Boxing 2023 Year End Awards

By William Trillo
Photo: Esther Lin – SHOWTIME

Fighter of the Year: Terence Crawford
Obliterating the undefeated Errol Spence Jr. and becoming the Undisputed Welterweight Champ speaks for itself.

Fight Of The Year: Crawford vs Spence
It was easily the most anticipated fight in many years. Although it didn’t live up to the war most expected, it was impressive watching Crawford dismantle Spence with the greatest of ease.

KO Of The Year: Crawford over Spence in 9
It’s doubtful anyone saw this brutal 9 round beatdown coming with the exception of yours truly.

Round Of The Year: Round 9 Crawford over Spence
Watching Crawford turning the face of Spence Jr. into hamburger until Errol wisely quit in 9 was must see TV and a round most won’t forget. I can neither confirm nor deny that In-N-Out wants to sponsor Spence in the rematch. It is doubtful Spence wants to give Crawford any ideas about ordering a Double Double Animal Style.

Pound4Pound Fighter Of The Year: Terence Crawford
In his own words Crawford stated, “I’m the only fighter to beat a top five pound for pound this year and the way I beat him was unmatched. 2023 Fighter of the Year is me. Some might say that I only fought 1 time, but that 1 fight was bigger than any of the others.”

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