He Who Laughs Last…Laughs Last

By William Trillo

It’s an image that was burned into my memory that I just can’t erase. That was just seconds after the Golovkin/Canelo post fight press conference was brought to its conclusion. Golden Boy brass and Canelo himself all turned to each other let out a huge tandem laugh. I found it appalling but was glad I caught it on film.

Only moments before the press conference came to its end those same aforementioned sat in front of the media with their poker faces on trying to look as glum as possible. The truth is they were all bursting with laughter inside….make no mistake about that.

Fast forward eight months to the Golden Boy press conference that announced Canelo would pull out of the Golovkin rematch and suddenly those long faces were the real thing, no one was giggling inside. Canelo’s Clenbuterol ingestion cost them one of the biggest paydays in the history of boxing and left Golden Boy basically speechless.

Who’s laughing now?

As GGG prepares to head into the ring with late substitute Vanes Matirosyan tonight the best Canelo can do is stick to his claim that he gobbled down tainted burritos…now that’s funny!

On a not so humorous note GGG stated in a recent interview that he believes there is but a slim 10% chance that a rematch with the Red Headed Mexican will take place.

Considering GGG conceded everything in the negotiations for the rematch only to have Canelo pull out of the fight due to his own indiscretions, it’s easy to assume Team GGG won’t be so compliant the next time around.

In response to that Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez spewed out one of the best one-liners of the week when he said that the reason Golovkin said what he did is because he believes Triple G is afraid of Canelo.

Seriously? That’s a real knee slapper.

All kidding aside the fact of the matter is as follows: If GGG is successful in his defense of his titles tonight against Matirosyan he will be in the driver’s seat for any and all negotiations with Golden Boy and Clenelo.

It’s clear Golden Boy had the upper hand in all the negotiations leading up to the scrapped rematch but after this botch job that led us down this crooked (take term literally) road, there is no way Golovkin nor Tom Loeffler should allow Team Tainted Meat to dictate any terms….no, not one.

Not so funny anymore, is it?

On a side note, if there is gonna be any Cinco De Mayo celebrating at Team Golden Boy I would advise them to stick with the Ceviche and stay away from any Red Meat Fajitas……seems pretty simple to me.

And oh by the way…the next time you pull a fast one on the boxing public you might wanna wait until you get behind closed doors to burst out in laughter and pat each other on the back.

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