GGG, Canelo & One Armed Bandits: “Bombs Away”

By William Trillo

I was feeling adventurous today and thought it was about time to send out some feelers to attempt to get the inside track on the destination of the now signed middleweight super fight between Gennady Golovkin & Saul Alvarez. You might know them better as GGG & Canelo.

What I found out was that the respective promoters, that being Golden Boy and K2, have an agreement that nothing will be revealed until a decision on the site is finalized.

Indeed, I was probably as likely to pull hard cash out of these free-to-play slot games I’ve been playing than find that information anytime soon.

It just wasn’t happening.

But if you are looking for my two cents to drop into your penny slot machine I will tell you where I think the fight should take place.

If you are paying attention you should know exactly where I think the fight should go down.

That’s right Rocket Scientists…. Las Vegas, the boxing capital of the world!

My reasoning is simple and has nothing to do with site fees, PPV revenue and/or arena seating capacity.

If my memory serves me correctly it was inside the ring at The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas that Canelo has twice now ungraciously verbally slapped GGG across the face.

You might remember in 2016 after defeating Amir Khan Canelo ran his now infamous, “mamadas” smack. It went something like, “We are Mexican’s, we don’t F**k around.”

You also may recall Canelo threw his 160 pound belt in the garbage days later which essentially put the kibosh on the title unifier at the time.

Fast forward one year and we find Canelo and GGG standing in the same ring to announce the Super Fight was signed sealed and delivered. When Max Kellerman asked the fighters if they had anything to say to each other Golovkin wished Canelo good luck. The retort from Canelo lacked one ounce of humility or dignity. Canelo responded, “Luck is for mediocre people!”

My hope is that Golovkin and Canelo will be standing in that same Las Vegas ring in September. It will be the perfect place for GGG to have his own answers for the mamadas and mediocre bombs dropped on him by Canelo over the last year.

My educated guess is Golovkin will have some bombs to drop of his own.

Bomb’s Away!

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3 Responses to “GGG, Canelo & One Armed Bandits: “Bombs Away””

  1. David McGarry says:

    Las Vegas is the logical choice for reasons I mentioned in an earlier post, but if I were GGG’s management team I would have made a public demand that the fight take place at the Azteca Stadium. Somehow, I don’t think Canelo’s team would relish the prospect of seeing their main earner get slaughtered in front of 120,000 of his own countrymen. It would have been fun watching De La Hoya squirm over that demand.

    • William says:

      Your earlier thoughts on the neutrality of the city are valid but I believe GGG has a much bigger fan base than you want to give him credit for.
      I’m concerned about you defining watching Oscar squirm as “fun” ….

  2. David McGarry says:

    I don’t dispute GGG has plenty of fans, the issue is that they are not centred in one location. That makes it hard to pick a venue that would suit people who are rooting for him.

    As for Oscar, I’ve always considered him as insincere as Tony Blair so he deserves to squirm a little.

    Perhaps a more interesting line of thought is who will win this fight. I think Golovkin will walk right through Canelo.