greasy head in his corner. Trust me, if Tricky Dicky has to sell his soul to Haymon at the expense of Nery’s career he will. If I am Nery or his management I look for an out in that contract sooner rather than later.

If I am supposed to be impressed by what either Arreola or Benividez did against those handpicked opponents…well I am not.

And as far as the broadcast itself, this is the product you get when you hire the B & C team. I mean really, I never thought I would be yearning again for Harold Lederman, but after what I saw and heard in between rounds, Harold would have been a breath of fresh air.

To add insult to injury you gave a segment to a guy who only a few weeks ago was ripped unmercifully by Deontay Wilder for his less than astute observations. Look, I understand this YouTube generation of journalists is more concerned about who sees them than actually reporting the news or knowing what the hell they are talking about, (see Lederman comment above and do the math), but most boxing fans are still old school and they think those YouTube guys are tools. Yet, this is who the promoter decided to shove down our gullets. It made for piss poor viewing on every level.

A couple months ago I wrote an article singing the praises of DAZN and ESPN+ as the wave of the future. I implored boxing fans that seemed hesitant to give it a shot, that streaming sports, more importantly fights, was worth giving a try and I believed it was it was going to take over.

My fear was that my suggestion would fall on deaf ears and no one would embrace the new age of boxing broadcasting.

Little did I know that PBC and FOX would step up to the plate and make all my dreams come true. By overcharging for a card that literally had not one moment of real competition or quality I am pretty sure most boxing fans will join my friend mentioned above and never buy another PPV again.

And just in case someone has the bright idea that Errol Spence Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao is PPV worthy, I got news for you;
Errol Spence Jr. is to Manny Pacquiao as Manny Pacquiao was to Oscar De La Hoya.

Good luck trying to get anyone to buy that!

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He Likes It! Hey Mikey!

March 16th, 2019

By William Trillo

Back in the day, circa 1972, a cereal commercial aired on television that caught the attention of most of America. In the commercial two older bigger kids had no desire to test out the new cereal offering but instead pawned it off on their much smaller companion, “Mikey”. Thinking Mikey would want no part of it the bigger boys were dismayed when Mikey takes that bowl and devours the contents, all of it. It is then that the shocked brothers excitedly exclaim, “He likes it! Hey Mikey!”

Almost 50 years later that same scenario is playing out in the world of professional prize fighting. In this one the offering few desire to test is one Errol Spence Jr. (24-0, 21 KO’s). Currently Spence holds the IBF Welterweight title and in the eyes of many he is the best 147 pounder on the planet.

Who would dare want to take on this challenge?

Just like the commercial it is the little guy, Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KO’s) who has the challenge dangled in front of him, and likewise the little guy is willing to step up to the plate and gobble up the contents of the bowl.

Am I saying that Garcia is going to shock the boxing world tonight by defeating Errol Spence Jr.?

That’s exactly what I am saying!

On paper there is virtually nothing to lead anyone to believe that Mikey has one iota of a chance to defeat Spence Jr. But just like the Mikey of old, Garcia is about to shock everyone in the house.

Sometimes you just have to respect a fighter who is willing to take on a challenge far and above the call of duty. And sometimes you have to believe that he must see something he knows he can exploit and although rational thinking tells you otherwise, you are convinced the underdog will pull off the upset.

That is how I see it tonight!

With a combination of skill, speed, courage and gonads, Mikey is going to gobble up Spence in one of the biggest upsets in boxing in the new millennium.

Hey Mikey!

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Bivol Brings It

March 11th, 2019

By William Trillo

With his victory on Saturday night Dmitry Bivol (16-0, 11 KO’s) retained his WBA Light Heavyweight Title and now should finally get some well deserved respect and recognition. The young Russian with a thoroughbred pedigree proved his worth against the strong challenger Joe Smith Jr.(24-3, 20 KO’s). Bivol was dominant and almost dropped Smith in the final round. But let’s not forget that earlier in the fight Bivol was put to the test as a Smith Jr. bomb stunned and wobbled the young Champion. Proving he has what it takes, Bivol weathered the storm and went on to impress with his unanimous decision victory.

Truth be told, the jury was out on Bivol. Although no one would deny he was a natural talent there were more than a few who wondered aloud if Bivol could make it on the big stage. With a bevy of other Russian talent out there, Beterbiev, Kovalev and Gvodzyk, it appeared Bivol was going to have to take a back seat.

Not helping Bivol’s cause was his previous two performances. He won both fights by decision but his opponents, Jean Pascal and Isaac Chilemba, have a way of making a fighter look questionable even in victory.

But on Saturday night Bivol took on a big tough charge in Smith Jr. and the result was impressive. With the exception of that one moment when Smith buckled Bivol it was a fine performance for the young undefeated champion.

Looking ahead, with his new allegiance with DAZN and the prospect of some big name fights, Bivol appears to be on his way to becoming a true star. If he moves down to 168 pounds as speculated, I will go on record and say he will most likely clean out the division.

Boxing in 2019 is headed in a new direction. There is a real anticipation the sport is going to climb off the canvas and have a stellar resurgence. One of the fighters leading the way will be Dmitry Bivol. You can count on that.

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Charles Huerta: “I Have Never Been This Excited Before A Fight!”

February 6th, 2019

By William Trillo

As part of a huge Golden Boy promoted card this Saturday night in Indio California, Charles Huerta will step back into the ring to take on JoJo Diaz in a battle not only for Southern California bragging rights but with a win it’s a huge step in the right direction for a world title fight in 2019.

For Huerta this fight could be the most important of his career for so many reasons. First, Huerta is coming off not one but two pretty serious injuries that have kept him on the shelf for 17 months. Second, a victory over a fighter like Diaz would surely launch him into title contention.

Those who have followed Huerta’s career know Charles has earned everything the hard way; he has taken no shortcuts on his path and anytime he was counted out Huerta has always found a way to prove the critics wrong and has remained a viable contender in the featherweight ranks.

Unlike Huerta, JoJo’s career has been a bit more along the lines of being fed with a silver spoon. His flashy hands and charming smile are a promoters dream and he always seemed to get a bit more of the spotlight because of that. Take nothing away from Diaz though; he put together 27 victories before suffering his first loss to Champion Gary Russell.

The cross town rivalry has a lot of intrigue. This is a fight that may end up stealing the show even though it is playing third fiddle to the two championship fights that will follow.

“I got the call to fight JoJo right before the end of last year” said Huerta. “It was from that point on we started the negotiations. Ideally we would have loved a tune-up fight but this great opportunity came up to fight JoJo Diaz and we jumped on it.”

Huerta’s Father and Trainer Mando agreed with his son saying, “My initial reaction was; “What happened to our tune-up fight?” It’s not about the fight being hard or anything like that but it would have good to see how Charles looked with the injuries he has had. But once we started talking and negotiating we started getting excited about the fight, this is a real good fight for us.”

The hard working Huerta has no hesitation or apprehension when it comes to taking on a fighter the likes of JoJo Diaz. “My plan is to go in there and spoil their plans,” stated Huerta.”I could have taken a regular fight but that would have left me in the same spot I am in now. Winning a fight like this will get me back up there and show that I belong on the world championship level.”

Two championship bouts in the main event or not, it is very likely the bulk of the tickets will be purchased by local fans who will be there to cheer on their respective hometown fighters. “When I took the fight I thought JoJo and I would be the main event just because of the Southern California rivalry. Me and Jojo could sell the place out on our own. But once I heard Machado and Vargas were also on the card I realized this was a very big card to be a part of,” noted Huerta.

When asked about what the fans can expect to see that night Huerta said, “I’m coming strong and ready to win this fight. Win, lose or draw, I’m always in a great fight. I always give a good fight for the fans, and I’m going to come and bring it. I’m going to give everybody an exciting show that night. Everything is going just as we planned right now, my weight is on track and I feel great. I can’t remember a time that I was this excited before a fight.”

As always Huerta has worked hard for this battle and his fans can rest assured he will give every ounce of himself inside the ring to earn the victory, just as he always does. There are really no shortcuts in boxing and to get to the top hard work is the essential trademark. Make no mistake about it, Charles Huerta is cut out of that mold. On Saturday night he is confident that his nose to the grindstone work ethic will get his hand raised in victory after the final bell rings.

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Kovalev Recaptures Belt
On Action Packed Card

February 4th, 2019

By William Trillo
Photos: Mikey Williams – Top Rank

If you are one of the stubborn boxing fans who have not embraced the new era of boxing broadcasting and jumped into the stream of things you missed a very good night of boxing a la ESPN+. From the fights to the production quality this Top Ranked promoted card was a doozy.

In the main event Sergey Kovalev got his chance for redemption as he faced the man who took his title last year, Eleider Alvarez. Most boxing experts didn’t give Kovalev much of a chance and the thinking was this could be his last hurrah. Little did anyone know or think that Kovalev could reinvent himself, with the help of Buddy McGirt, and pretty much pitch a shutout over a hapless Alvarez who seemed sluggish and tentative all night. But that is exactly what happened.

Kovalev fought a controlled and smart tactical fight over the course of the 12 round battle. He pressed the action all night but didn’t seem to be looking for his trademark Krusher KO. He stayed within himself and never seemed to lose focus.

Alvarez on the other hand was a mess. It looked like he had the same exact game plan that produced a KO victory for him over Kovalev last year but when that wasn’t working apparently he had no Plan B. A boxing insider who also was a top contender himself said of Alvarez’s performance, “He did not fight like a champion at all against Kovalev. A champion needs to defend his belt better than that; he did nothing to keep his title.”

That being said, let’s take nothing away from Kovalev who had more than his share of distractions coming into this fight. Even the ESPN crew speculated before the fight that maybe Sergey was done. But after the fight was over the very same crew praised Kovalev for overcoming physical and mental adversity while reclaiming his place at the top of the Light Heavyweight division.

On the ESPN+ undercard Teofimo Lopez brutally beat down veteran Diego Magdaleno in a performance that may have caught a lot of attention but for all the wrong reasons. Yes, Lopez’s demolition of Magdaleno was eye opening but his act immediately after dropping his foe was appalling at best.

To add insult to injury Teofimo stated he knows people are either going to love him or hate him, but he is going to do what he is going to do. Personally I think Lopez will become a villain in the eyes of most boxing fans. He is most likely going to put asses in the seats but that is because people are going to pay to see him get beat when he steps up against the big boys.

As part of the ESPN show the network teased the fans with a cable broadcast of the big fight night in Frisco, Texas. No doubt the appetizer helped sell a few spots on the soon to be aired ESPN+ stream.

In the main event of that show the undefeated WBO Featherweight champion Oscar Valdez made his awaited return to the ring after suffering a broken jaw in his title defense over Scott Quigg. Valdez took to the ring against a tough and undefeated Carmine Tommasone.

After shaking off some cobwebs Valdez made easy work of Tommsone and in impressive fashion he stopped the Italian fighter in the seventh round. For Valdez this was a great way for him to get past the broken jaw whoa’s and seal his spot as one of the best featherweights in boxing.

In the semi main the African fighter Richard Commey captured the vacant IBF World lightweight title with an exciting KO performance over Isa Chaniev. Commey caught the attention of many with the 2nd round KO victory and put himself in place to take on Vasiliy Lomachenko in a title unifier later this year in Los Angeles.

Again, this was a very good night of boxing that is a prelude to what may very well be a great year for a sport that has been taking a beating over the past few years. Boxing is back. Once the mainstream boxing fans can latch onto the new era of broadcasting I predict the sport will have the resurgence we all have been waiting for.

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Abner Mares Has A Message For Gervonta Davis

January 25th, 2019

By William Trillo

While discussing his upcoming battle with WBA Super Featherweight champ Gervonta Davis (20-0, 19 KO’s) Abner Mares (31-3-1, 15 KO’s) said, “I would like to make this statement: Gervonta Davis has been saying he sees this fight as a Floyd Mayweather vs. Aruro Gatti type of fight. He says this is when Mayweather graduated on that night by beating Gatti. He did get one thing right, I do have the Gatti heart , but he is no Floyd Mayweather, that’s all I have to say!

Not a bad way to fuel the fire for the upcoming February 9th grudge battle that will take place in Carson CA. Mares exudes the type of confidence that comes from a seasoned veteran who has held multiple world titles and fought the best out there. Make no mistake about it; this is a fight Mares feels he can use to prove the naysayers wrong.

When asked how he felt when he heard the fight was a go Mares stated, “Honestly I wasn’t surprised or shocked and the reason was simple…I asked for this fight, I was pushing for it, so when I got the call saying I got what I wanted I said “OK, good”. This is a fight where I am going to do a lot, meaning not just fight but provoke, and really enjoy myself.”

As to why Mares was adamant about this fight and was pressing to make it happen he said, “It was a challenge that I set for myself as an individual and an athlete. It’s a risky fight which will be so much more to savor. I look at it as a challenge. It’s a very big fight that I am going to get so much credit for taking. This is the kind of fight that I need to challenge myself with. It’s the kind of fight that will leave a legacy for my name. I could have taken an easier fight but right now those fights won’t present the type of challenge I am looking for at this stage of my career. I am extremely excited to have this fight in front of me.”

I felt it was only right to remind Mares that as far as his legacy goes that with fights with the likes of Yhonny Perez, Vic Darchinyan, Joseph Agbeko (twice) Daniel Ponce De Leon, just to name a few, that his legacy as a top performer was already sealed. Mares quipped, “Thank you that means a lot to me. Maybe it’s because I can do more as an athlete. I need to prove to myself and to the world what I am capable of doing. I still have only shown some of my boxing abilities and it’s a huge motivation for me and my coach to go out there and surprise the world by showing I can beat a faster younger fighter, because I have the tools. Some of my fights have not worked because of style matchups. This fight might give me some problems at the beginning but at the end of the day I will figure this guy out.”

I asked Mares if maybe Davis was buying into the hype and may be in for a surprise when he meets him in the ring. “Most definitely, said Mares, “ Once he steps into that ring he will see there is no time to play and that he is not in there with some C-level fighter, he will realize that real quick. Honestly, I love the fact he has the big hype and all the people around him right now claiming he is the next big star. I like that! It will be much more satisfying for me to show him that it’s going to take a lot more than quick hands to beat me. I am all about heart and hard work and I have been able to show that in all my fights.”

The fight will be held in Abner’s back yard and he understands the place will be filled with his fans to cheer him on that night. Mares noted “The building has sold out and they are adding more seats to the arena. I am just really happy to be performing amongst my people and my fans. And you know me, I always give a show. This will be another night that I am going to be able to please the crowd and give them great memories to talk about for years to come. I am that type of fighter that you will always remember as an exciting fighter.”

It’s true Mares has given us spectacular nights in both victory and defeat. His battle with Gervonta next month should prove to be another barnburner. And lest we forget, according to Mares he has the heart of “Thunder” Gatti and Davis is no “Pretty Boy Floyd”.

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AB Stands For “About Bankrupt”, Morally Speaking

January 21st, 2019

By William Trillo

As defined by Urbandictionary.com
Morally Bankrupt: Morally bankrupt is how you define a person or a group of people that have shown a regular history of making choices that are devoid of ethics and/or morals.

I’m going to be brief and to the point here as I direct this blog to the management and/or promoters of one Adrien “The Problem” Broner. The question for you is why are you still promoting this disrespectful bum allowing him to stuff his pockets full of undeserved dollars?

Let me be clear here, Broner made a mockery of your promotion and the system last week with his foul disrespectful mouth. On top of that he went into the ring Saturday night with no intention on winning. That was a pathetic performance at best.

Of course Adrien thinks he won. His plan worked to perfection. Go in there and stay away from any real battle for 12 rounds and collect a check. Trust me, go look at his chalkboard. You want find any plans drawn up on how to defeat Pacquiao and win the title on it.

But why would you expect anything different? In his last 7 fights he is 3-3-1. That is hardly the record of a fighter that should be collecting purses in PPV fights, yet you keep greasing his palms with sacks full of loot.

Both Al Bernstein and Jim Grey are well respected industry standards. They did not deserve the verbal venom that Broner spewed in their direction.

Broner’s entire act last week was embarrassing, disrespectful and without an ounce of dignity. By supporting him in any way you are no better than him. In fact, it makes you worse.

Answer me this. Why do you keep supporting fighters like this? Why don’t you put some sort of ethics clause in their contracts that would help deter this undignified behavior?

Better yet…do you think he is funny? Do you think he is right?

He isn’t and never well be.

Anything short of cutting this guy loose so we never have to see him grace another boxing card again is inexcusable.

Y’all parade yourselves around as if you are God’s gift to boxing yet you let dung like this permeate the sport with their foul mouthed rhetoric. It happens over and over again and 99% of the time there you are right smack dab in the middle of it supporting this very tired act.

It was clear from the day you started promoting that it was your intention to take over boxing. If taking over the sport means that you are going to allow fighters like Broner to run slipshod over an entire promotion then your idea of taking over is akin to flushing it down the toilet.

To put it simply, by allowing trash talking fighters to run amuck it is not Broner but rather you that is “The Problem”.

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