A Little Mistake? “Weight” A Minute!

By William Trillo

After JoJo Diaz defeated Jesus Rojas in a fight that had literally not one ounce of significance whatsoever Diaz let this little pearl of wisdom fly out of his pie hole, “It was just one little mistake that we didn’t make the weight, it was just one little crucial mistake.”

Where do I begin?

JoJo, a little mistake would be that you forgot to pack your mouthpiece in your bag on fight night.

Not making weight for a world title fight is a huge mistake, make no doubt about that.

What makes it an even bigger mistake is that you were given this undeserved title opportunity after getting schooled by Gary Russell in your first attempt at a world title. You didn’t have to fight your way back to title contention but instead were spoon fed this title shot that quite frankly you did not earn or deserve.

As to your statement, “…it was just one little crucial mistake”, it was either a crucial mistake or a little mistake, it can’t be both. Those two words should never be used in the same sentence. For instance one would never use the words Champion and Journeyman to describe a fighter, either he has the goods or he doesn’t! Am I clear?

I have had to address this same situation in boxing too many times recently. That being fighters who get themselves into the position to fight for a title and then show up overweight at the weigh-in and lose any chance at winning a title on the scale.

It’s pathetic and extremely disrespectful to everyone involved including your promoter and more importantly your fans. There are thousands of fighters with half the talent of Diaz who would do whatever it takes to make weight if they were given a chance to fight for championship belt. It’s a smack in the face to those Ham and Eggers as well.

If it were up to me, if a fighter showed up to the weigh-in for a world title fight overweight he would have one chance to re-weigh and if he didn’t make it he would be heavily fined, with most of the money going to the other fighter, and he would not be allowed to fight the next night for any reason.

Allowing these guys to fight and then pretend like everything is just fine afterwards is 100% horse dung and should not be tolerated on any level.

Solution or Problem For Ryan Garcia?

On Friday night after covering the show at The Belasco Theatre in Los Angles it was brought to my attention the Ryan Garcia’s next fight would take place September 1st at Fantasy Springs Casino against Carlos “The Solution” Morales.

The next night at The Avalon Theatre I ran into “The Solution” himself. I couldn’t help but ask him about his upcoming battle with “KingRy”. Flashing his biggest smile Morales confidentially said, “I am going to give that little boy a beating!”

Let the fireworks begin!

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