What Have We Learned?

By William Trillo

I suppose the first lesson you should all take heed to is this one. When William Trillo places a bet on any fighter and you become aware of it, run don’t walk to the nearest casino and plunk all your money down on the other guy. The chances are very good your bet will be a surefire winner.

Okay, Okay. So I was hopeful Chris Arreola was going to crown Deontay Wilder and take his title. Yes, I know all the writing was on the wall and all signs pointed to Arreola being well past his prime. I was going with my heart and not my head and hoping Chris had enough left in the tank to pull off the upset. By the second round my head took over…Arreola had zero chance to defeat Wilder. That’s about the same chance he had when the fight was signed. The lesson, never bet with your heart, especially on broken down fighters. (This won’t squash the unfounded rumors about my supposed gambling addiction).

Another little lesson we learned this weekend, and all due respect to Brian Kenny, that PBC trio announcing from ringside which included Kenny, Virgil Hunter and Danny Garcia was abysmal. Poor Kenny had to try to hold together a team that consisted of Hunter who talks down to everyone as if he is the only one who knows anything, and Garcia who clearly doesn’t, (know anything). I couldn’t hit the mute button on my TV fast enough. As soon as I figure out this Facebook live app I am going to do commentary of the next decent PBC card from home, I will invite you all to join me. Now all we have to do is wait for a PBC card with intrigue….Don’t hold your breath.

Lesson # 4 Erickson Lubin is not good, not even close. Here is another guy PBC will attempt to shove down our collective throats. They brought in a “stiff” from Mexico to make Lubin look like a world beater but the hungry fighter from Mexico, Ivan Montero, made Lubin look pedestrian at best. Hence Lubin’s new nickname. From now on he will be known as Erickson “Lubejob” Lubin. Who does the match making for Haymon? Or are they just picking names out of a hat? How do I apply for that job?

Last but not least, if you want PBC related results of any kind do not log on to Pound4Pound.com. For the umpteenth fight in a row PBC’s putrid publicity staff sends out a few press releases during the week but does not send any weigh-in results or fight results. I don’t know if that’s across the board and no one gets results or they are punishing us because we call them on their crap. Whatever the case may be we are done with this “too good for most of the media” operation.

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8 Responses to “What Have We Learned?”

  1. Mark says:

    I love you bill but your hatred of PBC clouded your judgement.

    1) Lubin is DAMN good. Granted the guy he was with awkward as fuck and tough as three day old steak, but he still had his way with him. Plus he is friggin 20 years old. Right now I would take him over Felix “Bob Arum’s Love Child” Verdejo in terms of who is going to be a better fighter. This fight was literally put together in two weeks due to Amir Mansour pulling out of rematch with Gerald Washington due to $$$. I think it s time for you to pump the breaks on Lubin bashing.

    2) I agree with Brian Kenny-Virgil Hunter-Danny Garcia. I would have replaced Danny Garcia with either Steve Cunningham or Shawn Porter and Virgil Hunter with Barry Hunter. Not a big Virgil guy as he basically has developed 1 guy (Andre Ward) and everyone else has floundered or treaded water.

    3) There has been some pretty damn good fights and so far their fights have been head and shoulders better than HBO’s. You got Williams Jr vs. Stevenson next Friday and Santa Cruz vs. Frampton on Saturday next week. If you don’t like those fights then go enjoy more Issaac Chilemba vs. Sergei Kovalev sparring sessions.

    Sorry about Arreola as I know you truly care for him and that you wanted him to win.

  2. William says:

    Lubejob is not that good….period. There was a guy on the GB card Saturday night that I was told was the goods too. Rashidi Ellis. His new nickname is Rashiti Ellis….I am an equal opportunity truth teller.

    Poor Kenny….clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…stuck in the middle.

    Your example for good fights coming up is Williams Jr vs. Stevenson ??? No seriously…this fight is a joke. Adonis is useless to boxing and Williams Jr. quit on his stool against inferior competition. Have fun with that.

    Don’t be sorry for me about Chris.
    His career will always be defined as the pain of discipline vs. the pain of regret and which one he has to live with now.

  3. William says:


    Way to go on telling it like it is about Virgil. Ward fell on his lap and he gravy trained off him like no other. Any trainer could have done the same with a natural talent like that. As you say…everyone else Virgil had did zero.

  4. David McGarry says:

    The fight between Wilder and Arreola lasted a few rounds longer than I thought it would. I wonder about the long term effects of the injuries Wilder sustained. Mind you, after he pulled out of his mandatory title defence because the challenger had traces of meldonium – well within the legal limit – show up in a blood test and then chose to fight a guy who failed a drug test in his previous bout, Deontay Wilder deserves that misfortune.

    Virgil Hill is a legend in his own mind. He is well suited to PBC.

  5. William says:

    Nail on the head McGarry. On all counts.

    Funny…I heard a rumor that Arreola is not going to retire? His only reasoning could be,
    ” Hey, I broke Wilders hand with my face, I still got what it takes!”

    Word is he wants a rematch with Eric Molina…and we all can hardly wait for that????

  6. David McGarry says:

    If Arreola is going to be doing rematches, surely Travis Kaufmann should be first in line.

  7. William says:

    Before or after smoking a blunt?

  8. Mark says:

    Agree with Arreola he still has a career but right now he is a guy who like Steve Cunningham is an “oppponent”. You feed him to guys like Gerald Washington to boost their record.
    I feel bad for you re: Arreola because I get the love you have for him as he is fun to interview, curses and drinks Corona and is the everyday man of the heavyweight division. And to see him get beaten like a mule by a heavyweight you despise (Deontay Wilder), you must have been just drinking your beers and just cursing at the TV.
    Lubin is legit. Sorry I know you don’t think so but when guys like Douglas Fischer, Steve Farhood, Brian Campbell and Barry Hunter say so, they kinda know something.
    Williams-Stevenson will be fun and while Williams had a shitty night vs. Campillo, so did Klitschko against Ross Purrity. Fighters do grow.
    I would still rather that than GGG vs. Kell Brook or what I like to call “Slaughterhouse VI: European Brutality”