PBC Continues To Handle Their Fighters With Kid Gloves

By William Trillo

As defined by Freedictionary.com: Handle with kid gloves
To handle with very gentle care, often to the point of coddling.

This weekend as I was going over the 2019 boxing schedule to get an idea of the fights we would be covering this year I came across a very disturbing development that so far is flying under the radar. Next month on the undercard of the Gervonta Davis vs Abner Mares title bout the promoter/ advisor or whatever the hell they are will be spotlighting their somewhat promising prospect Erickson Lubin. The opponent in the Semi-main event will be Ishe Smith.

Ishe Smith?

What…Jesse Brinkley wasn’t available? Have Joey Gilbert, Miguel Espino and Anthony Bonsante retired?

In Smith PBC is feeding Lubin a guy who has lost 5 of his last 9 fights and hasn’t chalked up a W since 2016. Not only is that pretty unimpressive but it once again shows this promoter is trying to pull another smoke and mirror job on the boxing public.

Not on my watch!

Look…long before Charlo exposed Lubin we told you he was far from the cream of the crop. That was back in July of 2016: “What Have We Learned?” By William Trillo

Now he is getting spoon fed a has been in the hopes of rehabilitating his tainted career. Good luck with that.

At best Smith was the fourth runner up in a TV boxing reality show that has long since been forgotten. Should Lubin beat him no one will really care if they notice at all.

My wish for 2019 was that promoters would finally pull their collective heads out and give us some decent fights this year. I guess some of them weren’t listening!

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