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Fortune Telling Elvis Says, “It’s Now Or Never”

Saturday, September 17th, 2022

By William Trillo

The last time I checked in with Elvis the Soothsayer we knew Corona as a libation not an infestation. So, with a smile on my face and a skip in my step, I couldn’t wait to speak to “The King” to get his prediction on Canelo vs. GGG III. After two years it was going to be good to see my old friend.

And yes, I am aware Elvis doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to fight predictions, but when you are headed to the biggest event in Las Vegas, who else would you go to?

According to Presley, this third installment of Canelo vs. GGG is going to be a slugfest of epic proportions. If you thought the first two fights were exciting, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. There is so much at stake for both fighters in this one it’s suggested for those in attendance to fasten their seatbelts and buckle those chin straps.

“That’s all well and good, but how does “The King” see it”, you ask?

He breaks it down like this;

Golovkin is going to come out like gangbusters, count on it. His best bet to beat his arch nemesis is to hurt him early and often. Breaking Canelo down in the early stages of the fight is not only paramount for GGG, it’s really his only hope. With that in mind, look for a war to start almost immediately.

The chances are good Canelo will get hurt, he might even go down. But if he can survive the early artillery from Golovkin the fight will turn rapidly and Canelo will take over in the mid rounds. When that happens look for GGG to fade fast.

The reality of the situation is this, Golovkin just turned 40 years old and he is fighting at a blown up 168 pounds. That’s strike one and strike two.

For Canelo, he is coming off an unexpected and embarrassing loss to Dmitry Bivol. Throw in his genuine disdain for Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, and there you have strike three. As exciting as it is going to be in the opening rounds the fight is going to go the way of Canelo by round six.

Book it!

The last time I checked “Father Time” is undefeated. He will remain so on Saturday night.

According to Fortune Telling Elvis, it will be somewhere around the seventh or eighth round that the onslaught will be too much for GGG and the fight will come to a screeching halt.

Tomorrow will be too late,
It’s now or never…

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Rising Star Ernesto “Tito” Mercado Q & A

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

By William Trillo

Every once in a while a fighter comes along that immediately gets your attention. Sometimes it’s the way he moves in the ring. Other times it’s because he possesses impressive KO power. In the case of Ernesto “Tito” Mercado (6-0, 6 KO’s), it’s both. This young fighter has all the tools to become a top contender.

This Thursday in Costa Mesa California Mercado will once again display his wares. We were fortunate enough to catch up with “Tito” to find out more about him and his plans for what should be a very promising career.

Pound4Pound: The first time we saw you fight was t at the Commerce Casino. Our writer is very knowledgeable about boxing, he keeps what he calls “The List”. Basically, his list is for fighters he feels are going to be future stars. On that night you knocked a guy like in 30 seconds or something crazy. Hour writer said of you immediately, “this guy’s going on my list”. We already had you kind of pegged as a budding star just off that quick performance alone. So, here we are.

Ernesto Mercado: That’s dope to hear that.

P4P: I’m going to jump into your amateur career. Tell me, I know you have a ridiculous amount of fights there, like 200 plus, tell me what your record is and a bit about your amateur career.

EM: Yeah, I had over 300 amateur fights.

P4P: Over 300. Okay!

EM: Yeah, my amateur record was about 290 and 11. And that included 22-time national champion, I was an international gold medalist and the 2020 US Olympic alternate, as well as the representative for the Olympics. Unfortunately, I was able to represent. A lot of boxing happened when I was little, really lost a lot of those fights when I was young.

P4P: You have 100% KO ratio right now. I know amateur and pro was completely different. Were you knocking people out back then, towards the end of your amateur career? What was going on then?

EM: Not really, you know, like you said, amateurs way different, a lot more fast paced. I was getting a lot of eight counts and TKOs.

P4P: Did you know or did your people know that when you transfered it over to Pro that you were gonna start dropping people at 100% clip?

EM: No, you know, that’s something that we kind of, grew into, I think maybe once I turned about 18, 19, I felt, I started feeling the power a little bit more. And, you know, we just hope for the best because there’s a lot of guys out there that couldn’t crack an egg. So, I’m definitely happy that I was blessed with that.

P4P: When it comes to boxing I am Old School, I like to see somebody with a hefty amateur background. You know, a lot of these guys nowadays, they have 10 fights, maybe they win eight, and they think they’re gonna be a world champions. It just doesn’t equate. I mean how rare is that? So, to see a guy with 300 fights, it makes a big difference once you turn yourself over into the professional ranks in my opinion.

EM: Yes, 100%. From a little kid. I was at local shows every single weekend, every single tournament, and I’m glad I was able to do all those things. And God blessed me with opportunity because now I’m able to go in the ring and I see it all, so I’m able to adapt anything.

P4P: This is going to be your fourth fight this year. That’s almost unheard of anymore. Maybe guys fight twice a year. You’ve had three knockouts this year, you’re working on number four. A lot of guys don’t even want to fight four fights in a year.

EM: This is gonna be my seventh fight in exactly a year. So, you know, we were trying to get another fight earlier on in June. But unfortunately, I think because COVID we were unable to get that fight. So, that one canceled. We’re trying to get five fights this year, but we’re aiming for another two or three more fights this year. I definitely like to stay active. I think that’s one of the biggest things for a young prospect. And I don’t see any of the fighters fighting as active as I am right now.

P4P: That’s basically fighting every other month, which again, is unheard of even, I mean, with top guys with up and comers, whatever, fighting every other month, or on a pace like that is pretty impressive. So good for you. You have fight Thursday. Tell us about that. And do you know who your opponent is yet? It looks like you’re fighting an eighth rounder, I think that’s the first time. What’s going on there?

EM: I am not still 100% sure. You know how these things go. A lot of these fighters sometimes play a little bit of games, but we’re almost closing in up on it. I am hoping to go a little bit more rounds. But if the knockout presents itself again, I’m gonna go and take it. I’m hoping to go a couple more rounds, just to throw myself out there and get a little more comfortable in there.

P4P: That’s awesome. You’re still young in your career and it’s hard to predict what direction you’re gonna go over the coming year. Do you guys have a game plan right now? Or are you just kind of feeling out, testing the waters and then see what develops from there? Or do you have something written down?

EM: I’m fighting all my fights in Southern California, building my fan base here. So that’s definitely been fun. But as far as my plans go, right now, we’re trying to bracket a lot more fights, you know, hopefully two more this year and have some type of regional belt within the next year.

P4P: It’s the best game plan in my opinion. Get a regional belt, get your face out there and next thing, you know, you’re on Fox, or ESPN. Maybe a semi main event, and boom, then it goes from there. I’m sure that’s kind of what you’re looking to do.

EM: My immediate goal right now is just to get the fights in and just wipe everybody out. The promoter stuff, that it will come. But as of now, I’m happy being free agent. And hopefully, we’re able to get some momentum and have some type of belt by the end of the year.

P4P: Cool. All right. Well, like I told you, we’ve seen you a couple of times. But it’s 30 seconds and the fights are over. So, I don’t know if I can ask you for a little more time the next time I see you, but that’ll be nice.

EM: Everybody that did buy tickets, they say can we see you in the second round. I said I’m gonna try.

P4P: Right. Yes, we want to see more of your skills Tito.

EM: Yeah, no, just it’s so hard man. Because like I said, it’s not like I’m looking for the quick knockout. But if my shot hurts you I’m gonna take you out. A lot of times guys make that mistake, sometimes letting fighters live and then they come back to take over the fight. That’s something that I’m not willing to take a chance on.

P4P: Right, there’s two kinds of fighters when they get somebody hurt. Ones that really want to take the fight a little bit longer for whatever reason, or they’re just not finishers.

EM: Exactly. There’s not a lot of finishers in the sport of boxing anymore, at least not like back in the days. I think that’s gonna be something that a lot of people are gonna want to see me again, because I am a finisher.

P4P: Absolutely, that makes you different than all the rest of the guys and somebody special that we need to see. I am glad I finally got to talk to you. I wish you the best on Thursday. And hopefully we can hook up again and go from there.

EM: Yes of course. Thank you.

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Welcome To The Twilight Zone

Monday, July 18th, 2022

By William Trillo
Photo: Tom Hogan – Golden Boy

“You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination – Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

  • Rod Serling

Imagine if you will a promoter, who just happens to be an eleven-time world champion and Hall of Famer, who is so hell bent on making his second-rate fighter a world champion that he is willing to use whatever smoke and mirrors it takes to deceive the masses in order to attain his lofty goal. Now imagine the promoter’s motivation is not only money, (of which there is plenty), but is to fulfill his somewhat egotistical dreams of giving boxing fans the second coming of himself. Yes, the next Golden Boy.

That is exactly what we saw at the Arena in Los Angeles Saturday night as Golden Boy’s Ryan Garcia was handed yet another stiff to add to the list of “Tomato Cans” he has gone through on his way to the fantasy world that he, his promoter and all his social media fans live in.

The evening entered the Outer Limits the moment Garcia began to make his over-the-top ring walk. Members of the media, well respected members of the media mind you, were tripping all over themselves like pre-teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert just to get a cell phone grab of the Instagram star as he entered the ring. It was embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing was what transpired in the ring.

Let’s be real here, Javier Fortuna was a shell of the fighter we saw in the ring in 2021 versus JoJo Diaz. Fortuna’s skills have diminished greatly. Either that or the fix was in. Of course I would never suggest that…(cough cough).

And speaking of eroding skills, is it just me or have Ryan’s skills takien a turn for the worse since he left camp Canelo? Unless of course he meant his footwork to look like Frankenstein’s monster as he plodded through the ring. And excuse me because I am no expert; I know head movement is paramount but isn’t pulling your head straight back with your chin straight up while executing your jab a recipe for disaster?

And that right hand might win a schoolyard slap fight, but cmon…..

But credit to Oscar for so far pulling off this charade. With the help of Garcia’s Social Media presence accompanied with a string of broken-down Palookas that matches Joe Louis’ Bum of the Month club, it seems there are an inordinate number of fans, (not necessarily boxing fans), who are drinking the Koo-Aid and are willing to fill the seats when Garcia comes out to play.

I can’t begrudge a guy for making money, just don’t expect me to be buying or shilling any of that product he is currently selling.

It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears. Not a lesson, just a reminder for all the real boxing fans in The Twilght Zone.

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Canelo vs. GGG – The Threequel
This Time It’s Personal

Saturday, June 25th, 2022

By William Trillo

The first two fights in this pugilistic series were akin to cinematic gems. But the question remains if the threequel will live up to the hype or will this cliffhanger fall flat at the box office and become a huge disappointment. With those thoughts as a backdrop it was only fitting that the Kickoff press conference for Canelo vs GGG 3 was held in Hollywood, California.

As hot as it was on Highland Blvd. things would really begin to heat up inside The American Legion Theatre as the press conference began. Speaking to the media in attendance Canelo said of Golovkin, “He’s two different people. He pretends to be a nice guy but he’s not. He’s an a**hole. He really is. He pretends to be a nice guy for the fans but in other places, he just talks a lot of sh*t, that’s why it’s personal for me.”

To no one’s surprise a composed Golovkin said through an interpreter, “If it’s so personal for him, my question is why was he putting off the third fight for so long?” If it’s personal, you should ask him why.”

Make no mistake, this one is very personal for Canelo, and he plans on making things right by knocking GGG out and putting an end to his career. And if he does Canelo says, “That will taste very sweet.”

To GGG’s point, it has been four long years since the last fight and whatever the case may be, one has to wonder if the fight will still generate the same amount of interest it did back in the day when both men ruled boxing with an iron fist.

The reality is Golovkin just celebrated his 40th birthday and Canelo is coming off a stunning loss to Dmitry Bivol only a few short months ago. Spin it any way you want, but some of the luster has gone off the fight. Only some elbow grease and heavy polishing from Matchroom and DAZN will be able to shine it back up before Canelo & GGG step into the T-Mobile Arena ring in Las Vegas on September 17th.

With a press conference this Monday in New York and all the obligatory pre-fight hype you can rest assured the powers that be will hype this third installment with all the bells and whistles available.

Lights, Camera, Action!

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Better Be Careful
Better Be Objective
Beterbiev Is The Man

Monday, June 20th, 2022

By William Trillo
Photos: Mikey Williams – Top Rank

I am curious how many gambling degenerates lost their butts Saturday night while making last minute bets on Joe Smith Jr. after watching ESPN’s extremely slanted pre-fight hype before the Artur Beterbiev vs. Smith Jr. Light Heavyweight title unifier. Seriously, it seemed as if the entire cast and crew of the broadcast team were ordered to shill for Smith Jr. and say little or nothing about the undefeated Beterbiev. It was blatant and annoying.

After the fight, which Beterbiev won in a destructive performance, my phone began to light up with calls as well as texts from irate fans and more importantly fellow journalists.

“I am tired of the ESPN announcers,” said one of my peers, “They are full of sh*t. I think they should just shut up and watch the fight!”

Another chat with a fellow journalist read, “ESPN was all over the Smith Jr. bandwagon. Kriegel is an arrogant (expletive deleted).”

Another note from a highly respected boxing insider stated, “ESPN’s coverage was heavily slanted towards Smith. That was a poor decision on their part.”

Those conversations put an exclamation point on the way I was feeling during the broadcast. For whatever reason ESPN decided to make “The Common Man” Smith their poster child as they cast Beterbiev as the “opponent”. Considering Beterbiev was, and still is, the only World Champion with a 100% KO ratio, it was questionable way to go.

Equally as curious is the fact that Beterbiev’s promoter Bob Arum from Top Rank and ESPN are doing business at an impressive and lucrative clip. Although I am highly against the practice, it is very commonplace for a network to climb on board the bandwagon of the promoter they are in contract with. Which made the networks broadcast Saturday night that much more of a head scratcher.

But as we know, Beterbiev bludgeoned Smith Jr. and stopped him inside of two rounds. They may not want to admit it, but the network left Madison Square Garden with egg all over their faces.

Not to go unnoticed on the broadcast was Anthony Yarde who is the mandatory challenger for the WBO title Beterbiev just won. Come to think of it, he almost did go unnoticed. When the camera caught Yarde after the fight he was sitting in the back of the house, in the dark, and was uttering nary a peep. He certainly didn’t look like a guy who wants any part of Artur Beterbiev. And who can blame him?

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Inoue Solidifies Spot As
Boxing’s Pound4Pound Best

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

By William Trillo
Photos: Naoki Fukada

Naoya Inoue’s (23-0, 20 KO’s) second-round stoppage over Nonito Donaire (42-7, 28 KO’s) should leave no doubts as to who is the current “King of the Hill” on the always subjective Pound4Pound list. As we all know by now, “Monster” decimated “The Filipino Flash” in just under a round and a half of work. It was a surgical and convincing performance.

Inoue easily walked straight through Donaire’s early artillery fire and then in the blink of an eye a laser like right hand to the temple put Donaire to the canvas as Round One ended.

Not wanting to let Donaire get his faculties in order, Inoue kept up the brutal attack in round two. Sharp blows had Donaire on rubber legs, yet somehow the rugged warrior was able to survive…for a moment. Proving he is a finisher Inoue pounded Donaire into the ropes. That is when a crippling left hook sent Donaire down for the final time.

If there were any questions left over from their first bout, this KO performance from Inoue should answer them loudly and clearly.

As far as the Pound4Pound question goes, well of course there will always be personal tastes and opinions. But at the end of the day, I firmly believe that in this moment in time, Naoya Inoue stands alone atop the hill of boxing’s elite.

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Out Of The Blue-Boz Scaggs

Monday, June 6th, 2022

By William Trillo

As the winds whipped across the Coachella Valley, Singer/Songwriter Boz Scaggs was busy whipping up a musical storm inside Indio’s Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino. Mixing in some classic Blues along with his Classic Silk Degrees tunes, Skaggs gave the near capacity crowd a very enjoyable evening.

The highlight of the show was Skagg’s rousing rendition of Loan Me A Dime, a tune Skaggs recorded back in 1969 with Duane Allman. That song brought the house down as it displayed some fine musicianship from his entire band.

Of course, no Skagg’s setlist would be complete without performing his signature tune Lowdown. Needless to say, almost everyone in the house got on their feet and danced as Boz performed his mid-seventies classic.

With well over 50 years of performing under his belt, Skagg’s proved he has not missed a beat.

To find out more about the superb live entertainment at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino check out Entertainment | Fantasy Springs Resort Casino | Concerts Coachella Valley

Canelo-Bivol: Before The Dust Settles

Friday, May 13th, 2022

By William Trillo

As defined by
the dust settles: used to talk about what happens when things become clear or calm after a period of change or confusion

There is a big boxing weekend ahead of us here in Southern California, but before the proverbial dust settles on Canelo and Bivol, I have a few odds and ends I’d like to get off my chest. In no particular order, here we go:

So, why are we already talking about a rematch? Do you think that when Team Canelo reviews the video they are going to want to do this all over again?

Did Bivol really say he would take on Canelo at 168 pounds for all his belts? If Canelo does in fact agree to a rematch, I would say the chances of him doing it for all his Super Middle belts is Nada.

Can we stop with all the Bivol vs. Zzzurdo Ramirezzz hype? Please? There is a reason I will always spell his name with three Z’s front and back.

If you are clamoring for a 175-pound title unifying fight, how about the undefeated Artur Beterbiev? Dude is a beast and there certainly ain’t any Z’s in his name, front or back. Yes, I know Beterbiev is set to face Joe Smith Jr. next month. I’m picking Beterbiev by KO in 5 in a fight that should be a Barn Burner while it lasts.

It may not be fair, but Refs normally only get a mention when they screw up, then the media and fans are all over them like stink on a monkey. So far I haven’t heard anyone say a peep about the third man in the ring that night, Russell Mora. Allow me to be one of the few to say, “Nice work Russell. You did a fine job.”

We can go ahead and assume the name Usyk will never spill out of Canelo’s Pie Hole ever again.

What are the chances that the WBC suddenly conjures up some Catchweight belt somewhere between 168 and 175 pounds and then dangles that trinket in the faces of Bivol and Canelo like a dirt farmer dangles a carrot in front of a mule?

And before I shut the door on the Canelo/Bivol topic, allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment.

I don’t think it’s any big secret that Canelo despises the idea of being other fighters ATM machine. Just ask Demetrius Andrade and David Benavidez. They have been shouting from the rooftops they want a piece of Canelo. But because of his disdain for both guys, it’s highly unlikely they will ever get a sniff.

Another fighter who Canelo has no love for is Gennady Golovkin, he has made that point pretty clear. So, with a GGG fight looming if Canelo beat Bivol, do you think it’s fathomable that Canelo took his foot off the pedal just enough to lose a close fight, force a rematch with Bivol and in doing so ace out GGG and the paycheck he would receive?

Before you say I am crazy, go back and look at the body shots Canelo was landing on Bivol. Normally Canelo digs deep to the ribs with wicked blows. Against Bivol most of the body shots he threw were open handed slaps. Don’t take my word for it…go look for yourself. Then ask yourself how often in the past did you see Canelo simply lay on the ropes and literally do nothing? Over and over again.

How about never!

I know that’s a bit farfetched, but hey, this is boxing. Nothing is outside the realm of possibility. Nothing!

And in the “putting your foot in your mouth” special of the week, check out what Oscar De La Hoya had to say in regard to the Canelo/Bivol matter, “It was the stupidest move … whoever allowed Canelo to fight Bivol. I would’ve never allowed Canelo to fight Bivol,” De La Hoya said. “Look exactly at what happened. Canelo’s on the top of the world. He’s the king. Why fight a guy that if Canelo fights 10 times, he loses 10 times? And he has nothing to gain. Nothing to win. Nobody knew Bivol.” 

That tells you everything you need to know about the Modus Operandi behind the walls at Golden Boy. In other words, “Why give the fans what they want by putting the best against the best? Why not milk the system and make fights like, oh let’s say… Gilberto “Zzzurdo” Ramirezzz vs. Dominic Boesel? Talk about a guy nobody knows. Who the heck is Dominic Boesel? And let’s be frank here, Zzzurdo is a great fighter for insomniacs to watch, but if you are looking for action…forget about it. You can milk Ramirezzz until the cows come home, he will never be a box office star.

…”I would never have let Canelo fight Bivol.”


Thanks for admitting what everyone already knew. Giving the fans what they want is not on your “to do” list.

Without further doo doo….that’s all I have to say.

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The Continuing Story Of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

Monday, May 9th, 2022

By William Trillo
Photos: German Villasenor

Okay, let’s be honest here. When the judges’ scorecards were getting read by David Diamante after the Bivol vs. Canelo fight and he announced identical scores of 115-113 by all three judges, how many of you immediately thought, “Uh oh! No way, they are going to give this fight to Canelo.” I know I did. In fact, Dmitry Bivol himself said he was worried when he heard those 115-113 scores.

But as we found out moments later the unanimous decision was rightly given to Bivol. As it should have been.

At the time none of us knew that if Canelo had found a way to win the last round, the fight would have been scored a draw.


Now, I am the last one to suggest there might have been some shenanigans going on here, (why did you just blow your soda out of your nose), but c’mon. Did you know that the scorecards were 100% identical in every way, shape and form? Like Carbon Copies. And they wonder why at times we suggest that maybe the scorecards were written out in advance.

It’s scores like this that have most of us scratching our heads.

Look, I had a wonderful Birds Eye View of this fight. I watched it without the sway or slant of any “Home Team” announcers. I jotted down notes in between rounds and scored the fight in real time, live.

As I saw it Bivol was in complete control for all but a few rounds. I gave him the fight by a score of 117-111. Outside of rounds 1, 2 & 9, I don’t see how anyone could give Canelo another round, even if they were being generous.

With the footwork of a Ballerina, superior head movement and a set of extremely large Cajones, Bivol stayed in the pocket almost the entire night. He smothered, blocked and parried any and everything Canelo was attempting, and he did that all night long.

The look of frustration was plastered all over Canelos face by round 4 and without a Plan B, the best Canelo could do was lay against the ropes and hope Bivol would make a tactical error. As we know that never happened.

I digress…let’s get back to Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.

Assuming they didn’t really write out the scorecards before the fight one has to wonder… “What the heck were these guys looking at?”

Bivol schooled Canelo, plain and simple. The evidence was that look of utter frustration on the face of Canelo when the final bell rang. That look said it all.

I rest my case.

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Big Boxing Weekend Thoughts: Don’t Count GGG Out, Not Just Yet

Monday, April 11th, 2022

By William Trillo
Photo Courtesy of Naoki Fukada

The general consensus going into the Gennady Golovkin vs. Ryota Murata fight was an overwhelming concern that Golovkin, who just turned 40 years old, was past his prime and was more than vulnerable facing the rugged Murata on his home turf.

In the early rounds it looked as though those concerns were valid as a nonstop body attack had Golovkin reeling. He was visibly uncomfortable. GGG was wincing and his body language was not good, he was hurt, no one could doubt that.

But Golovkin summoned the intestinal fortitude only a champion can. He overcame the early onslaught. By the time he launched Murata’s mouthpiece into the stratosphere GGG had completely taken over the fight. Shortly thereafter Golovkin put Murata down and his corner didn’t hasten to jump into the ring to save their warrior from further damage.

Now the question is, did Golovkin earn another shot at Canelo with the KO victory? Furthermore, is this a fight the fans want to see?

Personally, I think a lot of people who thought Golovkin’s days were over are now leaning towards wanting to see GGG vs. Canelo III.

Fight Of The Year
Fundora vs. Lubin
Photo By Esther Lin

Going into the weekend I think you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who picked Sebastian Fundora vs. Erickson Lubin to be the Fight of The Weekend. For that matter, with GGG headlining on one card and the return of that Social Media Star on another, Fundora vs. Lubin might have been an afterthought at best.

But truth be told, this Fight of The Year candidate was easily the most compelling fight of the weekend. With both fighters hitting the deck this was a rugged if not gruesome battle. Lubin’s face after the fight was a testament to that. If you didn’t see it I would highly recommend finding a replay. This is must see TV.

Lyin’ About Ryan

In the week leading up to the fight everyone from trainer Joe Goossen to Ryan Garcia himself said they would be surprised if this fight went longer than two or three rounds and that there was no way Emmanuel Tagoe would go the distance.

Immediately after the fight (that went the distance by the way), and in fact during the fight itself, Goossen was playing spin doctor saying what a difficult fighter Tagoe was and he expected this all along.


Let’s cut through the BS here and just tell it like it is.

Ryan doesn’t want to fight. Those winging punches that were hitting nothing but air looked amateurish at best. Throwing one punch at a time while pulling your head back because you are afraid of getting hit spells trouble. And the jab. Where was the jab?

I have never been too high on the Instragram sensation Garcia to begin with, but I can say he looked a lot better before his umpteen month layoff than he did Saturday night. Goossen is a proven maker of Champions but from the day it was announced he would take Ryan under his wing I felt it was a very poor fit. I saw nothing in that fight that changes my mind.

Everyone from the DAZN broadcast team to Oscar De La Hoya were trying to put a spin on Garcia’s performance but the fact of the matter is this; You intentionally brought in a “Ham & Egger” that Ryan could get a highlight reel KO on, but when that didn’t happen you suddenly labeled Tagoe as the second coming of Willie Pep.

Boxing fans are a lot smarter than given credit for and in this case they aren’t buying that line of bull.

Ryan don’t wanna fight guys. Quit shoving him out there, you’re going to get him hurt.

Mosley Proves Naysayers Wrong

I got a call from one of our journalists Saturday night who wanted to know, and I quote, “How the hell did Gabriel Rosado lose to Shane Mosley Jr.?”

I am sure that was the question on everyone’s mind.

I am just going to speculate here and say it appeared to me Rosado was just looking for a one punch KO. With visions of Bektemir still dancing in his head Rosado may have felt Mosley was an easy mark. By the time he figured out that the KO was not going to happen it was too late. Gabe came up on the short end of a shocking majority decision at the hands of Mosley Jr.

That’s why they make ‘em fight!

And The Girls
Photo: German Villasenor

I could be mistaken but I believe Mikaela Meyer will become the face of Woman’s boxing before the end of 2022. She is as talented as any female fighter currently fighting, she has a great back story and let’s be honest, she knows how to behave in public. Her being featured in the Main Event versus Jennifer Han on ESPN on the Top Rank promoted card speaks volumes.

And in the “Fact Not Opinion” story, if a male fighter showed up with the same innertube around his waist as Marlen Esparza did Saturday night against Naoko Fulioka, he would have been harshly criticized. Deal with it.

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