The Word On Ward

By William Trillo

If you thought you were going to come here today and read my latest piece dragging Andre Ward through the mud you would be mistaken. In a world full of unexpected pleasures I was pleasantly surprised to read the brutally honest report sent to us from Andrew LaPachet who covered the Oakland fight for us live from ringside. Not only is LaPachet a proud Northern California, but in his own words he has covered Ward since his amateur days and hates what he is seeing from Ward right now. To read what this Northern California boxing writer has to say is better than anything I would have come up with, because as you know, I am not Ward’s biggest fan. I would love to go on and eviscerate S.O.G right now but you would all deem me a hater. With that said go ahead and read this report in its entirety. LaPachet hits the proverbial nail directly on the head:

“Ward Proves Nothing With Shutout Win Over Brand” – (Click Here)

Dumb Ass Clause

If I am not mistaken stars in most of the major sports have clauses written into their contracts that forbids them from going all “Evil Knievel” on themselves and their franchises. Thus… keeping them from hopping onto their Big Wheels and jumping the fountains at Ceasars Palace, trying to cross The Shake River Canyon or getting onto any motorized two wheel contraption that could wind up causing irreparable and/or career ending damage.

Yes, the reason I bring this up is because of the news that lightweight contender Felix Verdejo (22-0, 15 KOs) went down on his motorcycle over the weekend. According to reports out of Puerto Rico no other vehicle was involved. Verdejo lost control, kissed cement and was hospitalized.

Looks like it’s time for boxing managers and promoters to protect their investments and go to the Dumb Ass Clause. It’s the only way to save these knuckleheads from themselves and ensure the next fight won’t get cancelled because one of the fighters is too busy picking asphalt out of his teeth.

Lee Samuels: One Of The Good Guys

In a sport full of slippery characters and questionable shenanigans Top Rank’s long time publicist Lee Samuels has always been one of the good guys in the sport. I met Lee back in 2002 when I first started writing and just saw him working as hard as ever recently when Terrance Crawford beat Viktor Postol in Las Vegas.

The news of his son’s passing delivered via HBO at the end of the broadcast this weekend floored many of us. It’s hard to put into words what to say in moments like these.

I am sure I speak for everyone in the boxing community when I send my sincere and deepest sympathy to the Samuels family.

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