Kovalev vs. Ward: Robbery, Assault & Battery

By William Trillo

The very first words that Andre Ward spoke to the media in attendance at the post fight media were, “I see some sad faces out there, I don’t know why.” He then pointed to a handful of fans who somehow hadn’t left the building yet and said, “But I see some fans up there clapping.”

The reason Andre saw a room full of less than happy faces is because almost everyone to a man was let down by boxing again. Those sad faces were a reflection of the scores that only 30 minutes earlier handed Ward a victory and light heavyweight titles most believe he did not deserve.

Oh sure, there will be a few Ward fans like the stragglers in the auditorium who got to cheer for him, but once Ward hears what the majority of boxing pundits and fans have to say, he can look back and know why that room was full of sad faces.

I’d like to personally lay out everyone from the ref to the judges and all points in between for this travesty but it is likely you all will just say it’s more “Sour Grapes” from Trillo, this guy is never happy. So instead I will just give you a handful of quotes from boxing luminaries who most likely know a lot more about boxing than both you and I. Then you can go ahead and come to your own conclusions for yourself.

I asked long time boxing broadcaster Larry Merchant what he thought of Harold Lederman’s score after the fight. Larry stated he did not know what Harold said. When I told him the Lederman score was 116-112 Larry said, ‘That is pretty much the same score I had. Kovalev jumped out to an early lead and even though Ward did come back late there is no way I saw him winning that fight, not by any means.”

Montell Griffin, a former Light Heavyweight contender with 59 fights against some of the best to ever lace them up at 175 pounds stated, “This is why The UFC is taking over boxing. Decisions like this will send more fans away and over to MMA. Fans paid good money to see this fight both live and on PPV and now they will walk away with a bad taste in their mouths. Do you think they are going to want to buy another fight when they see robberies like this? This is a disgrace.”

Another former world champion with 57 bouts on his record, Jesse James Leija said of the outcome, “I feel like it was a close fight and Ward did well in the second half of the fight with his body punching. He pressed the fight at times and then boxed when he needed to. I still honestly feel it was close but I still had Kovalev winning. 114-113 or 115-112.”

A publicist for Top Rank Promotions who was in attendance simply said, “Ward did not win that fight.”

Montreal Trainer and former fighter Howard Grant told me, “Bill, I watched this fight two times. Once live on Saturday night and I watched it again on Sunday. When I watched it Saturday night I thought it was a very close fight that could have gone either way. Then I watched it Sunday with the sound off, I put the TV on mute. Without the commentary of the announcers I saw the fight completely different and now believe that Kovalev won that fight hands down.”

Puerto Rico boxing writer and Major League Baseball strength and conditioning coach Luis Cadiz Sr. said, “Let me tell you something, they stole everything from Kovalev Saturday night. His undefeated record and all his titles are gone. This was a pure robbery.”

As Kathy Duva stated at the post fight press conference, “We all got a great fight which is what boxing wanted but what boxing didn’t need is another bad decision…and we got that.”

Sergey Kovalev just cut to the chase with his comments, “You look at his face after the fight and look at my face. You tell me, who is the winner?”

I heard that Max Kellerman was trying to educate the fans watching the PPV what the difference between a close decision and a robbery is. I am really sorry I missed that. (Not really).

Look, what happened to Sergey Kovalev on Saturday night was criminal. As Cadiz said, Here is a guy who had an undefeated record and captured multiple world title belts with hard work and perseverance. Yet, in the blink of an eye he lost everything due to some extremely inept work by the officials overseeing this contest.

Take nothing away from Ward who got up off the deck after getting clubbed in the forehead. I think that Andre does himself a disservice by calling that a flash knockdown. He got up and survived a blow that dropped him to his hands and knees, a lesser foe might have stayed down. That being said, he did not get up and do enough to turn the tide that drastically, enough to win, in the opinion of the majority of the boxing world.

Duva now says she will exercise the immediate rematch clause yet Team Ward appears ready to drag this one out for a while and make Duva and Kovalev sweat it out. If there is one thing we all know about Ward it is the fact he will try not to honor contracts that he has already signed. If he were alive the late Dan Goossen would warn Duva to prepare for a long court battle.

I on the other hand see Ward accepting an immediate rematch as long as the fight takes place in Oakland. Knowing Kovalev I am sure he will accept that offer.

I for one would like to see this happen sooner rather than later. Kovalev deserves a chance to regain his belts.

“You’ve done me wrong”, it’s the same old song forever, forever
Robbery, assault and battery
The felon and his felony……. By Genesis

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11 Responses to “Kovalev vs. Ward: Robbery, Assault & Battery”

  1. Habibski says:

    As far as bad decisions go, this wasn’t on the same level as Holyfield-Lewis I or Chavez-Whittaker, Ayala-Tapia II, etc.

    But anyone with half a brain knows Andre “Stinks Out Gyms” Ward did not win that fight.

    The writing is on the wall. How often do you see the judges conveniently score so many rounds exactly the same in a major fight when they were so close (in the second half).

    You always see this kind of bullspit happening in Vegas or Noo Yawk with their crooked commissions and house judges.

    Montell Griffin is right. It’s this type of decision that alienates a lot of fans and drives people away to the UFC or other sports.

    No other combat sport can touch boxing in terms of atmosphere, excitement, and suspense when there is a high stakes fight that delivers. The problem with boxing is that most of the fights don’t deliver. Or there is a dubious decision that makes you wonder why you invest your time in following a fringe sport that hasn’t been truly relevant in 20 or so years.

    I think the saddest part of Saturday was leaving the tavern and some of us laughed after seeing Kovalev get fucked by the judges. We’ve seen these kind of shit-nanigans happen so many times over the years that we have become callous and immune to anger or outrage.

    But like the sheep we are, we still show up and pay the cover fee every time there is a big fight and hope that we will see some of the skill, courage, and action that makes the sweet science such an awesome spectacle.

    Then we see the Adelaide Byrds or CJ Rosses of the world fuck another fighter over and we realize we got duped again.

    • William Trillo says:

      Hard core boxing fans will always come back for more. Like the dog whose master swats him and then throws him out on the street we keep coming back for more because we are loyal to the sport we love.

      That being said, what a crock of bull crap we were served up on Saturday night. I got more in store Habib…stay tuned and thanks for chiming in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahahaha. Thought he wasn’t even going to get in the ring with him. You hated on this man so bad to the point you said you wouldn’t believe the fight was happening until he walk in the ring. He moved up and fought the best. Whoever anyone thought won both fighters showed their worth. Great fight rematch will be great for boxing. Way for both of them to step up to the plate. Maybe triple g should take notes.

  3. William Trillo says:

    Dear Mr. Too Gutless to share your name,

    What’s funny? Do you find that travesty amusing? Typical Ward fan.

    As far as hating on him….the man has a track record and I used it to suggest he would bail out. He proved me wrong this time. But watch what he does now. His track record is also complete with log jamming everything up in court because he doesn’t want to honor a contract that he signed. Dude has a less than honorable history. And dancing on Goossens grave weeks after the man passed away is about as low as a human can get. SOG my butt. Watch him do everything he can to avoid another fight with K.
    Again, I will believe it when I see it.
    I hope I am wrong again and the rematch takes place soon. It wasn’t a great fight and it’s hard to see how # 2 would be different. Good fight…piss poor officials.

  4. David McGarry says:

    Kovalev has only himself to blame. He spent the second half of the fight following Ward around instead of cutting off the ring. So many of his punches missed that Ward was able to steal rounds by landing half a dozen jabs. I don’t think there will be a rematch.

    • William says:

      You may have a slight point McGarry but I just don’t see how anyone rational can agree with the scorecards rendered. The rematch is a 50/50 proposition at best.

  5. David McGarry says:

    One interesting side note to the fight is the difference of opinion between the American media and the British media. I was watching the fight on a Sky Sports stream and most of the commentary team, especially Paulie Malignaggi, had Ward winning and they pointed out more than once the HBO team had Kovalev comfortably ahead. Boxing News writers also had Ward as the winner.

  6. David McGarry says:

    No he didn’t. I saw his “scorecard” on the stream and it clearly showed Kovalev won that round.

  7. William says:

    That’s the same guy who used to bash Haymon….until $$$

  8. Dino says:

    Kovelev got robbed. those judges should be shot. Then pissed on then burned.